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Is The Religious Right Abandoning the Republican Party? – The Ring Of Fire

Is The Religious Right Abandoning the Republican Party? – The Ring Of Fire

According to the latest reports, the Evangelical
wing of the Republican party is actually having quite a bit of trouble right now trying to
identify with the Republican party. See, what’s happened is that in the last few years, the
religious right has lost a ton of power. The 2012 presidential candidate for the Republicans,
Mitt Romney, was a Mormon. Didn’t really identify with the Evangelical wing, and their absence
from that election is what helped to keep President Obama in office. Now, Before that, with John McCain and Sarah
Palin, Palin really tried to capture on that right wing Evangelical movement. She was just
a little too nuts for anyone to take her seriously as a candidate. In the waning years of the
Bush administration, even before that, we saw the religious right fall out of favor
as scandal rocked people like Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff and helped to delegitimize the
entire movement that should have been delegitimized from the very start. Here is a message for Evangelicals. These
people only tend to vote on single issues such as abortion, but they’re basing that
off of what they consider to be passages from the Bible. Now, if you’re going to vote based
on the Bible, shouldn’t you be in favor of universal healthcare? Shouldn’t you be in
favor of taking care of the less fortunate through programs like MediCare and Medicaid
and unemployment insurance and food stamps? Isn’t that what Christianity is all about?
Not necessarily following a specific deity, but just being a good person and taking care
of those who lack the means to take care of themselves. I will fully admit is has been a good decade
since I have even been to church, but I do remember things. I know that the overall teachings
of Christianity are to just be a good person and to look out for others and take care of
them. I do not consider the Evangelical wing of the Republican party to be Christians,
because they’re not. They’re wrapping their bigotry in the Bible thinking that nobody
notices, but we do. You can’t be against all the things that the Democratic party stands
for just because you don’t want a woman to have the right to choose what to do with her
own body, because then you’re ignoring 99% of the Bible in favor of that 1 little passage
that drives every single decision that you make in life. It’s kind of pathetic when you think about
it. It’s even more pathetic to think that these people who honestly believe that they’re
following the teachings of Jesus Christ, think that they know better than to help the poor.
They know better than to give to the needy, all because 1 particular political party thinks
that women are smart enough to choose what to do with their own bodies. That is why the
Evangelical movement if falling out of favor. They’ve been exposed. Voters no longer fall
for their little charade of pretending to be Christians, because there is nothing Christian
about the religious right.

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  1. This is what I keep telling people.. Sam has said pretty much the same thing.
    NeoLiberals/libertarians might even believe that they are the centre.. however they are conservative cold-war propaganda corp and tabloid junk, their ideas going a few steps further is Trump, Cheney, Stormfront Nazis, KKK, bankster greed and private-prison-corp fascism.

    The only candidate with a message even remotely like Jesus' is an atheist called Bernie Sanders.

  2. actually the Bible was pro murder for fetuses. especially if it was from an adulter. God had now issues crushing babies on rocks.

  3. The trickle down fairy tale believers are losing the fairy tale bible thumper s oh how totally funny . My fairy tale is better that yours lol Rubber glue game always played by children

  4. Totally agree Evangeligals are so far from christians it is hilarious But it sure is true Most un christ like of all except maybe scientologists lol

  5. There is a bible thumper witch featured on PBS Town hall doc at the end her kids say other kids told them if Romney wins they dont eat. She was sad see she said thats what she is fighting, she doesnt want those kids to eat. Lucifer loves the evangelical as they do his best work


  7. I have never really considered them to be part of any party, but I do think that they are just using whoever they are attracted to, to push their own religious and political agenda.

  8. The religious right is preying on that group of people who want to think they are superior to others. They are elitists!

  9. In their lust for power, the religious right has sold out to Caesar; this is why they have lost their faith, so to speak. One of
    the precepts of Christianity is indeed to "love one another as you would love yourself", and many believers have forgotten this. But people who often use that quote from Jesus (to lay as a guilt trip on seditious Christians) usually forget the other precept that Christ laid upon us, to first and foremost "love the Lord your God". This would require repentance, which no one really ever wants to talk about or admit. The full Gospel message involves repentance, which leads to a change of heart, resulting in a change of life & behavior, which leads to good works in caring for others. One must ask, if so-called "believers" have forgotten this, then were they ever really converted in the first place?

  10. Farron,

    I appreciate your effort to argue the 'logic' of why the Bible teaches this or that political idea, but frankly, trying to find actual logic in the Bible — much less trying to convince faith-based (obviously not logic-based) believers that your interpretation of the Bible is right — is doomed to failure.

    A much more effective approach is to argue against the root problem of religio-political voting: faith-based belief itself.

    (See the effectiveness of so-called 'YouTube atheist' channels in the past decade or so, for example. Note: The Internet itself is a huge factor also. It's been said that the Internet is where religions come to die. There seems to be a correlative trend that seems to support that idea. See that hypothesis argued in a series of posts starting with this one:

  11. The first mistake anyone makes with people who base ALL their decisions on the bible is to reason with them. Their decision making/think process is irrational to begin with. They only deserve mockery and ridicule.

  12. Before the cold war, religious institutions were not actively involved in politics. In God We Trust was NOT on money. God was not in the pledge of allegiance. The church was about evangelism and personal ministry. Now they're taking over our government. Stomping on the graves of our founders!

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