James Corden’s Message for Santa Clarita


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  1. I live near there, and I can't help but wonder: what lunatic would think it's a good idea to shoot up fellow classmates? Why, oh why, with all these problems, are we still bickering over petty politics?

  2. it’s absolutely devastating and it breaks my heart. when I was in highschool I remember being in fear everyday bc of school shootings thinking of escape ways in each classroom I had and what to do in a situation.. we would have lockdowns bc there was school threats and I would text my mom about how scared I am and how much I loved everyone thinking it would be my last day.. and it shouldn’t be that way. kids shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to school and get an education.. 🙁

  3. As a teacher I’ve had “Active Shooter Training” and it terrifies me that one day I’ll have to use that training

  4. It's so upsetting how there are other clips of James making a statement on shootings on the recommended list and it's not just one or two of them

  5. It's too easy to blame politicians or guns themselves. There are other countries in the world with as many guns as people, like Switzerland and Canada. They don't have these problems. It's not guns that kill people, it's Americans that kill people. Sure, ban guns (I wouldn't object to that I hate them too) but best would be to ban Americans.

  6. Really sorry to hear that. Things like that simply cannot happen in my country. Kids just can't get a gun here because even adults can't get guns here. Kids do dumb things, they make mistakes, but adults should be the ones that should understand that and stop with the "guns are fun and good and we need them". Instead many US adults would probably be rather if every kid had a gun so they can defend themselves from other kids with guns. So stupid.

  7. California has some of the strictist gun control in the fucking world. The only way to go further is a full ban. Everyone feels pain for santa Clarita you twat, don't use it as an excuse to push your agenda

  8. I hope we can come together and get to the bottom of mental health. Parents need to learn how to raise kids, kids need to learn how to be mentally healthy. Gun laws won’t solve this. Criminals and bad people don’t obey the law. Things are getting worse generation by generation. It’s the breakdown of family. We don’t know how to raise our children anymore. We’ve let television and video games (which is not the reason for gun violence), things that we have in our nose or in our pocket every waking moment of the day or by our bedside every night. We need to relearn how to raise our kids again, and being firm will need to be apart of it. We need to be more firm with our kids. Yes they need to be handle more gently than we do adults but without faulting. This isn’t the parent of the shooters fault, I’m definitely not saying that. I’m saying as a country we have been failing our youth for decades it didn’t start with trump and it won’t end with him even though media likes to make him the boogeyman. One question, if y’all think trump is a fascist and a nazi, why on earth would you want to give up your guns with him in charge? Either y’all really think he is a fascist and are stupid or you think he’s a Nazi and need your head examined. OR he isn’t any of those things and guns realistically can NOT ever be controlled. We can only educate and care about our citizens to catch the early signs and help the villagers relearn how raise our kids.

  9. James Corden thanks for your singing with celebs in your vehicles . And thank you for your sincerity about the most recent event . Please if you haven't looked into it try to see these events for what they are . They have a signature normally there has been a recent drill (dhs) many times same day . They have a pool of crisis actors they cast from and many or maybe most of the victims are made up . They have a similar look to the local sheriff briefings and many times people standing behind the sheriff have trouble staying in character . These are designed to take away our rights as well as our weapons . Please when you have a chance to take a break do some research into my claims . Thank you . Just one more thing that helps to prove the authenticity of what I'm saying look for the trolls who attack my opinion . . . .

  10. My heart broke today. I remember talking to a teacher a little over a year ago about how we didn’t have to do active shooter drills not 10 years ago. The world feels like a different place where no where is safe. Today my 5 year old niece’s school went on lockdown because of the shooting… FUCK!

