It’s hypocritical for Dems to cry about fairness: Hakes on impeachment

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  1. Just a heads up, drugs are not the same as child porn. She said that to muddy the waters. Anybody who defends drugs will then automatically be for child pornography according to her. At least that is the way she wants you to think with that rhetorical device.

    I personally don't like drugs, but part of the reason drugs are so expensive is because the drug makers pretty much have a monopoly on it. If drugs were legal, then drug abuse would be less of a thing to hide and help could be more easily obtained.

  2. Murkowski is a conservative like a camel is a fish. She needs to go in 2020 and be replaced with a real conservative.

  3. These Democraps ram Artickles of Impeachment lies down our throats and want Fairness
    I Say, Go Straight To Hell You Treasonous Un American Sacks Of Cra !!!!!

  4. Democrats are like 4 year olds … making up the rules of a game so they can win, and changing the rules when they lose by their own rules.

  5. The problem isn't the drugs, it's the people. What we should focus on is getting the drug addicts into a 12 step program and eventually they do see that being strait and sober is better.

  6. The government has no business arresting people for possession. If they were doing their job at the border we would not have so many bad imported drugs. Possession of drugs is nothing like having child porn. In order for child porn to exist a child had to be exploited.

  7. It is all about tarnishing his legacy..
    They could quite literally have brought forth one article of impeachment that said "Trump had 2 scoops of Ice cream when everyone else only got one. He abused his office to gain something".
    All they need is a majority of the house and then vote and they vote yes Impeach.. Then that stigma sits over his head forever.. Who reads or remember clearly any articles of impeachment for Bill Clinton? We vaguely know he got a BJ in the oval office and might have perjured himself or something.

    They reduced something that is supposed to be about high crimes and misdemeanor to a purely partisan political spectacle. They ABUSED the power of congress..

    They break house rules, ignore constitution and do as they please. They try to dictate the Senate now.

  8. No fairness with Adam Schiff and the corrupt democrat in the house This is a political shame by the the house democrats no fairness in the house

  9. How DARE YOU COMPARE DRUG USERS TO PEDAPHILES. How disingenuous and disgusting. There's a real conversation to have over decriminalizing ALL drugs . How bout instead of Jail time you provide mandatory help. Imagine how many people that could help. This is why most prosecutors disgust me!

  10. Democrats didn't let the Republicans call their witness, so why should the Republicans give them a chance to call their witness. Democrats are hypocrite.

  11. This is why they're not taken seriously anymore. They play by their own rules. They think they're fighting for the people and the people are tired of them not listening. We would rather see some justice like them being locked up.

  12. I live in Louisiana and I invite anyone to come and take my 2nd amendment. Please bring your gun and notice to next of kin. 🖕🖕fuk Virginia !!!!

  13. I disagree i feel McConnel is right for working with the white house and Senate since the House of Reps Democrats will not, also Mc Connekl is only asking for what other president's before Trump received is is only fair.I don't understand how this can so misconstrued by anyone , as something other than seeking Constitutional due Process for the President and reassurance that the President is not a crime it is his right.Maybe someone should remind the Democrats that we still exist with rights that they swore to protect so unless the Democrats are oath breakers and/or socialist than respect the rights of individuals and follow the Constitution or step down, get out we don't want a Venezuela or live under A China Regime.

  14. Fake news celebrating impeachment!!!!! They only forgot a couple small details. An actual crime and the Senate !!!!! LoL

  15. So for the last few months we were told its not a legal procedure.. and there for the House can do what ever it wants.. but now it should be Treated like a normal Trial.

  16. God Almighty, the Democrats are desperate. Next thing is they'll campaign for is to release murderers and allow them to sue their victims…

  17. How is our President impeached if it hasn’t gone to the senate? Wouldn’t Pence be president? Everyone needs to stop saying that.

  18. Looks like Mayor Pete won'ts to protect all the Meth Producers and sellers in his city and State, since his state is one of the biggest producers

  19. For me another proof that socialism will always commit crimes against humanity, when in power. Nazis, Commies, East Germany, Angola and so on and so further. And don't tell me that nazis and commies were that different, you will recognize them by their fruits.

