James Gilligan: “Why Some Politicians Are More Dangerous Than Others”

c grandma has some policy we’ve been talking throughout the
week about the impacts of politics the impact of politics on average people on working people on
the poor on the middle class why and answered a level of the surface
level you know some of the stuff is pretty obvious you know the game of
chicken right now that the republicans and democrats are playing in the uh… house representatives with
a big hearing care putting forward this built upon the f_a_a_ that only if the
airlines are able to call repeated election uh… certification votes and anybody who fails to vote that’s
considered a no vote so basically all the airlines in the railroad companies
can get where they’re unions and then of course the senate’s i go
along with it so the f_a_a_ has not funded and and and therefore a hundred
thousand people are out of work rats a hundred thousand people don’t have a
paycheck who may lose their home or at increased risk for everything from
spousal and child abuse to depression and suicide what is the deal how copy of the ob the
ob the obvious is there a macro of big picture to this professor james gilligan is on the line
this is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the uh… in the school of medicine
adam professor in the school of law collegiate professor school of arts and
sciences and uh… eh and i’m sorry jamie uh… professionally
i have the name of the school art new york university idearc university thank
you very much inaugural in your book like some
politicians are more dangerous then others dangerous what danger because their policies so
people uh… what i discovered uh… frankly my that she might deprive the
thought i was looking for uh… but i was trying to understand
what increases rates of lethal violence in america that includes book suicide
and cauliflower uh… worked on the might surprise was the
corresponded people peaks and valleys and up through
the increases and decreases are provided to the presidential
election cycle are republicans parapro elected to the white house the rates of
so threatened homicide uh… have increased are dramatically
this statistically significant degree uh… sent nineteen hundred fund about
this country for started recording these statistics on a yearly
basis when democrats come in the rate the book on to wait awhile to
go down and this in turn can be related to the
degree of economic social and economic uh… stress and distress which increase under republican and
decrease in the coming that’s remarkable uh… i i have been of for the entire
time that we’ve been doing the show we’re ninety or now and uh… i have been talking about this
article i read in the b_b_c_ wednesday eighteen september two thousand to the
headline and you tell me if this comports with your research are just
give you a quick snapshot of this the headline on the b_b_c_ more suicides
under conservative rule and let me just share a couple sentences from it with
you it’s is the suicide rate increases under conservative government research
suggests as a study done by australian scientists
of australia and the united kingdom he was from nineteen oh one to nineteen
ninety eight it was an entire century and you’re quoting them l when they also
say that they adjusted for factors of world war two and uh… uh… and periods of drought took into
account period the drought in world war two because their economic and
psychological impact after adjusting for these factors the figures clearly show
the highest rates of suicide occurred when both conservative state and federal
governments were in power and power middle-aged and older men were most of
risk and conservatives ruled both state and
federal governments number seventeen percent more likely to commit suicide
and labor their version the democrats was in power women were forty percent
more likely to kill themselves the research was published in journal
epidemiology community health in iraq the article up with this
sentence which is just mindboggling on the b_b_c_ overall the figures suggest that thirty
five thousand people would not have died at the conservatives not been in power
was the last paragraph uh… figures are exactly the exactly correspond to the findings for the united states
which uh… which i discovered apatite patent carotid i discovered familiar
with hiding in plain sight uh… ladies of the government some
statistics the gathered under both republican and democratic
administrations so there’s no question they’re there they’re not uh… partisan figures uh… but pierre our experience and
vienna and a great britain and australia would vilified correspond stars what i
added to this was the famous true with homicide so i part held also join these to uh… i worked for him to violent death into
one statistic adjuster violent death rate that all three of these superpower fight
again the somewhat vote increase it under republican decrease in
the democrats to a statistically significant victory but not every single year but you look at the cannes cumulative
perhaps uh… about the fact jer over the years argued it well there’s always going to see slop
over and also example for sure the obama administration everybody’s screens all
look at the death you’re happily was operating under bush’s last budget hahaha catholic you know it is a lot of
policies take a couple of years you know that there is a reason still stacks of bush
appointees for example even now uh… it to what extent was the is your research purely federal or would
you look at the individual states i’d love to individual states from one
perspective but not overtime for the change over
time but rather how they differ from each other let the same time mainly during the election years two
thousand and two thousand four what i found was that the republican-dominated areas uh… also had increased rate absorb
right now if i did this is the republican-dominated erupted uh… compared with the democratic
dominated areas and arrows another words we took all red state the state’s but voted for the republican
candidate george w_ bush had significantly higher rates of
horrified and horrified than the blue states the republican uh… the democratic states out of the
democratic state cell the request other warned about that be the rate of capital punishment in the red
states is literally twenty to times at high as
in the blues uh… i mean it’s not just building on or or close to the flat is really not
illegal but uh… up another form of a but even the part of our lost called
capital punishment or his his bagger and two thousand two hundred percent higher that because that’s incredible said are you familiar
with the researcher virtual christened and taken over in the u_k_ they wrote
the book the spirit level and previous local why inequality matters yes i hope all of their work with great
interest for many years better backflip epidemiology they are and they have a
brilliant website at uh… equality trust dot or dot u_k_
and one of the things that they point out his that wins society’s become more
on equal not only does violence go up but so does
teen pregnancy so does uh… sexually transmitted diseases so
does the views of both legal and illegal psychiatric drugs or narcotics and so
does uh… you know brady alert just jeet genera crime uh… they have as i recall sixteen or
eighteen indices and that right across the board the more
on equal a society gets in in the minute we have left sir would
you want stand do you think that republican rule
versus democratic rules the consequence of increased or decreased inequality verses specific policies well it you can’t really separate the policies
from the inequality inequality results from republican party secure absolutely right under what what
richard wilkinson a hypocrite brendan again in great britain and many other
countries eh… bail for this that’d be or arthritic responsible but from the
new york there are three main factors but i’ve uh… i i think help to explain the
increase irregardless under republican one is unemployment second intersection
anna services inequality of income of the world all of those have increase under
republicans dramatically during the twentieth country rate increase when there is a republican
administration and they’d be creative uh… to an almost equal degree under
democrat uh… and i’ve rivets clearly understandable staff huh perfect for you their and and militia billion failure of
comes about before laid off coupler family kisses forecast for the
report from times books of visions of democrats go people fill their families and the
people professor james professor james gilligan is the world wide some
politicians are more dangerous than others

