Javier Bardem: Peace for Congo's Mothers

we share one thing in common if not many things first and foremost were terrible mothers bullets it's not like boys of course because of the end no matter how all you are you are the mama's boy and then you understand that they were right and everything they said everything no matter how hard you try to fight against it they were right so this gives us a chance to reflect a little bit on the state of mothers and daughters all around the world and we're here to talk about one particular place yes and well basically the most dangerous place for being a mother and the daughter is Congo in the entire world an entire world highest rates of sexual violence against women and girls occur in the Congo rape as a word weapon it's something that happens in Congo and it's incredible to think about that it's happening in order for us to get the best material for our cell phones yeah for laptops every one of us has a cell phone or a laptop or an iPod or something some kind of electronic product that we use pretty much every day that is powered by the minerals that come straight from the Congo so you're that connection here I have mine oh yeah we gotta admit but we got it we got to tell the truth and I have a lot of it up and I have a computer and I have a hard line phone and all that all of them are they have this material that are coming as free from the Congo which create this misery which in other works is to say that our wealthy life is based on Minister your honor that we know but as a diamond's happen as the blood diamonds happiness in Sierra Leone and any other countries some other countries when people stood up and said enough we are not going to bind more blood diamonds that has created a big change in in those countries no and that's what we need to do with Congo and if we start to say together wait a minute yes we're going to buy but we want to buy products that aren't contributing to this terrible atrocities in the Congo give us conflict free cell phones give us rape free laptops that's the kind of message we need to send to these companies and we can actually make a difference we can change things we really need to demand to the company's into the government's free conflict minerals for laptops for cellphones rape free minerals we got to get our government to do the right thing and the great news is the mother in chief Hillary Clinton mother's day the mother in Chile reclaim our Secretary of State she actually went to the Congo and was very deeply moved by the plight of women and girls there so on a mother's day we ask modern teeth Hillary Clinton to help us to do that because actually as a mother she would understand what it means to be a mother and and was the circumstances for many mothers out there a mother's day for any of us who has a laptop or a cell phone let's give the mothers and the daughters of Congo a chance for peace

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