Joe Biden campaigns in key primary state

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  1. This ABC broadcaster's an idiot! Dave?? Sanders was NOT attacking Biden, he was campaigning on declaring the differences between the two seasoned democrats so voters can decide if theyre more aligned with Sanders or Biden, thats all. Its not B&W, a sad result of having lived 2-3 years w/tRumpet in news. Theres something called perspective, degree of priorities for varied issues from one candidate to the other.

  2. Let us see Joes tax returns. Let us interrogate his family members. Who is his family making business with? How did they become so rich? What connections do they have? In The Ukraine? In China? Just asking.

  3. BWAHAHAHAHA! The same polls that had Killary winning by a landslide? The same Poll that was deleted by Twitter when 70% picked Kavenaugh of RBG corpse!
    Thinking humans say NO to PEDO JOE! He's creepy no matter what your political stance!

  4. So Biden can give us four more years of Obama? Ummmm…no thanks I already fell for that once! barry's disastrous policies killed my Country!
    The DNC= a virtual serpent devouring it's own tail. Liberal, leftist lunatics like bubonic plague ridden vermin on a sinking ship. We are woke. We have their number. When Biden, Cortez,Killary,Bernie,Butti, Waters, Pelosi and PEDO Joe are the best they have to offer WE KNOW they're in trouble. BUUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    President Trump 2020 a WARRIOR 4 Truth and a HERO 4 humanity!!!!

  5. The corperate shills try everything to put their puppets in the white house but it wont work this time. We all know who America needs in the office and its not Biden.

  6. Shit I’d rather have Biden than trump, trump supporters needa disappear already they’re annoying as hell😂 but we will see what happens in 2020 if trump gets elected again then whatever it’s just 4 more years then he ain’t president for good 🙏😂

  7. Creepy Joe needs to carry Que Cards esp. when speaking about British PM's…hey Joey…Margaret Thatcher unfortunately died some time ago…it's Theresa May…memorize that Joe!

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