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  1. Look at the big picture. Both Democrats and Republicans are for the drug war. Because of these policies black markets are created which creates danger and murder. Just look at alcohol Prohibition.

    Both parties also advocate for the Military Industrial Complex which kills, on average, over 100,000 people worldwide for the last 100 years. The stats are out there.

    So the institution of government, both D's and R's, is the most violent entity either directly or indirectly.

  2. @ggadguy Yeah government CORRUPTED BY CAPITALISM. Am fed up of hearing stupid libertarians spout their stupidity…The billionaires think you're a moron – you are supposed to prove them wrong…. Sheez…

  3. @StunnedByStupidity Uh, Thom would agree with me that our government is looking more like a Corporatocracy, instead of true Capitalism. Here's a GREAT video with Michael Moore even admitting that we do not have true Capitalism:


    Libertarians are opposed to Corporatocracy and Fascism. There's no free lunch for businesses or entitlements. I hope you understand the difference between conservatives and libertarians on this issue.

  4. @ggadguy They are talking past each other. The kid stood up is a 'libertarian' and Moore is a social democrat. 'True capitalism' is a fantasy which has not only never existed but WHICH NO ONE ON THE PLANET WOULD WANT (which is Hartmann's view)! Libertatarins are children who are so stupid and gullible that I wouldn't be surprised if they still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa. Their ideology is stunningly simplistic, anti science and reality and HAS BEEN SHOWN TO BE WRONG – over and over!

  5. @StunnedByStupidity What has shown to be wrong has been statism, where the state decides everything for you. You have limited choices, a lower standard of living, and the controls are in DC. I just heard a stat today that said 40,000 lobbyists contribute 3.5 billion dollars to Congress. That's $875K each. They are the ones that benefit from government, not you and me. I'm working my butt off to pay the bills while these guys are making deals. That's not the markets at work.

  6. @ggadguy Dear me you have bought into corporate propaganda (and are thus fucking EVERYONE up). This wasn't happening from around 1945-1975 THE GOLDEN AGE OF AMERICA. It has only happened since CORPORATE AMERICA corrupted government – get a clue man…

  7. @StunnedByStupidity Yes, that's my point. Corporations have corrupted the government. But those practices of corrupting the government are not free market, but fascism. That's the difference and that's why we are having the problems we are having today.