  20. Treat Cannabis like alcohol, on the roads, too, with effective, stricter than today protection of children and youth under 21 years.

    Other drugs as cocaine, heroin, meth, …, should stay illegal.

  21. Democrats deserve the same amount of fairness they allotted to Republicans , none whatsoever. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. I love how Dems think that because they impeached President Trump like they've wanted to do since he was elected, that it somehow tarnishes him in some way… Now if he were doing a shitty job and nobody liked him, that would be different, but it's not like that at all and when we vote President Trump into his second term, we still won't care what the Dems think… They have 0 votes coming from the Republican side. This is a totally partisan act and will go down in history as a laughing stock against the Democratic Party.

  23. The Democrats dids the sames things President Trump, is accused ofs, only worse, nows the Democrats, is the crimes, their accusing President Trump of. Talks about TWO-FACED.

  24. What's the song by Lesley Gore? It's my impeachment, and I'll cry if I want to cry if I want to, You would cry too if it happened to you

  25. Seems like Biden is extremely horrible at trying to give his impersonation of President Trump and also all of these investigations should be separate but just remember nobody was held accountable during President Obama’s Administration, or even with’ President Bush’s Administration, Apparently everyone forgot that their weren’t any WMD’s, but again no one Is held accountable, Basically with these new standards of impeachment would take every President past, present, and future that’s if anyone could even pass the Dems’ and their ever changing political positions full of Hypocrisy of congress and their actual abusing their power
    Good Luck & God Bless Everyone

  26. A great Republican President was impeached by sore loser nancy pelosi and her bosses who are Democrats , The dems think they know better than the independent voters

  27. Dems are afraid the Senate is going to give them the same fairness that they gave. This Dem is another idiot wanting to decriminalize drug possession. That's why his last name starts with Butt….

  28. It's amazing how the Treasonous Socialist Demorats want to Pick the president and make all the rules to impeach a president. They break laws and nothing is said????
    You are the minority in the Senate Pelosi! Sit down and shut up!!!!
    Time to clean the House!
    Vote Republican 2020
    Vote Trump 2020

  29. They police for profit… They make a lot of money off drugs and alcohol… They won't stop… Just like weed… They should be sued…

  30. Her argument on drugs is not good. Ask yourself what makes people go to drugs in the first place. That will give you a clue on how to address that problem. It's illegal and people know the consequences and yet they do it. So the next question should be why. I totally agree to legalize all drugs. Not to encourage it but to stop putting people in prison for theses reasons… which evidently does not solves the problem. If the argument criminalize drugs is for health reasons, then should we do the same with meat, coffee, sugar, alcohol?? Unfortunately, most people still live in the "the government should be my parent" bubble. Personal responsibility is the keynote of freedom. Not laws and government.

  31. WE the American people need to keep all DEMONRATS out of office. If we don't or can't then we will lose this Country to the Demons that control the Political realm. That means we need to fight to get all of these ILLEGAL ALIENS out of our Country come hell or high water and stop this so called Anchor Baby crap. This is the end if we don't.


  33. How about make the punishment so bad nobody thinks twice about doing it… these dem candidates are so pathetic and are completely out of touch with reality.. someone please wake them up and tell them its 2019

  34. Falchion >"Republicans…put on hissy-fits."

    So blubbers a mangina who's whimpered non-stop for 3 years that his prized cow, Cankles McHilligula, lost. Let it go, Felchy.

  35. She is the republican to vote against Kapernal, so I am not surprised that she is disturbing about McConnell's rules for the Senate.

  36. History will show that Donald Trump's impeachment guaranteed his re-election, and devastated the democrat party's reputation, to the point that they lost complete control. The left is going for broke, and they will be broken when its over!!!

  37. Pete needs to understand that most of the other world leaders do not accept his personal "situation". The American people do not accept his free for all BS.

  38. i'm surprised they know the word.. i wonder where was their "FAIRNESS" during the closed door hearings and when voting for the impeachment..

  39. Another thing that Trump is doing is eliminating double standards even though I never heard him promise that.

  40. He is suppose to because his job is to trial the impeachment, please charge Pelosi with obstruction of Congress and watch the Democrats and see how they act.

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