John Bel Edwards speaks after winning re-election as Louisiana’s governor

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  1. So Louisiana sent trump a message alright he hard cored work for the republicans and look who they choose a democrat congrats governor show compassion empathy and decency work hard for Louisiana

  2. Congratulations John Bel. We are so fortunate to have you working for all Louisianas. I did not feel like getting out Saturday, but I did, because we need you!

  3. Well here is to more years of taxes being raised and dont you ever disrespect the president like that you call yourself a ranger I did 8 years in the army and never said that about Obama and his fucked up legacy

  4. YouTube might take this comment down but who cares. Read the Willie Lynch letter folks. Politics keeps black people in bondage. When are we as blacks gonna stop running to white people for everything and do our own thing. Same old thing Pharoah did to the children of Israel by putting taskmasters (Politicians) over the children of Israel to keep them in bondage. Black people been in America for 400 years and ain't nothing change. Same old crap over and over. As long as black people choose to always run to the system for everything, nothing in the black community will change. Blacks are not getting married, more babies out of wedlock, single mothers raising kids alone (keep your legs closed), fathers are on child support (another reason why he doesn't care for the kids), blacks put themselves under slave minded preachers on Sundays, huge rise in HIV and LGBTQ in the black community. We have to allow The Messiah Jesus Christ to be the head of our life and not the system. God wants us to depend on him and not this Pharoah, Esau, King Herod, LGBTQ system.

  5. Louisiana last and worse and will remain that way. You do the same thing over and over again and you expect change but it doesn't come. Your voter base changed because Louisiana is now a sanctuary state. I wonder how many illegals voted in this election?

  6. With help of Democrat party move homeless from New York and west coast states . Putting them Texas Lousiana Florida your homeless getting bigger in your state thanks to Democrat party.theirs a lot of corruption in Lousiana thanks to Democrat party . The real American people with valus are the losers. The crimnals Democratsgot it another 4 years good luck to ua.

  7. Why am I seeing more people in the background that are from California and Washington state than there are people from Louisiana.  Just seems fishy is all I screamin!  AND HE'S READING OFF OF THE TELEPROMPTER!!!  SO IS THE LADY STANDING ON HIS LEFT.

  8. Whoa hooo go Louisiana!!! I hope are governor will do a good job and I hope he meant everything he said. Because I love my country!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I only want what’s best for the country. 😁

  9. This country will go into chaos because when the Democrates win the majority of this country and when the idiots who voted them in relized what they have done would be to late.Then the revolution will begin. Just like in China and Russia and all around the world. Socialism and Communist does not work here in this country. When American lose there Jobs and Health Care. Health Care cannot sustain medicare for all with people working or not working.

  10. 2 for 2 Trump is the best thing that happen to democrat. We need to keep president moron around for 2020 to hammer the final nail on the GOP coffin.

  11. I'm happy for Louisiana, but that's a bit too much religion for me. I'd rather keep politics and religion separate in their respective corners. Otherwise, we could wake up one day and find we had less choices than we do now.

  12. States are falling one after the other to radial socialism. We are literally imploding from within. God Help This Nation.

  13. Congrats Governor Edwards. So much for trumps 3 rallies trying to oust you. The American people are starting to realize trumps words mean nothing in Louisiana Kentucky and many more states to come.

  14. How sweet it is indeed. Proud to be a part of this historic victory! Stood by Edwards since his first term! He’s been an exceptional governor. I’m proud of him, and his victory.

  15. @6:23 – "As for the President, God bless his heart."

    Love the reaction from the guy to his left. Congrats Governor Edwards!

  16. hmm. dems hide their ws behind their rolodex of collected domesticated minorities & dems use the guise of their wg to demonize proud ws.
    Why Im Independent. dems and reps political plantations arent fit for the only Dark Skin Supremacist[myself]

  17. Very sweet, i watched Eddie Rispone speech i see whites only and i look at John Bel Edwards room is mix of people, no wonder the other idiot lost, hey British man here i just don't like trump and his stupid followers.

  18. From what I understand, this Dem governor is still pro-life and pro-gun, so I believe, that was 2 of the reasons why Louisiana didn't send him packing.

  19. Sweet defeat! And that is what happens when you side with tainted Donald Trump wannabe in 2019. 2020 will be a devastating for the GOP if they do not get ride of Trump.

  20. It bears repeating, if our votes DIDN'T matter, they wouldn't work so hard to suppress us!


  21. Looks like pervert trump's rally did not work.
    The Democrats are taking over
    Republicans will be loosing everything
    Democrats will make America Great again

  22. I was stationed in Loser Anna for two years when I was in the Service…it is the most corrupt state in the Union and the asshole of the world. You can HAVE Louisiana, Dims!