  8. @ggadguy I just shake my head at you people. Capitalism ALWAYS leads to corruption. Because it ALWAYS leads to wealth and power concentration. The ONLY way to control it is to have the people control it by DEMOCRACY. If you dont it will control government by fascism. WHICH IS (though obviously not in those words) WHAT ARISTOTLE WAS SAYING. See the capitalists try to distribute wealth and power UPWARDS and the people want to distribute it DOWNWARDS! And NOBODY ON THE PLANET wants a 'free market'

  9. @StunnedByStupidity If you earn a wage or have the slightest bit of social conscience WHAT YOU WANT IS SOCIALISM. And if you are a good right winger you will recoil at that statement. If you are informed however you will join the 92% of ALL Americans that are that way inclined…

  10. @StunnedByStupidity There's a difference between free markets and corporatism. Corporatism is when businesses influence, pay off or run the government. Free markets are ones where the government enforces contracts but doesn't create legislation to benefit business. That's why we must oppose corporatism and fascism and support free markets instead. That means rejecting lobbyists like Ron Paul does, and then no lobbyist comes knocking at his offices because it's a wasted time.

  11. @ggadguy SCANDINAVIAN – WAKE THE FUCK UP and get a fucking clue . Ron Paul is a FAR RIGHT extremist lunatic. He believes in the Austrian school of economics a school which BY ITS OWN ADMISSION doesn't do facts or reality. Its a fantasy like ALL right wing doctrine.
    You can spare me the erroneous assumption I don't understand what I'm taking about the problem is YOU don't NOT me…

  12. @StunnedByStupidity First off, if knew the Nolan Chart you wouldn't call Ron Paul a right winger. He's a libertarian. It shows your lack of knowledge about the political spectrum. Go look up "Nolan Chart" in Wikipedia. Second, the Austrian School isn't right wing either since they are anti-war and anti military empire, anti-war on drugs, pro immigration, pro civil liberties, pro gay marriage, anti-corporation (but pro real business) etc. If you research you'll find this to the facts.

  13. @ggadguy You aint gona let it go are you? Look for me to take you by the hand though it will take around an hour – and my experience of conservatives is it is a waste of my time – they are too bigoted to face reality. Right wing favours the elite over the interests of the middle and working class. It supports them screwing over everyone else. Free markets do EXACTLY this. Paul admits to hating the new deal. The system THAT CREATED and SUSTAINS the middle and working class. THAT MAKES HIM

  14. @StunnedByStupidity RIGHT WING. But he is EXTREMIST in this in that just about EVERYTHING government does that helps THE PEOPLE rather than corporations and capitalism is to be abandoned! what you are talking about is SOCIALLY. And libertarians are indeed more left leaning here. But this would mean fuck all if you lose you HARD WON LIFESTYLES! And again I am loath to explain but free markets will fuck up EVERYTHING. GET A FUCKING CLUE. Free markets will destroy minimum wages, it allows

  15. @StunnedByStupidity unrestricted immigration. Meaning you will then be forced to compete with the Chinese – doing EXACLY THE SAME JOB YOU do but who are used to being paid 1/10th or Indians 1/50th. GOOD BYE LIFESTYLE. It will mean unsafe food (as has just been witnessed by the turkey deaths). Poisoned water supply. Child labor. Prisoners used a cheap labour – AGAIN destroying your lifestyle. NO UNIONISATION – THE bedrock of workers rights and safety. Dangerous working environments.

  16. @StunnedByStupidity Polluted air. The COMPLETE ABANDONMENT on international agreements to tackle global warming. The MASSIVE concentration of wealth – destroying democracy and leading to fascism. The rise in private armies – UNCONTROLLED BY THE PEOPLE. The MASSIVE market volatility that occurs by short term speculation. The complete fuck up in handling the transition to a post oil world (this may well be too late already)

  17. @StunnedByStupidity People ARE NOT LIKE LIBERTARIANS THINK THEY ARE – in fact just the opposite. Markets DO NOT HAVE INVISIBLE HANDS. Money DOES NOT LEAD TO HAPPINESS – above a VERY low level. The world is FINITE and we are ALREADY way over exploitation possibilities – creating THE BIGGEST MASS EXTINCTION FOR AT LEAST 56 MILLION YEARS. Rewarding mental work with money leads to WORSE OUT COMES. States using libertarian 'free market' ideas to get out of the crisis are doing WORSE than

  18. @StunnedByStupidity those using Kenesian ideas. The stagnation in the middle and working class pay over the last 30 FUCKING YEARS is because of free market cut taxes, liberation of the markets ideas! Development has NEVER occurred by following free markets. Free markets forced on the third world has led to WORSE outcomes that pre free market ideas. THE STOCK MARKET CRASH just occurred BECAUSE OF FREE MARKETS. And I can go ON AND ON AND ON – But like I said NONE of this matters because you lot a


  20. @StunnedByStupidity Obviously, you are refusing to look up the facts. Ron Paul is not right wing according to the Nolan Chart. Those are facts.

