Julia Hartley-Brewer clashes with The Green Party over climate protests

the ongoing climate activism protests that are going on in London there could we're told last several days when indeed the people behind them the extinction rebellion a group say they're going to stay on the streets until they get their demands by the government met well given that their demands include things like ending all carbon emissions bring them down to zero by 2025 and as that is virtually impossible unless we all go back to the Dark Ages and indeed human beings stopped existing it's not gonna happen in which case are we now stuck with protests across many of our landmarks at Waterloo Bridge closed this morning in central London many other landmarks Opart Marble Arch Parliament Square Oxford circles and Piccadilly Circus blocked yesterday by a total of over cross the city thousands of protesters we were told it was peaceful we were told it was a good-hearted walk didn't look like that on the news when people started getting arrested or indeed when they started as smashing the windows of the shell building and daubing graffiti on the building well one of the people who was at that demonstration yesterday was a media away map she's deputy leader of the Green Party and supports that the action by extinction rebellion good morning Shu media good morning Judy I didn't look like a peaceful protest to me oh well the sections that I was at was peaceful I spoke to the police and what they said was that they saw people there who really believed in the actions that they would take Amelia if someone really believes in it then that's fine they can do whatever they want I think that what's important here is the fact that government that the the creation of this movement has been because the government hasn't been moving fast enough on this issue and it's created as a result of the fact that we need to take action now to ensure that we mitigate against the worst effects of climate change the UN have you told us that we have just 11 years to make sure we take positive action it's been saying that for quite a long time in fact probably for more than a bit can I decide you say the government hasn't I mean it's been counting down that's pointed when I first when I first started my degree in environmental biology then we were told that we had over 20 years and now that is count actually Amelia if you if you look at Amelia if you look at the warnings over the last 30 years those warnings have been pretty regularly those days states where the world is going to reach the catastrophic level and we're going to have terrible terrible things happening to us we've we've crossed a lot of those dates over the years and nothing seems to have happened that you say the government hasn't been moving fast enough and that's why people are demanding action shooting say that one is our government is actually and very much ahead of the curve in terms of taking action to cut emissions so London in particular of all the places where we've got these carbon emissions zone that's hitting millions of diesel drivers but but also even if the government isn't moving fast enough that's an argument for instance you as deputy leader the Green Party to be painting on this issue to talk about it we talked of nothing else in the media every day other than brexit environmentalism and climate change and this is about persuading politicians it's about convincing and persuading ordinary voters to take this issue more seriously it's not about a small group of people demanding action is it listeth that's not how democracy works I mean protest is a key part of our democracy we've got a proud tradition of protest in our country whether that's from the charters all the suffragettes so we were just celebrating last year we need to be making sure that you say the government is a leader in this fundamentally we are not taking actions fast enough even though we're at the front of the curve on this we need to be even further ahead why did why don't these people go and demonstrate in China or India where a lot of this pollution is actually being caused India and China are taking action in the state is that so I mean India for example has made commitments to to stop plastic waste China is working in China well I mean they're taking that bold action and that's what's fundamental right now but I also think that what's important is the tone of this debate is changing and that is thanks to NGOs and politicians and campaigners and people who are speaking out about these issues and it is the fact that it's been put on the agenda by people who are who were taking action whether about in their organisation the tone of the debate has changed I mean what people are watching programs like you know Blue Planet with David Attenborough and they say holding them in I don't want I like using plastic but I don't want plastic to end up in the sea I can see what's happening fair enough let's have you know reusable caps let's have you know get stopped selling plastic bags and let's have paper stores and those are things where the public is really an awful lot of people are very much on board persuading people convincing people with the arguments and the facts is one thing going up the blocking bridges blocking arterial routes sitting down and refusing to allow people to pass that's not a protest that is not peaceful protest because if I wanted to drive my car and they refused to move that definitely wouldn't be peaceful this is about bullying this is about a small group of people making demands of a democratic government rather than going about the democratic process why do you as a member of a Democratic Party the Green Party which has done very well in polls in the past has been very influential on other political parties why do you think that's justifiable can I just go back to your point on Blue Planet because I think what's important is we might reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans but if we heat them up so much but that all the species die then I mean which which they aren't going to Amelia Amelia that's not going to happen you know that's not gonna happen I know that's not gonna happen everyone listening knows that's not gonna happen and you just make yourself sound stupid when you say it well any one of the animals living in the ocean are not going to die . so anybody who's been living in the silence understands at the moment we're seeing fish stock collapses where even because i've ever fishing not because of anything else it's because of all of these different aspects and even when it comes to things like our food security it's a myriad of issues that come together that create that risk come back to the protest issue come back to the anti-democratic the demanding we are gonna flock your streets we're gonna stop you getting to work stop buses crossing london by the way nice eco-friendly mode of travel we're going to stop that because we're angry about this topic why do you think that is part of the democratic process still moving they've been the bus the bus routes most of the central london bus routes have been completely disrupted ordinary people many on low incomes trying to get to from work in an eco-friendly way unable to do so because these protests why do you think this is part of the democratic process so part of our democratic protest is to be able to position it to go it's not petition that's bullying that's different hangers