Jordan Peterson   Social Justice Tribunals Should Be Abolished!

on is there ever a legitimate use for Human Rights Tribunal or counsel and if you could comment also going forward in the fight over gender expression gender identity how do people combat or win that fight in front of Human Rights courts and tribunals and yeah oh no there's no excuse for them there that that's why they're called social justice tribunals in Ontario like that's what they're called and so look it up yourself and that's what they are so we had a court system that worked perfectly well which doesn't mean it worked very well but it means it works better than any alternative anyone has ever be able to think up and the Human Rights Tribunal can suspend nor normal jurisprudential standards they use preponderance of evidence they don't assume individual innocence and they can change the rules as they see fit and so those bloody things are pathological to the core and they're their mouthpieces of the postmodernist neo-marxists as far as I'm concerned and they're setting up a parallel law system and they're also doing that they're also and this is this is the wind government they're also forcing the universities to adopt particular definitions of sexual harassment that make every let's call it complicated interchange between human beings into a act of violence not that I'm trying to justify stupidity or oppression but we're all stupid and we're all oppressors and so the probability that we'll make some sort of dopey sexual error is a hundred percent and now that's become grounds for you know accusations of rape and they're forcing the universities and the colleges to become parallel legal systems as well and that's already well advanced it's already been adopted at the U of T it's as a consequence of direct legislation and you better look out because even if the people who are running those institutions right now are reasonable which they're not they will absolutely be replaced by people who exactly want that kind of power and will absolutely use it so no those things should be abolished we have a legal system you know the Law Society now I may not have this exactly right but I've got it mostly right the Law Society in Ontario has already decided that lawyers are racists they're going to force them to undergo unconscious bias training and they've come to and they're agreeing by the way they've already come to the conclusion that because the legal profession does not have the precise representation that you would expect if you did a demographic analysis of the population according to the terms defined by the social justice warriors that it's racist and that they're racist and that they need to be trained unconscious first it's like so go ahead lawyers like line up man admit your guilt you're done and you deserve it too so

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