    I do not favor the corporations, the insurance companies or the companies that pay no taxes. This is the right wing fascism which I oppose. I'm a libertarian for true free markets to allow competition against the corporations and want a flat tax system.

    And you should judge individuals as bigots instead of groups. Don't paint a broad brush.

  21. @StunnedByStupidity BTW anyone else reading this – this MORON is getting American RIGHT WING libertarianism confused with THE REST OF THE WORLD libertarianism – which is LEFT WING and NOT free market. And were we to follow him, we'd ALL BE FUCKED! This is CLEARLY expressed IN THE ARTICLE HE CLAIMED I DIDN'T READ BUT WHICH IN FACT HE DIDN'T READ! But that's the right wing for you STUNNINGLY stupid and bigoted…

  22. @StunnedByStupidity You are an immature person if you can't have a civilized debate and learn things. You shouldn't be afraid of learning. Stop the swearing. It shows you are childish and can't defend yourself.

  23. @ggadguy Disn't I tell you to fuck of??
    And a debate isn't one side (mine) providing a whole raft of explanations and refutations and the other side, neither understanding the debate nor offering ANY EVIDENCE WHAT SO EVER about the outcomes of their ideology… That's called an intelligent person arguing with an ignorant bigot and the bigot getting uppity cos the intelligent person is getting pissed off with its stupidity…

  24. @StunnedByStupidity First off, I'm far from a bigot. You have no idea about my life and my thoughts. You just made that shit up out of your peon pea-sized mind. You shouldn't use that term loosely and use it for real bigots. Second, I don't care how mad you get. That's your own emotions ruling you. If you can't rule how mad you get and get a hold of yourself then you aren't mature yet.

    Yes, I know Ron doesn't support redistribution, because we don't need a middle man to steal from us.

  25. @ggadguy So Ron Paul is RIGHT WING – and his ideology will fuck up EVERYONE.
    NOW BIGOT – I pointed out ALL that stuff and you addressed NONE of it (BECAUSE YOU ARE A BIGOT). So we'll briefly return (and yes we WILL work our way through it till that TINY brain of yours WAKES THE FUCK UP) to it, now,where did the middle class came from and what did the progressive era follow AND WHY? Go, on you knock yourself TRYING out to avoid these FACTS!

  26. @ggadguy Yeah thought you'd run off (confronting your bigotry too hard eh?).
    Will leave you with this:
    'Chomsky refutes "libertarian" "anarcho"- capitalism ' on youtube

  27. @wolfpacks9
    It is well known that Republicans are too stupid to understand statistics, so they make idiotic statements like yours.

  28. A statistically meaningful way would be to break down that state into counties or cities and then see if there was a clear statistical leaning. BTW this has been done and results say the exact opposite of what the author claims; it seems that the most violent counties and cities are mostly democratic.

  29. James Gilligan's thesis is built upon a logical fallacy – correlation proves causation along with an extreme amount of cherry picking and data mining thrown in. For example using red state vs blue states to compare violent death rates is statistically irrelevant. States are too large and encompass too many people (both right and left) to be meaningful.

  30. The data shows that the highest rates of violent crime are found in Republican states. Within those states, the highest rates of violent crime are found in the rural areas that are mostly white and conservative. So, even dicing up the facts differently, the author's claims are further substantiated.

  31. It only appears as a logical fallacy to someone who knows nothing about the argument and the data. Gilligan was intentionally using a method of analysis to determine a causal relation. It involved looking for consistent time lags between events.

  32. I suspect that these people are ideologically motivated to pursue a leftist/Democratic/liberal agenda. They look around until they find facts that fit their ideology, and then proudly present them. The reality is that our big cities are by far the most dangerous, and almost all of them are Democratically run. Race and urbanization are the two biggest factors in crime.

  33. Linda I'm skeptical too, but suicide rates collected from 2010-Obama's term-are lower than Bush II, even though we have a bad economy.

  34. I am a Democrat/liberal but even I find this too good to be true ie puts Repubs in such a negative light. Surely this book is flawed. All of the reviews I can find are positive and reaffirming….

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