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we began with the Attorney General tonight the Attorney General who said today that he believes he's gonna find a legal way in the next couple of days to get around a Supreme Court decision that forbids questions about citizenship on the next census but on the most important new case announced today by the Justice Department the Attorney General has recused himself the Attorney General of the United States did not recuse himself from decisions involving the investigation of the president who made him the Attorney General of the United States that would seem to be an obvious conflict of interest for Attorney General William Bar but it takes an awful lot for William Bar to recuse himself from anything but he did recuse himself from the biggest case the Justice Department now announced today the federal sex trafficking case against Donald Trump's old friend Jeffrey Epstein here is the Attorney General's explanation today of why he recused himself in this case I'm recused from that matter because one of the loss of his mother or the law firms that represented Epstein long ago was affirm that I subsequently joined for a period of time by William Barse standards that's a very weak reason for him to recuse himself very very weak William bar has another connection to Jeffrey Epstein that is even closer than the one he mentioned today William bars father Donald bar hired Jeffrey Epstein he hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach high school students high school boys and high school girls before Jeffrey Epstein became a rich player on Wall Street William bars father hired Epstein to be a math teacher at one of New York City's most exclusive private schools the Dalton School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and there was something very very strange about Donald bar hiring Jeffrey Epstein Jeffrey Epstein was not even a college graduate and that was and is unthinkable on faculties of elite private schools of Donald bar hire Jeffrey Epstein anyway and a year later Donald Bar resigned from the Dalton school after the Board of Trustees hired what the New York Times called an outside committee to study the school and to assess its operation under mr. Barr and not long after that Jeffrey Epstein left the Dalton School gave up teaching high school boys and high school girls and went to Wall Street but he wasn't finished with high school girls Jeffrey Epstein was never accused of a crime while he was a teacher at Dalton and today Jeffrey Epstein was charged by federal prosecutors with sex trafficking of girls of high school age girls who were in high school at the time or should have been in high school at the time the indictment says quote Epstein intentionally sought out minors and knew that many of his victims were in fact under the age of 18 including because in some instances minor victims expressly told him their age now sometimes the indictment of an old friend of Donald Trump's for sex trafficking has nothing to do with Donald Trump but this is not one of those times because the florida federal prosecutor who made a very forgiving deal with Jeffrey Epstein on similar charges that allowed Epstein to avoid prison is now Donald Trump's Secretary of Labor now we have no idea tonight whether William bar would have blocked this prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein if he had not decided to recuse himself from the case we don't know whether William Barr would have saved president Trump from the problem of now having to deal with labor secretary Alex Acosta's decision to let Jeffrey Epstein off the hook for the same kind of conduct that the US attorney in the Southern District of New York just indicted Jeffrey Epstein for here's what Donald Trump said about his old friend Jeffrey Epstein in 2002 I've known Jeff for 15 years terrific guy he's a lot of fun to be with it has even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do and many of them are on the younger side no doubt about it Jeffrey enjoys his social life on the younger side Donald Trump knew about Jeffrey Epstein and what Donald Trump called the younger side terrific guy that's what Jeffrey Epstein was – Donald Trump terrific guy and to this day Donald Trump has not said a negative word about Jeffrey Epstein Donald Trump has attacked the leaders of countries that are our strongest allies Donald Trump hesitant attacked congressman Justin Amash this weekend for leaving the Republican Party Donald Trump has attacked Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden Chuck Schumer he's attacked me Donald Trump has attacked hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people but he has never once said a single negative word about Jeffrey Epstein not one word Jeffrey Epstein did not see it coming when his private plane took off from Paris Absalom was arrested this past Saturday evening at Teterboro Airport aboard his private jet that had just landed from Paris France contemporaneous with the arrest of Epstein at Teterboro Airport agents executed a search warrant on his mansion in New York City and recovered and seized and that was a search pursuant to a valid warrant agency's evidence including nude photographs of what appeared to be underage girls Jeffrey Epstein pleaded not guilty today leading off our discussion tonight our barrack burger she's a former federal prosecutor for the eastern and southern districts of New York and on MSNBC legal analyst and Tim O'Brien is with us he's the executive editor of Bloomberg opinion and an MSNBC contributor and Barrett you're reading of this indictment today yeah this is a stunning indictment to say the least I mean it would be stunning in its own regard just because here you have very serious charges being leveled against a powerful person I think given the posture though of how this compares to the case that was prosecuted or walked away from in Florida it makes these charges even more stunning because quite frankly this is what should have happened in