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James Comey on his impact on the 2016 election | theSkimm

James Comey on his impact on the 2016 election | theSkimm

Everyone kept switching sides on me and
now I ended up with everybody hating me. But they hated me for the July press
conference. They thought I was a hero to the right for the first announcement, and
a coward for the second announcement closing it. Director James Comey, welcome. Are you ready to Sip ‘n Skimm? Let’s do it. Cheers. Cheers.
A lot of people have heard your name, a lot of people know that it’s been a
crazy two years, a lot of people know you were fired,
a lot of people know you have a book out right now, but a lot of people don’t
necessarily really understand what has happened in the last two years and why
do so many people hate you exactly. What are the exact reasons… so what I want to
do is kind of review the timeline. So we’re gonna start with the summer of
2015. The FBI announces they are investigating something.
What were they investigating? We were sent what’s called a referral from
the Inspector General sending a report to us saying we think
you should take a look at whether Hillary Clinton, in using her
unclassified personal email system, was mishandling classified information. About
a year passes, we’re now in July 2016 you do what? I announce the closure of the
investigation, the finishing of the FBI’s work, and our recommendation that there
was no appropriate basis to charge Secretary Clinton with any crimes. You
use very choice wording in that press conference and there was kind of
two points of controversy there. One, what did you say, what did you say about
Hillary? I described her conduct as extremely careless.
It was obvious she had been very sloppy in handling this. So I thought it’s not
going to be credible if I’m not honest about how we think about it and so I
described it as extremely careless…but there was no criminal wrongdoing? Right which I
then said but we don’t see any evidence that rises to something that a
reasonable prosecutor would bring. Let’s move forward to October 2016. We are about two
weeks or so away from the election, what did you do? About eleven days before the
election, the team that had done the Clinton case, which we thought was over
in July, asked to meet with me to tell me there was a guy named Anthony Weiner and
it appeared that on his computer were hundreds of thousands of Hillary
Clinton’s emails. So they said we need to reopen this investigation
in a really significant way. I could only see two options: one was I could tell
Congress that what I had said in the summer was no longer true or I could
stay silent about that. So at this point do you think it’s fair to say that team
Hillary, the left, the people who are really supporting her are like what the f*ck is
this guy doing? Heck yeah. I was saying the same thing inside my head and
outside my head, this is a nightmare. I don’t want to be involved, but we’re
stuck. So what do we do and reasonable people would have chosen a different
door maybe, but as between speaking which would be bad. Concealing and covering up
the fact that what I had said under oath was no longer true would be, to my view,
catastrophic. So which do you choose? March 2017 the FBI makes an announcement.
I confirmed in testimony at the direction of the Department of Justice
that we had a counterintelligence investigation open to try and figure out
whether any Americans were working with the Russians. Early May of 2017…let’s
have another glass of wine…yeah i’ll need one here…okay let’s do it. You are in California. What happened? I
was talking to a group of employees I’m behind them there were big TVs on a wall
and I saw on the screen it said Comey resigns and I thought that was a joke, a
lot of funny people work in the FBI, and so I turned… I know people don’t believe
that… I don’t believe you…there’s a lot of hilarity in the FBI, so I turned to my staff and I said
that took a lot of work, and then I kept talking and then the screens changed a
couple minutes later and said Comey fired. I knew that wouldn’t be a staff scam.
Then I went into an office to find out what the heck is going on? Turns out I
was fired and learned about it on television.
So in June you talked, and this is June of last year, you go to Congress and you
say hey that this was actually my notes, I actually gave this to a friend, this is
actually what I say happened… what was your goal? What did you want to have happen? I
knew what they wanted to know, they wanted to know about my interactions with
President Trump and so my goal was to be as complete and transparent with them as
possible. You’ve said before that you wanted to get a Special Counsel, an
Independent Special Council, to be appointed. That happened…Before I testified
though…yes…and that happened and that is Robert Mueller. So mission accomplished
you got it. It happened. Are you happy? Not in the least bit. I think it’s a
terrible…our country’s in a very difficult situation right now. I’m not
happy that I’m no longer at the FBI. I’m not happy on a whole bunch of
levels. Happy personally, but not happy because of any of that. Are you
a whistleblower? That’s a good question. I may be in a sense, because I spoke out
about something that I had seen that was inappropriate. So maybe in a sense. I
actually don’t think of myself that way, but maybe in a sense. When history looks
back, when kids study the election of 2016 in textbooks fifty years from now,
what is the line about you gonna be? Who are you in history? I suppose it is… I
hope it is an FBI director and an FBI that was stuck in the middle of
something and faced incredibly difficult choices and acted in a way people would
want them to. We were thoughtful and careful and agonized over the choices
that we made.

