Justin Trudeau: Into the Election-verse | 22 Minutes

♬♩ Election day, whose name will you check? ♬♩ ♬♩Know I’ve been bad bad, hope you forget. ♬♩ ♬♩Swing into a voting booth, mark it with an ‘X’ ♬♩ ♬♩First past the post need votes from Quebec. ♬♩ ♬♩Elizabeth May I’m keeping her in check ♬♩ ♬♩Crash in the polls, Jagmeet you’re a wreck ♬♩ ♬♩Andrew Scheer’s still polling neck and neck. ♬♩ ♬♩Calling me bad bad names in the press ♬♩ ♬♩Oooo who are the ridings gonna choose ♬♩ ♬♩We’re gonna find out on the news ♬♩ ♬♩I really don’t wanna lose ♬♩ ♬♩If I can regain your trust ♬♩ ♬♩I’ll be in Ottawa ♬♩ ♬♩Staying in power ♬♩ ♬♩Another four years ain’t too much ♬♩ ♬♩But when I make a promise ♬♩ ♬♩I’ll never stick by it ♬♩ ♬♩’Cause I’m in power ♬♩ ♬♩Staying in power ♬♩ What a bunch of losers they really are, Y’know what, I’m gonna buy Canada. All of it. The whole island.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. What fools these "Leaders" are… Who will be working with Trump? He's got this next election in the bag… Whomever Canada Picks- has to play nice with Trump… NDP, Green, Liberal, and CONs – Are WEAK. We need Bernier for Canada …Otherwise, Watch the west leave Canada and get bought up by the Mericans… Oct 10th 2019 … I predict it.

  2. Ladies if you like your children and grandchildren please don't vote LIBERAL this time ! Brutal conditions for future generations ahead please read about Trudeau

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