Just One Question: Democratic Candidates Edition

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  1. They rip on Marianne and I don’t like it. She’s an indigo child running for President. But the difference is that the indigo child is more of an adult than the adult who is actually president.

    3:30 Jeff UM Gold UM Blum UM

  2. Marianne will play the game and she is a sport. It is funny how she hits a trigger for people who think of love as a weakness. I enjoyed watching her play the game. Awesome 👏

  3. Marianne is a Witch!! Lol thanks for strengthening the Christian vote for Trump in 20/20( good job keep it coming).

  4. Damn y'all really did Marianne dirty… or she did herself dirty. I can never tell if she's being serious or not

  5. Good that Joe did not join the one question because that would take longer than the time to the votes them selfs.

  6. I love Steve Colbert, but all of the actual political opinion questions were given to the guy? Common late show…

  7. I believe in ghosts one was chief strategist of the White House and one is currently secretary of commerce.

  8. Heart goes out to Williamson, running on the Indigo ticket. The world's not ready for it but she's getting people thinking and talking.

  9. Jeff Goldblum should run, we need him and his little family in the White House! He would be a great president, way better than Trump

  10. Just a small segment to promote Kamala Harris – paid for by Democrats establishment 😆😆😆

  11. Thank you Marianne Williamson for your civility, truth and bravery. Only those who want to continue the TERRORISM against black people think you are crazy.

  12. 2:52 "A vampire is a force of conciousness"….. right, not a figment she says, a force …. of conciousness…..omg, we're done.

  13. Ok, Kamala came back in the end, lol Name something positive about Donald Trump. -I'm postive he should not be the president. – LOOOOOOOOOOOL Somone call an ambulance for Trump because that was a SICK BURRRRRRN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Marianne Williamson deserves respect simply for being the secret female version of Jeff Goldblum

  15. To participate in this, Marianne Williamson certainly has thicker skin than the current occupant of the White House.

  16. More of this, Stephen, please. It tells much more about them as people than a 2 hour debate with rehearsed answers.

  17. I am glad to see the candidates having a sense of humor and not taking themselves too seriously, even going so far as to parody themselves for a very important demographic…in the Late Show audience.

  18. Cereal Bowl Guy: You were Obama's Secretary of HUD. What do you think of the guy currently doing it?

    Castro: Nobody's currently doing that job.

    Cereal Bowl Guy: I thought it was Carson.

    Castro: Exactly.

    Me: Burn …….. mic drop

  19. Marianne is a graceful boss. Great top words. That Kamala lawyer skit was weird. I liked her "positive he should not be president" line though.

  20. “No one is currently doing that job.”
    “Oh, I thought it was Ben Carson.”

    That is gold. ⭐️

  21. Oh fuuuuuck me, we’re so screwed with these…the more I look at Harris’s and Castro’s face the less I like them. Biden/Gabbard2020!!

  22. Absolutely DISGUSTING. Julian Castro is a racist a**hole for this comment…basically he's saying that a black man is lazy and not working…perpetuating racism…not surprised this type of language is coming from a Democrat.

  23. Somehow this video did more for Marianne Williamson than anything else she has done prior. I mean she still is the most unqualified candidate in the race, but, she seems slightly LESS annoying now.

  24. Marianne does a perfect parody of herself in real time. Brava. She's obviously been practicing for years.

  25. I find Marianne Williamson very relaxing and soothing. She is the queen of ASMR. Here is her ASMR video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFHHiwhPjM4

  26. Follow the money.

    Follow the family.

    Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself

    The hunters become the hunted.

    These people are stupid.

    Enjoy the show!

    Nothing can stop what is coming.


  27. Lol Marianne Williamson is a weekend update character sketch come to life. She doesn't even realize that her answer was hilarious.

  28. If you like what she has to say and you want to keep her voice apart of the conversation, please go to https://www.marianne2020.com and donate $1 or more. She is SO close to qualifying for the September debate!

  29. This video is great, because I think Colbert and Co. were trying to make Marianne Williamson look bad, but on my opinion and judging by the comments section here, she won more people over by taking part in this! People are exhausted of hate-filled, selfish politicians, Marianne's message of love and compassion are welcome relief to many!

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