building up to nonviolent direct action because when people don't listen I mean we've had demonstrations on the streets about climate change for decades we've had people petitioning for decades and when people don't listen who's not who's not listening we talk about environmentalism and climate change non-stop we've got a mission zone we've got I mean there are loads of new laws that have been brought in new taxes over I mean the subsidies of of eco-friendly energy how on earth could you possibly claim with a straight face that the government isn't listening they may not be going as far as you want but that's not an argument for bullying ordinary people trying to go about their daily lives is it so we where we're introducing new coal mines we're introducing cracking where I'm continuing with airport expansion these are things that damage our environment I'll be the last time an airport was expanded tell me the last new run when was the last time a new runway was built in this country I mean we're currently faced currently there when was the last when was the last new runway built in this country Amelia was it in the law oh yeah the last decade the last 50 years as you well know Julia we're currently debating he's very expansion so having a democratic debate but I mean it's I mean fundamentally it's part of a government agenda but it's continued that hasn't stopped that debate but I want to say that we have been giving you the BRIT that giving people a blueprint of the action that we need to take of investment in public transport and investment in renewables the the blueprint is there in issues like a green new deal that talks about home insulation the blueprint is there how we make sure we adapt to make sure that we meet the demands but Amelia I'm not talking about whether or not the policies are a good idea or not is a different matter from the methods being used you are some of your deputy leader of a Democratic Party the Green Party you stand for election you put your arguments on them in the media you put your arguments on there on the doorstep and in leaflets and you persuade people of your arguments if your arguments are good and they are strong enough people will listen to them and people will vote for you or they will insist that the other political parties listen to you or they'll do it take their vote away from them why do you think direct action you call it peaceful didn't look very peaceful to me doesn't look very peaceful to me when 113 people get arrested because they're refusing to move to allow people to go about their daily business why did you defend on democratic non peaceful protest when we have a democracy we have plenty of ways for people to persuade people through the ballot box I fundamentally as I said before it's part of our dumb democracy but what you have is ordinary people who feel like they need to be heard because of the challenge that we think need to be heard what about people's need to get to work and get paid to put food on the table for their children what about their need but this I mean people that are still able to move around London but this is making sure that we are keeping climate change on the agenda verify Emilia because this is something you and they feel very strongly about pretty much anything is justified isn't it because she feels strongly about it I know it's about taking action it's about having your voice heard we don't all have the opportunity as you said I have the opportunity to we want me to work to get more elected politicians that declare you should persuade more people should you do do you think these sorts of events this this sort of purchase do you think they do persuade people I'm going let me finish my point Gina because we've we've got more greens elected across the country declare climate emergencies in councils we've been working to lobby our Parliament to declare a climate emergency we've been using those tools but for many people they don't have those same tools two hands what they do to have two hand as I said it's a proud tradition in this country is the act of protest is the act of going out and saying these are what needs to happen and it does change belief we although it didn't stop the Iraq war the Iraq war demonstrations mean that we know when would people talk about it they know that something wrong happened it changed public opinion and because people put their bodies where their belief were they showed up and they said this is what I stand for and I think what's vitally important when action isn't happening fast enough when we do have such a clear opportunity to make change happen that people should feel empowered in our country in our country they should be empowered if they feel strongly enough to stop other people going about their daily business can I just ask it again just finally one final question one of the key demands the key three to answer this organization yesterday was you back is that we've reduced carbon emissions to zero percent you know that means no public transport as well as no diesel cars or taxis no trains that would mean effectively no electricity no central heating is that what you want at the green party should we go back to the Stone Age that wasn't Green Party policies but no no I didn't ask you what Green Party policy all said do you support your very supportive if you think these people they believe very strongly it's really important what they're doing one of their key demands which they say they are they won't you know they will not stop their action until they get met by the government is that by 2025 in six years time we have zero carbon emissions you know because you're the expert remember you're the one who did this as a degree there's zero percent of carbon emissions would mean effectively us going back to the Stone Age is that what the Green Party wants yes or no yes it's a yes or a No Amelia this isn't about going back to the Stone Age 0% carbon emissions is going back to the Stone Age I mean this is about investment in renewables it's about investment in his warm home in an installation and we're part of a civilization that takes us back to zero percent emissions would that take you're the expert Amelia you've got the degree would that take us back to zero percent carbon emissions all of the things you just said would that take us back to zero percent carbon emissions I mean everything no it wouldn't would it we where we change into identity we wouldn't would it well my Amelia I'm asked you two really simple questions so I've worked with businesses to reduce their carbon and when you challenge them to zero they're more likely to meet it well you don't you want zero emissions because you know the zero emission is the key aim of this organization is we lost living in the Stone Age you're twisting my well I'm not twisting the words I'm fooling the logic of your argument but I I don't believe that you believe it's going back to the Stone Age because we've seen without food allergy I mean the way that our technology has changed over the even the last ten years the idea that we have the Internet in the palms of our hands with something that was unimaginable just a decade before we have seen changes in technology and by the way those changes of technology didn't come about by a load of people sitting on a bridge stopping other people get to work they came about because of the great wonders of human ingenuity and by the way that thing you hate capitalism

