Islam is a Religion of Peace

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  1. Islam is the religion of peace, in this debate yes the logic of these people wins, they choose the debaters, they choose the question and obviously they choose the winner, it's all for money, guns, oil and drugs. This program is like WWE……

  2. Sorry, I can't hear you over all those other Moslems screaming about how they want to kill people.

  3. Don't talk about Mumbai attack if you can't condemn it boldly,I lost two my close family members…
    I hope one day these so called liberals will understand the exact problem of islamist extremism..
    I lost my uncle and my grandma 😥😥

  4. She talks about mumbai attack..are u sure of your fact???? Why don't you check it once..
    Btw,indian muslims are the best version of the muslim world…exclude india,take other islamic nations,why don't u name Pakistan and its whole population of muslim community who were abusing indians and were celebrating the attacks on Mumbai!!!!
    She mentions so little name,i can mention more than 50 name here,who are killed because they are from other religions..
    Fuck Pakistan and fuck extremist…

  5. This guy knows what he's talking about..
    But don't all Muslims follow Sharia law? Whether they seem to abide by the laws of our land they still practice/follow Sharia at home behind closed doors…
    Which says it all… They gotta go…sorry my opinion. Harsh maybe. But my opinion…..

  6. She was raised in THE USA as a Muslim… She should have tried the middle east and I am sure she would have had a different opinion. Then again Muslim women in the middle east don't know anything else other than the horror's of Islam.

  7. In India Islam is second largest population that is 20 crores n other religious minority numbers are less than 2 crores no religious minority complain about being Victim except Muslims.

  8. Muslims in Pakistan are so peaceful that 23 percent Hindus are reduced to 1 percent, that is the peaceful Islam.

  9. Mahatma Gandhi read Qur'an in a Hindu Temple but he never tried to recite Gita in Mosque as Islam is not peaceful.

  10. There is a word TAKIA in Qur'an means to Deceive, anyone saying Islam is peaceful is to Deceive. 93 percent of Muslims are radical .In India after Bombay attack majority of Muslims supported and rejoiced at the attack only 7 percent are against it.India suffered the most at the hand not so peaceful Islam.

  11. If Islam is a religion of Peace how come the man who wrote the book raped a 6 year old child.. as a Christian I don't have to defend the fact that Christianity is about peace because this is demonstrated by our actions Jesus the Living messiah the Chosen One having a relationship with him is what brings peace not enforcing your religion on every single country you invade that's not peace that's cohesion deception and non-acceptance of religions around you

  12. Islam doesn't mean peace. It means submission to rape, loot, beat, and kill everyone who is not a muslim. Islam will collapse and will be over forever.

  13. The side arguing in favor of the motion did not provide any examples of muslim beliefs to support the motion that Islam is a religion of faith.

  14. Go to hell Muslims, Islam is the root of all evils, terror, rape, theft, killings, mutilating vagina, etc………. Your Mohammed was a pedophile and a lustful man who wanted to fuck her sons wife (daughter in law).

  15. De Constitution is not written by God but by people so its a very big different…muslims bealive that the Coran was written by God so no change to rewrite it…its absurd…

  16. The example of Zeba about Iran women makes me angry…they get the same education? they are sold by their parents when they are 9! they have to cover compulsory etc etc…discusting…

  17. 41.10 he wants Ayan to correctly translate Arabic and makes the distinction between fight qaatl and struggle jhd blah blah blah. The companions of the prophet did not make this distinction at the time. The context was war and you don't go to badr or uhud to use language. There is nothing wrong with the fact the Muslims foight. It's the same as the struggle for the establishment (or colonization) of Israel and the continent of America. All empires are based in conquest and all empires used religion as a motivation for war.

  18. Muslims teach extermination of anything that refuses to convert to their way. It is either their way or the hi-way

  19. The Quran is not a document of peace. It is a guide book to rule the world through any means necessary, including lying, deception, violence and killing. Therefore, Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a “religion” of war. Look at the actions. Don’t listen to the sweet words of peace.

  20. If islam is peacfull then i have two questions from majid navaz why did prophet of islam behaded the jaws as the other member of the group said and why allah teached prophet of islam trough revelations that he must do jihad agianst all type of non belivers wheter people of the book or idol worshipers?

  21. And why you do not say who teached the jihad to muslims the answer is very clear imaginery god of muslims named allah wich acording muslims is a one and only god but it only agrees with islam and muslims and is the enemy of whom ever disagrees with islam for being his or her religion non sense.

  22. Great points made by both sides. However, the individuals who are against the motion on the panel appear incapable of not interrupting. It made the debate less interesting because they couldn't control themselves enough to thoroughly listen to the opposing arguments. Ayaan is particularly guilty of this. Several, not all, of her answers appeared to hinge on a basic misunderstanding of the point made by another panel member…points that were not difficult to grasp if one wasn't too busy thinking about their own response. She seems angry enough that she can't really hear others.

  23. Ayaan is a queen 😘 Such grace, dignity, sense of humor, intelligence, honesty and beauty in one person is extremely rare! She's my greatest role model and inspiration. If I'm ever fortunate enough to meet her in person, I will bow to her as she's literally a goddess to me! ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Islam fight since 559 with people that did them nothing there will never be peace in Islam Muslims are very bipolar to other religion an races

  25. the anti–Islam side NEVER mentions Indonesia, the largest number of Muslims in the world, and a peaceful society. Malaysia as well.

  26. Douglas Murray reveals himself to be just another hack NeoCon: according to him, it's always IRAN that is the problem. These neocon types NEVER criticize Saudi Arabia, the most fundamentalist, terrorist funding regime in the world. Fuck Douglas Murray, fucking hypocrite

  27. Quran isn't open to interpretation, i don't get it when people keep referring to how people interpretate the Quran, while it is literally the unalterable last revelation of God to his messenger Muhammad. So to any practicing Muslim saying it can be altered would be blasphemy …

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