Florida these are the charges that the Florida you attorneys office could have brought and probably should have brought and I think this leaves a lot of open questions about why the federal prosecutors in the Southern District of Florida walked away from these kinds of charges why Epstein was allowed to plead to really a minor state charge in that case and why the victims in that case were intentionally excluded from this whole process so these are stunning charges for a number of reasons I think given this posture they're even more sad so the the US attorney answered very few questions today but one of them one of the most interesting was why is this case being brought by the public corruption unit and you're a veteran of the Southern District the office where this is happening is that as does that sounded strange to you as it does to us so the answer is it's hard to tell so Geoffrey Berman the US Attorney for the Southern District who is a Donald Trump appointee let's record correct and he came out very firmly and said no please don't read anything into the fact that this is being prosecuted by the public corruption unit and maybe that's right I mean it's it's hard to know I I prosecuted some sex trafficking cases when I was a member of the Terrorism section in the Eastern District simply because those charges came in I had some experience and so the what did it mean they originated through the terrorism unit know if that's the thing so staffing decisions people can start off in one section and move to another so look maybe there is a connection between the public corruption unit and these charges but it could simply be a matter of you know these were assistants who were working on some aspect of the investigation they started in one section then moved so I do think we have to take the US Attorney a little bit that has word that it's hard to read too much into the staffing decision well Brian what is the Trump problem in this case well the Trump problem is there's possibly other shoes to drop about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein I you know Donald I spent a lot of time with him in the mid-2000s and he routinely spoke you know fawning Lee of Jeffrey he admired Epstein's lifestyle he admired his freedom and I think there's a sort of synchronicity between these two guys they're not that much different one point Trump and I went he took me to the Miss Teen America pageant headquarters on the east side he had just acquired the rights to it and we went to the headquarters and he was saying to me he was really glad that he'd acquired this business because he could find girlfriends for his son Eric and then we got up there and he was you know very jazzed to show me the different women young women who were part of the pageant and I suspect that that's something that's tied in to Jeffrey Epstein Trump himself has not really kept that under wraps very much that he likes younger women he's very bold face and bald-faced about it and they spent a lot of time together they eat in one another's homes Jeffrey Epstein was a member at mar-a-lago and and I think what a lot of people probably on both sides of the aisle politically who were connected Jeffrey Epstein are probably worried about is what else investigators are gonna find when they examine files in his homes in the Virgin Islands and in Palm Beach and in New York because there could be sort of a Pandora's box of embarrassing information well let's go to the other side of the aisle we have a statement from President Bill Clinton tonight who has been known to associate with Jeffrey Epstein I'm gonna read it in full this is a written statement from his office it says President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago or those with which he has been recently charged in New York in 2002 and 2003 President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein's airplane one to Europe one to Asia and two to Africa which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation staff supporters of foundation and his Secret Service detail traveled on every leg of every trip he had one meeting with Epstein in his Harlem office in 2002 and around the same time made one brief visit to Epstein's New York apartment with a staff member and his security detail he has he's not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade and has never been to little st. James Island Epstein's ranch in New Mexico or his residence in Florida and that that island is a reference to an island that Epstein owns that's right off of st. Thomas in the Caribbean where a lot of this activity is presumed to have occurred what do you what possibly could Jeffrey Epstein offer to the prosecutors that would that might be worth more than prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein I mean from where I said it would have to be something pretty extraordinary as a general matter federal prosecutors don't like to give cooperation agreement to child sex traffickers for good reason I mean it is sort of the the worst of the worst and it would have to be really extraordinary information for them to take that kind of extraordinary step into trying to cooperate him and that doesn't mean that he won't try or there won't be some sort of discussions but I I would be absolutely shocked if they offered somebody charged with you know not not just a one-off you know case but really this pattern of doing this over over years with as they say in the indictment and in the detention memo dozens of victims in both Florida and New York I would be shocked if they ended up offering him some sort of a quorum very thorough statement by Bill Clinton tonight of course if any piece of that crap proves to be untrue that that would be a big problem but he's never been to the private island he's did some people have accused him of being and but Donald Trump I can't imagine Donald Trump issuing a statement with that kind of precision that Bill Clinton issued tonight because he couldn't you know clear clear and plainly he couldn't