  11. Have liked every single video I've ever seen of yours til now …making it political. ..n about guns when if had to make it about anything else would be the suffering mentally n spiritually that leads to this n need for awareness, funding n availability to n bout people isolating and others amongst not connecting with or reaching in…n out as well for help…
    It isn't guns n sad when those think gun issue …could take every single gun …even off streets…and people hurting, without connection… going to hurt others period…bomb…knife…bare hands …
    🛐✝️ People think….connect …read n live the Bible vs trendy n bout self …

  12. How true James, similar or worse tragedies are "destined to continue" unabated……just a matter of when, how and what…..It's either kill or be killed….

  13. James Corden…. ugh… use a shooting to throw around gun policies…. everyone wants to ban AR-15s… ok well an AR -15 wasnt used.
    This was an unfortunate incident… however, this problem was an issue with in the home…. the father, or mother didnt lock up the gun correctly. Right? OR he got it illegally, which if you were to talk the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, the criminals will still have guns, because lets face it, they are not law abiding citzens.
    Your Trump bashing is sure getting old… the monologue was far from funny… maybe you make yourself laugh, but i am not laughing about how all of you "talk show hosts" treat the President of the United States. So like it or not Corden… he is still the President of the United States… until 2020 when he is re-elected! Which will blow all of your Democrat minds… The hosts of the View will absolutely lose it… check your ratings… if you appeal to EVERYONE, and not just Democrats, your ratings might be better… same with Fallon, and that loser Kimmel!

  14. How are these crazies allowed into the schools!! Don't they have locks on the doors!! WTF is wrong with these IDIOTS running the schools???? Jewelry stores have locked doors, they have to buzz you in!! Is jewelry more valuable than children??? The US spends more on the military than the next 8 countries combined!! But we can't protect our children!! Why aren't there armed guards patrolling the school grounds??? This is just INSANE!!!

  15. But the WORST thing about all this is that NOTHING is gonna happen to combat this issue, people will talk about how they are outraged that this has happened again for a few weeks but then after that everyone will move on and will never say ANYTHING about the issue of gun violence ever again.. This is what you get for electing Trump as your president, Americans should be ashamed of themselves!! 😤😒🙄🤦🏾‍♂

  16. I actually live in Santa Clarita and the shooting happened really close from where I live, my little baby sister who is attending elementary school got her school on lockdown and she is terrified. Tonight it was heartbreaking for me to have to tell her that these events might repeat one day and she has to be strong.
    In what kind of world does someone have to tell their 8 year old sister that mass shootings might repeat? We definitely need some leadership in this government…
    My condolences go out to all of those affected by this. I’m horrified by how often this is happening

  17. This is happening so often, I am no longer shocked. School shootings have become a regular occurrence. I wish this was the last school shooting for at least a hundred years, but that is just wishful thinking.

  18. James Corden. This guy is a corporate shill. Now he puts on this bullshit act.

    James, you suck. You don't give a shit about the US and its citizens, you care about your corporations, corporate profits, and corporate interests.

    This video is a sham

  19. These are getting so frequent I was JUST talking about shootings here in America with a cousin of mine just a few hours before this school shooting.

  20. RIP to the dead. Hong Kong protest has going wild on for months, yet the same time in America there has more people dead in gun shooting. Tells a alot Hong Kong government is not as evil as west propaganda says.tell us alot that this gun “rights “ is really right?

  21. Didn’t even know about the shooting I just thought he was about to be fuming at the fact that the show Santa Clarita got cancelled

  22. Heartbreaking. Honestly I saw the title, had no previous idea about this shooting, and went “oh no, not another one”.
    I shouldn’t know from that generic title that it’s another mass shooting. It’s not okay. It should be the very very exception, not the rule. It shouldn’t be predictable.
    The horrific rate of these tragedies is fixable. So many other countries have fixed it. Like where I live in Canada, we have some shootings, and we had a van attack. We haven’t done away with mass shootings, but we’ve greatly reduced them. It’s not a mystery how. Anyone who acts like it is is just being willfully ignorant, and has the blood of children on their hands. When America didn’t change gun laws after Sandy Hook, I really lost hope.

