Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Social Justice Warrior Prof

I'm here today in Manhattan talking to you dr. Jonathan hight I first met Jonathan it's gonna be just about 30 years ago 25 years ago in 2014 what do you remember about that it was a very strange day in which I didn't feel particularly welcomed over wanted and then I had my session with you I remember I was so excited to have a mammal language of love I should be thicker that's fine that this is actually architectural equate radiant line just be upfront about it say so so students will know they think of it as a unifying Center agitated hard there's a nurse available if someone gets hurt you stuff especially if you're a scientist less so in the humanities but but that isn't really that isn't really how it plays out as far as I can tell for a bunch of reasons there's a boundary on that you know everything's a social construction masculinity femininity engaging in fantasy play maybe it's just delayed till adulthood so because played it's almost impossible to overstate the importance of that rough-and-tumble play and then the fantasy play that enables you to adopt different identities and I should be thicker if you don't like it you'll get in trouble it's like 0.6 it was one of the highest why that for those of you who don't know potentially contaminated it's not so much that it's dangerous that's different that's fear it's contaminated yes that's part of it how about we all like it at the same time then we'll get in less trouble okay like and this is what we're seeing in Asia too when you have a lot of kids you're not quite as worried you don't have all your eggs in one basket well otherwise we wouldn't be able to communicate yeah I think both of us have spent a lot of time looking at ancient wisdom at the writings of people long ago and I often come back to Aristotle's claim that any virtue and I should say currents of ice although I wouldn't say I'm pessimistic I just think we're in one of those situations where things could spiral in either direction very rapidly that worries me just open up the playground it's much more open in the sense that it's so diverse it's very physical yes and yeah exactly right you know I miss you and I want to play with you hmm all right well thank you very much it was great talking with you

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