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  1. Comey On And Of Clinton
    Clinton misinformed the American public aswith what happened in Libya to the American Ambassador. She even co-operated with the Libyans to bring up a show and she anoounced the ambassador dead and ruthlessly said she did nothing missing for his safety in front of the questioning ranks while she had to testify lawfully: this has caused both US and Francd interfere again to another war and humanity crime commitment consented by H. Clinton just for the sake of some oil companies' benefits continuing an ill blasphemy causing lives of American youth around the globe. Libya issue was a such issue, contunued one that was planned more than tens of decades and if that killing event of the ambassador had not happened the plan would almost vanish for Israel. Libya got divided by her east as-where Israel claimed part of the promised land and.. and.. there the population is so rare that Israel wants to use there as a military base at first for reinforcing The State Of Israel from a closer location by the sea and land and for surrounding Egypt.. just deveststing the Libyan state giving their globe's best petrolium to the by-Sionism- governed France right nearby that part of Libya. If Comey is an agent or someone has any agency backdrounds.. when the videos related to the killing of the American Ambassador are technically rehandeled.. no-one on the planet can say that they are worse than amateurship of screening such an attack or assault.. he has to admit this!
    What up? How does Rockafeller-Rothchild bribe FBI and CIA officers? What matterial benefits are in the matter? And does not that dynasty suckle the blood of whole American citizens who ?pay taxes and just cannot for they are begot fallen by Rotary-Bilderberg, "CIA&FBI+Mossad" operations steamrolling hundreds of thousands of civilians inside USA which is a Social and Human Engineering Civil War? What part of this Mr. Comey RESIDE for he defends Clinton in such objective and truthful natural picture?
    Russian Interferance To US Domestic Affairs
    Simple! Who, which administration of US governance sent Snowden to Russia to make an announcement and a call for US Jews "to migrate to Russia safely and swiftly with a depictional coverage that the state in US is corrupt and sociably instable and is to get worse and while there is peace and way is legally open migrate to Russia!"?
    Related to this, how FBI and CIA cooperated against Trump: meant to mock him, involved with taking his time with populist show-off manuplations leading-tracing him depriving of his Presidential office acuracies and efficiemcies pushing hardest efforts fothwards to keep him off his real agenda and personal political consents.. and thus try to lense him ti the lublic a core crazy dadio! What of these doesd Mr. FBI Comey reside.. along with Russians and the Jewis Rockafeller-Rothchild DYN-nASTY? Trump carried on moderately.. for he realised the game and plot on both USA and himself.. collaborating with other CIA and FBI.. presidential counsellors.. and you perform a dialogue with him who'd be in a cell.. no fauna, no faust or a phone would've been or mean a thing in!
    Agony is what.. first what Ronald Reagan and his proceeding presidential chain links did to EU collaborating with Russians mocking them treating the whole Erope as they are no relevance of value even as bet as Taliban or Al Kaidah could've been bet they need truly and a part of living mind-relevant humanity.. this is an agony of a mindless "I don mind am Sam I U C?!!" Judaism that took place from over USA to Europe!
    The second agony is.. If H. Clinton seriously were accused of all those matters Bush and many more Shakers and Quakers would be judged inevitably.
    Uncle Sam pointing out by fingers?
    Take a mirror and pronounce the agony to the whole world of.. mere horizons.. again.. Mr. Comey.. asby what you are wanted to act like! That is the agony the whole planet and its civilization is suffering along with the smoke of the opioid crisis part of any merciless official human and social engineering.. as people are only wanted to act like and for this and that!
    Nothing personal or sideful or political.. all sociology, law and history! And this is a depiction .. 'of agony'.. not any one of the agonies that could've beed meant or said to be as a standalone agony: this is >objective, open to the eyes of all world residents'< simple intel-reality!

  2. I wish this was a more open discussion as opposed to a small list of targeted questions and carefully(?) selected moments in time. I was looking forward to more information on this situation as a whole and not bullet points about Hillary's shameful email usage. One cannot determine the state of a machine based on a singular cog.

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