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  1. When vandalism and violence occurs at a right-wing rally, most often not caused by the ralliers themselves, it's blamed on the "far-right menace."

    When vandalism and violence occurs at a left-wing rally, mostly always caused by ralliers themselves, crickets.

  2. Amelia Womacks idea of democracy – the little people doing what she and her middle class friends tell them to, because nanny knows best…

  3. these great unwashed also held emergancy services up on sheffield the other month. i hope they sleep easy.!!!

  4. Those dirty scruffy SJWs should spend their time getting a wash and finding jobs instead of stopping decent people going to their places of work and terrorising other decent members of society and vandalising buildings.That is TERRORISM and as such is a CRIME and the police should be prosecuting them NOT encouraging them.

  5. Climate change is nothing but an hoax i can not believe people fall for the lie.if people want to protest it should be against 5g because that will kill loads of wildlife and people.

  6. Tree huggers should set an example & go live in a field somewhere & show the rest of the world we can still function producing zero pollution

  7. Fuck global warming I'll be gone by then so I will go on doing and using everything they tell you not too.
    The suffragettes didn't protest like this back in the day because they would have got the shit kicked out of them.

  8. They're after the national pension fund to pay for this insanity. No evidence. No sea rise. Still got ice. Still getting snow. It's the sun dummies. Children are easier to brainwash – school is where the indoctrination starts. The Rockefeller’s started the ’green’ movement. Do you research.

  9. When global warming was first reported the predictions were that tide levels were going to rise 15 feet. This was supposed to be by year 2000 I'm 61 and have been fishing from a number of piers in NI since childhood 54 yrs ago. I do not claim to be an expert but I can see the same high tide mark as was visible to me as a child is not 15 feet higher it is the same as it was as a child. If high tide was 15 feet higher I would know as most of the piers would be submerged at high tide.

  10. The Green Party is nothing more than Antifa and Social Justice Warriors disguised as a so called democratic political party……very dangerous people! DO NOT trust their narrative……

  11. Climate hysteria is just one arm of the progressive cult. Down with these fascistic bourgeoise cretins.

  12. The world has been warming up a fraction of a degree every year and it has been doing this ever since the last Ice Age, this is normal. These people were just set up to create a distraction for what Theresa May is doing to this country….Giving the UK to Marxist in Europe.

  13. According to these whacko's there is now a "climate emergency" because a juvenile Swedish girl told them so therefore we have to shutdown industry, turn our heating down in winter , get rid of our fridges and eat grass for breakfast when the reality is, more CO2 is great for farm yields and growing fruit and veg.

  14. Anyone who is listening to this understand…Your being slowly brainwashed and beat down into submission. Both speakers are part of the plot.

  15. Climate change has been going on since the dawn of time.
    Like everything in nature it’s cyclical.
    Trying to alter it is against nature.
    Ask king Canute.
    It’s like pissing in the wind.
    The sun controls our weather
    It’s nothing to do with humans or green house gases.
    What caused the Ice Ages and Snow Ball Earth and the other hot periods and the times when there were 200 times more carbon in the atmosphere than there is now?
    It’s the government taking the piss again.
    Believe me we will all be here for a long time don’t worry do something kind today instead of getting stressed out.

  16. This presenter is a traitor to the people’s right to protest and is using Government Propaganda to stop the British from saying anything against the Government by saying how much it disturbs motorists but really wants you to stop protesting.

  17. are the greens going to buy all the average working class a new electric car to replace there petrol and diesel cars? because how are they going to afford to change I cant so how would i get to work ? working shifts no public travel so I would be f__cked

  18. Julia don't you know it wasn't capitalism that brought the internet tech to us , it was green party lefties , sitting round on their fat arses smoking the utopian green made it happen lol.

  19. We are carbon so no carbon means no us human. A imaletc of the The Climate Hoax is another Bankster Scam. And the rat Bankster are on the run.. Its all coming out Trump has opened the flood gate..

  20. Protest outside the Chinese embassy you muppets,the largest carbon footprint in the world,UK has one of the lowest in the world.

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