issue a statement like that I think the reason Bill Clinton's also issuing it is every time an embarrassing moment comes up for Trump whether it involves the rule of law or foreign diplomacy or episodes like Jeffrey Epstein you have you have you have Trump supporters saying what about Hillary Clinton what about Bill Clinton even though neither one of them are in office anymore either none of them have been on the public safe scene for quite a long time it becomes a convenient way to support Trump to say that Trump's critics or the media isn't paying enough attention to the Clintons side Vance's name came up today in the same regard if you're going to criticize people who overlooked Jeffrey Epstein's you know misdeeds why aren't you paying attention to silence all of it is a distraction from the reason that people are paying attention to Donald Trump we that he's the president of the United States and he has a skeleton in his closet that is a mile-deep and it includes people like Jeffrey Epstein and people are asking the question of a Trump because he's wielding real authority and power right now and Bill Clinton isn't so let's let's take this case down the road a hypothetical road let's assume you got to a point of a conviction with Jeffrey Epstein at that point he doesn't have any in effect of fear of incrimination so could you then take him if he was convicted of this in before a grand jury to get under oath testimony from him if he doesn't have Fifth Amendment rights to protect at that point you could although theoretically he may you know have some sort of an argument that there was other rights that he still had been it but absolutely I mean I think the the issue really is that after somebody has been convicted by an office and and received a significant sentence they don't really have a lot of incentive to sort of play ball I mean look they they may be legally obligated to go in front of a grand jury and tell the truth but if he is facing but if he's facing decades in prison he's 66 years old jury charge wouldn't matter it's sort of yeah it's a drop in the bucket so Tim what would the worries be in in Donald Trump's mind tonight well I think he's going to be worried about what compromising information Jeffrey Epstein has about Trump and their relationship you know the other big mystery about Jeffrey Epstein isn't just the video goods he might have on different people no one really knows his sources of funding other than Donald Trump sources upfront well Donald Trump or or absolutely okay so I've seen it's not a prominent money manager but no one ever really knew what his sources of funding were his original client was Leslie Wexner the founder of the Victoria's Secret and other clothing companies he was a multi billionaire as far as most people in the business press and in New York no Wexner was the only single large sort of you know investor in Epstein's funds and he clearly had the resources who assemble about a hundred million dollars in real estate and support the lifestyle that came along with that without any really clear indications of how he was raising his money and that's very interesting because the a similar issue that Donald Trump has is where do these myths three millions flow into the Trump Organization where do the mystery millions fall into Jeffrey Epstein's funds and I think that's another thing it'll be very interesting is this and forget investigation progresses let's listen to the US attorney today outlying the outlining the specifics of the allegations and the crimes against Epstein beginning at at least 2002 and continuing until 2005 Epstein is alleged to have abused thousands of victims by causing them to engage in sex acts with him at his mansion in New York and at his estate in Palm Beach Florida the victims all underage girls at the time of the alleged conduct were given hundreds of dollars in cash after each encounter either by Epstein or by one of Epstein's employees the underage girls were initially recruited to provide Epstein with massages and often did so nude or partially nude these massages became increasingly sexual in nature that would typically include one or more sex acts as specified in the indictment as alleged Epstein also paid certain victims to recruit additional girls to be similarly abused this allowed Epstein to create an ever-expanding web of new victims Barrett the details there include what would be statutory rape in the state of New York and in the state of Florida but in federal law there there are no rape charges so he's just charged under federal law with sex trafficking does this open up does this evidence package open up the possibility of statutory rape charges in the state of New York and possibly the state of Florida possibly I'm not sure what the state of Florida would do but but possibly New York what I mean I think really the only incentive for the state prosecutors to get involved is if they needed some way that Epstein could be sort of cordoned off for being pardoned right I mean the charges that he is facing in the Southern District are going to carry penalty's and so much more so than a statutory rape conviction theoretically what in the state so i don't think it's a matter of you know he needs to be confronted with these serious charges he's facing about as serious of a charges you can get right now so it's not a matter of that I think at the end of the day if they wanted almost like they did with Paul Manafort if they wanted some sort of charges that could be hard and proof perhaps though couldn't those could be New York State charges but I think it's too early to see can you imagine a pardon for Epstein I think Donald Trump can imagine a pardon for almost anyone so as much as I don't think I could imagine a pardon for someone like him I think Donald Trump could Tim O'Brien and Berger thank you very much for starting us off tonight really appreciate it thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word and the rest of MSNBC

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