  23. Great now we have to build a wall along the Mississippi River to keep these Sniveling Beady Eyed Demorats from swimming over to Ms Bama Mississippi/Alabama.

  24. If Louisianans keep voting for pro-life Democrats then we'll keep giving them to you but JBE's margin is significantly smaller than 2015 in almost every Parish. A Democrat probably doesn't win reelection so long as rurals keep going the way they're going. Even with Trump out of office because this election wasn't about Trump.
    The south has been turning away from Dems ever since the CRA. Each generation is a little bit better than the next but take it (with a grain of salt) from a Yankee. I don't see it continuing to elect Democrats no matter how anti-poor, no matter how anti-middle class the GOP gets. So long as Republicans don't govern like they're running Heritage Foundation simulators, you'll send more and more Republicans to the mansions and the white house on 1600.

  25. OMG, see he lost me on the lie of wage gap. Men do not get payed more then women for the same job. To say they do is a straight up lie. Soon the ocean will be lapping at your doorstep to. He also said he would make Louisiana great again, sounds like a trump line and a good one. But that probably when right over you gender confused fucks anyway, hell look at California they got it all figured out. Plus I bet now you can increase your baby killing, and free free free stuff ( only to ppl who do deserve it thou) it will be swell. Safe spaces, no guns, government taking care or me, I feel worm and fuzzy. Gee let's open all of Louisiana to who ever in the world want to come here no questions asked, because if you dont your a natzi.

  26. Congrats to Louisiana while voter fraud won tonight. Louisiana is still very much red with all the new Republican politicians

  27. I don't know why, but I loved 4:18.
    She's got a great smile.

    Congratulations governor!

    EDIT: Appeared to be a medical emergency midway through. Hope everything is okay with that woman.

  28. The people of Louisiana had a chance to improve the state and they blew it again…stay democrat state and escape to Texas when things get bad…i am from Texas and i saw it too many times…GOOD LUCK!!!!

  29. WHO GOT KICKED OUT!!!!!!! 5:35-to-5:45 ?!?
    Wife and daughter are crying and it didn't look like they were happy tears!!
    It look like they heard bad news and he never missed a beat with his speech very very odd!!??!!
    Get ready for four more years of businesses moving out of the state and we will be OVER TAXED and poorer than ever….
    We are moving in the same direction as California just without Google, Facebook and all the other big money in Silicon Valley to pay for it..

  30. I'm so glad he won!!! "Phoney Rispone' would have caused total mayhem in this state. I like JBE, and normally don't vote "Blue', but I just couldn't vote for that puppet, Rispone. Watching the debates, rispone was pathetic, couldn't answer any questions nor offer any substantial evidence regarding the benefit of the state. Moreover, Phoney Rispone is 'controlled' by the guy Lane Grigsby…read up on that guy and you see what I'm talking a/b ~

  31. John Bel said to Trump ,God bless his heart.
    In the words of Forrest Gump…That's all I gotta say about that.
    Trump lost this one.
    Donna Edwards could teach Melania how to be a real First Lady.even more so,How to be a LADY.
    Not a nudie.and not to wear a jacket Stating I REALLY DON'T CARE DO YOU.when you are supposed to be representing the American people.We CARE.

  32. Yeah, way to go you all, i love your state and the peoples, congratulations Louisiana lets keep the winning for the Democrats going. Vote, vote, vote. The AMERICAN peoples has the power to change thing.

  33. Democrats are getting tired of all this winning. First it was a landslide in the midterms. Now Kentucky and Louisiana governorships and Virginia house and Senate. Trump said we would get tired of all the winning. Oh wait?

  34. Congratulations, Louisiana. The state of my birth will always have a special place in my heart, even though I was adopted and moved to Florida immediately by my parents. Never forget where you came from

  35. Your love for louisiana? What about your love for our heritage and our Confederate statues?Oh, I know, your love doesn´t go that far! So where is your love ?

  36. God I know Trump has got to be mad 😡 LoL I mean three damn trips to Louisiana for absolutely nothing 🤦🏽‍♂️. Taxpayers just eating those free trips up. Congrats John Bel Edwards 😮🙌🇺🇸

  37. I wonder what was going on in the back ground you could tell it was something upsetting his wife was crying and his daughter something was wrong but no one brought it up in the news

  38. Hey WWL! Try rewording your description doodle bugs. THIS AIN’T TRUMP COUNTRY!!! GOT IT? GOOD! Please adjust your comments. Thank you.

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