  23. Yes, the government is partially to blame. But what about all the video games and movies and shows that train children from a young age all about guns and murder and violence?! In a shooting a while back, there was a teacher who was murdered, and the previous year she had given a speech stating that until we stop training our kids by means of violent video games and other media sources, the only ones that we can blame are ourselves. A year later she died tragically in the very hands of that which she had fought to prevent. And this will continue to happen until people start making changes. It's gun control that we need to worry about, both in terms of real guns, as well as animated guns that are shot constantly on screens around the country. Ending gun violence is no longer enough. It's time we work to end, or at the very least minimize, the amount of violence to which we expose the vulnerable youth. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and to the school and to all children who have to grow up in this world of great and violence. I just pray everyone stay safe… 🙏🏻

  24. It is so sad that bullying is still such a problem in this day and age. And witch is even worseI know there always will be. There are so many anti bullying promotional and apps. But I think the best thing as parents or aunties and uncles is talk to our kids. Tell them this is what come with bullying and try to make them understand if they bully any type school, computer any kind that’s it’s not just the person your bullying gets hurt but your risking all those people around them and you. Do unto others as they would have do unto you. I grew up during the time of the trench coat mafias and that was a very scary time for so many. My hear goes out to all the family and friends of the victims your in my prayers. So in conclusion please talk to your kids and tell them this is what comes from bullying that it’s not cool and in the long run it’s always more then one person that’s getting or going to get hurt or killed. Thank you 🙏🏻🍁

  25. Deep condolences to all who affected. Pls make some changes.Childrens are our future, at that age they supposed to be learning, playing and enjoying life without fear.

  26. Love guns – have owned and/or shot everything from .177s and .22s to full-auto M-16s to .50 cal Desert Eagles – but I just don't understand the anti-regulation rhetoric: the concept of regulation leads 2A (at a mere 3 words in!!!).

    And sticking with the word-count theme: "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms" is barely 1/3 of the 2A text. Tell me: what well-regulated militia(s) – like Singapore's or Switzerland's – were staffed by the shitheads who perpetrated Charleston, Columbine, El Paso, Newtown, Parkland, Saugus, Vegas etc. etc. etc.?

    I eagerly await enlightenment. In the meantime, to minimize time away from Thoughts and Prayers to assemble feeble challenges to my point, here's 2A, verbatim:

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

  27. again and again and again…. USA: you let your people get gunned down for so many years… and it still goes on… STOP THIS! For f*ck's sake! Put an end to this!

  28. Why do these tv ppl feel the need to give us a bullshit story for the betterment of themselves? So lame. So cringe.

  29. Every parents who cares about their children. YOU need to talk to your kids. Go check their online activities. Regardless if they are 16 and believe in privacy, everything someone post online, in a public thread, is considered public. Make sure their online activities reflect the image in real life, or are they wearing a mask all day. The biggest line of regret from the parents of those shooters : "He wasn't that type of kid" yet, a simple look online shows a very different story. One usually of hate, bullying and heartbreak.

    We live in a very different society now. One with 2 realities. The real world and the online world. Parents spend an average of 70% of their time away from their kids simply to provide for them. 30% sleeping, 30% working and 10%transport/hygiene. That's not including figures for shopping, cooking, cleaning or maintenance on the property. The kid's are left with outside influence to raise themselves with. Teachers, friends but also strangers. When you give them access to this second world, not only is it full of strangers, but Trolls and people who are hellbend on hurting you anyway they can. Teach your kids how to behave online and how to respond to certain situations. You might just save countless lives including your own child.

  30. I’m greatful that I don’t live in America… Trump… ban those guns man people don’t understand on the news when it shows even if one person died… they died like died they are not in this world anymore… I don’t understand wat ppl get from school shootings… wat r u getting? Dead children in ur country?! Bloody hands?!

  31. Not this again … noooo I’m fed up …. why nobody protect the children and young students “????? Horrible absolutely horrible

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