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Jim Sheets – Registered Republican all my life

Jim Sheets – Registered Republican all my life

Thank you Well glad to be here My name’s Jim Sheets from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve been a registered republican all my life. and…yeah. and I can see where the republican party hasn’t helped working people. They haven’t. The last…I worked on two presidential campaigns. and I…I… for Ron Paul. I liked Ron Paul. Because like Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul was an honest man. He didn’t waffle on his word. We worked hard for him. We got gypped out of that election. But. and I wrote his name in. I was so disappointed, I wrote his name in twice for president. and I was disgusted and I wasn’t voting for any republicans. and then I took a look at Bernie Sanders. and my…[Applause] yeah… That’s right. Then I took a better look at Bernie Sanders And I started to see a lot of things that I liked. I started seeing that for… this man has fought for the poor. Has fought for the working class. Has fought for the common person. African Americans. Gays. No matter where you’ve been, Bernie’s there for you. And I looked…I looked at his record and I’d seen that for 35 years that he’s been in congress He has never gone on…back on his word. And this is why he’s building such great momentum across the United States. People can trust Bernie. When you hear him, whether you like him or not, Whether you agree with everything or not, There’s something about Bernie that you can find common decency to vote for an honest man. and with all the problems that we have here in the United States. With…with higher costs of education with a… loss of jobs everyday. With people getting up there just telling you what you wanna hear. Don’t you think we deserve a shot of honesty? [Applause] Don’t you think that we deserve an honest voice. You have that voice right here with Bernie Sanders. I’m gonna be out here. I signed up to volunteer on a lot of things. I’ve done singing telegrams all my life. I’m very good at…. Yeah, I have a children’s entertainment business. “Changing Faces Entertainment.” I got out there on them streets and I pounded on the pavement for Ron Paul. I’m gonna be out there daily pounding on the pavement for Bernie Sanders! And we need you! We need you. in any way that you can help. Every little person doing something different, telling a friend. Telling a neighbor. Riding somebody to the poll. Getting somebody registered to…to vote. Is one more vote for Bernie. And…and in April, When the primary day comes around, We can take Hillary! We can be… we can make Bernie Sanders the nominee of the Democratic party. So. I’m gonna leave you with this. I am going to leave you with this and I want you to think of this I’m 65 years old. I’ve been through the Vietnam war like Bernie. I can relate to some of the stories that he’s told. If you’ve been disappointed in the past. If you’ve been disappointed with what politicians tell you. You won’t be disappointed with Bernie Sanders! So… [Applause] So won’t you join with me. And all these wonderful people here tonight. That have come down. Won’t you join with me. As we…as we turn on the Bern for 2016! And we roll across America! And we’re gonna take this country back!!! [Applause] Thank you.

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  1. I don't know whether some one thought about this…ron paul supporters and bernie suppoters have a important thing in common. .that is they like honest person…

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