Jeffrey Epstein charged with sex trafficking in unsealed federal indictment

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  1. I hope he BURNS! The lack of punishment of this monster thus far is completely unacceptable. As a Florida resident and Florida native I feel a certain rage for this POS.
    Prosecute ANY AND ALL who were involved, enabled or even knew of his treacherous acts. #LockEmUp

  2. I understand that adults are adults and I get that.. there are a bunch of degenerates in this world. some y'all try to pretend like it's normal (gay) but then act like men liking younger women is not normal… But then act like it's okay if a woman likes a younger man…At the end of the day it's just to destroy men.


  4. I didn't give it much merit, at the time, due to the Hillary email crap and assumed it was somebody looking for attention.  But, after what was learned about Trump payoffs to buy silence, I give this civil suit way more credibility and want to know if Jane Doe was paid off.   All the docs are found here or you may obtain them via the State of Florida:  @t

  5. another person trump hired and did extreme vetting is exposed for breaking the law and helping a child sex predator.  Another friend of trump is going to jail for life

  6. There was a Law and Order SVU episode almost identical to this case. I can’t remember the exact year but definitely an episode on Law and Order SVU.

  7. George W Bush sr. and many other still alive will never face justice because the system protects themnot the low life citizens who struggle in every day life.

  8. Has Acosta made sure Jeffrey Epstein has registered yearly as a sex offender?
    In the state of New York sex offenders are required to register and be finger printed yearly.
    As the New York law requires:
    "Level 3 offenders regardless of whether they have been so designated, must register for life."
    Somebody should do a research for the sake of all the victims.
    Just sayin'…….'

  9. These political power puppets need to be taken down and rid our society of these sexual perverted idiots.

  10. I believe in forgiveness, but when people are not caring of what they have done, especially to children, i say death penalty. Having children in cages, using them for sex acts, and torcher for the rich or to black mail someone so disgusting. i will be a guardian of children forever, i will die for children. any child around me that something is happening to them, i will let the person know about it. i wont stand by an watch innocents be as if they are nothing.

  11. Under the age of 14! I cannot imagine being 13 when I was still wanting to play with Barbies, my aunt and uncle were so sweet one summer and played Barbies with me. I was a very mature child in many ways and yet still a little girl. 12 years old is considered young because you are only in 6th grade. But 13 and even 14 is so young. I know why they targeted those girls that were desperate. My daddy cried when he broke up a teen prostitution ring in our city run by drs. lawyers, judges and business men. Strangely enough most girls were from middle class families or working class families. I guess they had something going on at home or were given gifts and money. I never saw him cry but for the death of his brother and when he busted up that teen aged prostitution case. He asked me to always come to him if anyone approached me. My senior year a girl I knew had on a 10, 000 mink coat and I knew that because I was modeling for a fur company that also sold designer clothes. I knew her from junior high and she said her “boyfriend” bought it for her.

    There was this fat gross man that looked likes Jabba the hut and he sat outside in a limo. He was the governor’s right hand man and “fixer” I forgot to tell my dad when she introduced me and wanted me to go out with one of his friends. I declined. Daddy said if he caught him on school property he would have arrested him. It did not make my father a popular man, I imagine with these rich men. And he he had a stroke from the pressure of his job. Not one article in the media about it when it happened. It had to be truly disturbing to affect my daddy so powerfully. He was disgusted by those men and I ma sure he wanted to give them a beating, they needed one.

  12. What I don't get is if people knew about this for over 17 years and Epstein was able to hush them because of his money and power, then why is this coming out now?

  13. CBS Fake News can try to connect Trump with Epstein but we know better!!!! This has been debunked days ago. Keep trying though

  14. Sex trafficking. Global crime. A risk taker willing to fill orders and deliver. Supply and demand. We know who supplied, now who demanded?

  15. Homophilia is a staple of this country. It's all over the media, all over the government, everywhere you turn somebody is preying on children.

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