Is The Matrix Liberal or Conservative? Movie Review

is the film,The Matrix liberal or conservative? Why is it important? Who cares, it’s just a movie! I thought the same thing, until the world’s most famous movie critic changed my mind. The Matrix is easily one of the greatest films of all time. The film’s gonna be 20 years old next year. Geez, I’m getting old, and its impact on our culture has not gone without notice. Very few people disagree that this is one of the greatest films out there so for a film so popular, is it more liberal or more conservative? Having seen The Matrix a dozen times in my life, I never thought to ask this question. Nor did I for any other film for that matter, but Roger Ebert said this about the importance of film: They affect the way people think and feel and behave. Both a good influence on society and a negative influence. They encourage us to think about life and issues – they can be good. When it comes to everyday life, people tend to think and behave liberally or conservatively, so if film is important like Roger Ebert said, then I wanted to know how a film so popular like The Matrix conveys its ideology. And no, this video is not about politics, this is strictly about ideology, so if you want to talk politics – you can just GET OUT! If you break down how to assess the film’s ideology, you’re probably gonna need a focus on three key elements, which is content, characters, and message. Oh, and there is spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen The Matrix in the last 20 years… Bro, where you been, man? Content. The Matrix is about a computer hacker who learns that the world he’s been living in is actually a simulation created by AI machines. The film was rated R for sci-fi violence in brief language, which is actually kind of ridiculous for an R rating because there is virtually no blood or gore in the film and as far as language goes there is ZERO f-bombs. No way! No way! This is crazy! But there is no denying the film’s action and violence gets taken up to a ten. The visual style of the film is incredibly unique, if not ironically actually paint homage to other films that inspired it. All the way from film noir to the coolest slow-motion shot in film history, The Matrix was a game-changer, and for that, we have to say the content is more liberal. Characters. There are three central characters in The Matrix: Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity: each with their own affinity for Hot Topic trench coats apparently. I know exactly what you mean. As our central protagonist, Neo is the quiet, loner-type who’s actually kind of calm considering he has the fate of the human race on his shoulders throughout the entire film. He’s in search of truth and it’s really easy to see this character as an archetype for Christ. but more on that later. Morpheus is the cool wise man who is guiding Neo throughout this journey who’s saying really wise things all at the right time. The Matrix is everywhere. The body cannot live without the mind. What is real? How do you define real? Morpheus is the voice of truth throughout the entire film and he believes in his convictions so much that he’s ready to die for them. Now, Trinity might look like the typical love interest in the film, but believe me she’s not, she can handle herself. She’s an independent woman, a warrior, and a leader, and she’s coming to terms with the fact that she actually does love Neo. Awww but who cares, we don’t care about that. There’s a lot of other great characters in the film, but putting the focus of our assessment on these three characters and their motives, it’s clear that there’s both some liberal and conservative qualities between all of them, so I have to go with both. Message. The film serves as a message to not only warn us about the dangers of machines control over man but to also open our eyes to what is true. Another clear allegory here is Neo’s journey compared to that of Christ. There’s numerous clues to emphasize this as a biblical allegory, from characters being named Trinity, a fallen traitor, death and resurrection, and many more. Now, I know I might be cheating here, but you can’t really miss this in the third and final film of the series when Neo literally sacrifices himself to save humanity. I mean look at that, it’s clear as day, look at that! So aside from all that, The Matrix is a cautionary tale of our technology filled with heroes who are fighting to take down the system in order to be free. So I have to say the film’s message is a little more conservative. So with two points each, I have to say The Matrix is equally both a liberal and conservative film. You know maybe that’s why the film has been lauded for the last 20 years is because it has an ideology we can all share. That or it’s a really just a cool film to watch. This is just my opinion, so if you disagree, let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos like this.

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  1. You're missing a very important point.

    Conservative/right leaning libertarian. It has a message that alludes to the danger of relying too much on "the system". To focus more on the individual rather than the whole. Weather liberals like it or not. Conservatives are more individualists than collectivist. Liberals are more collectivist. I am avoiding the political side of this. So I'll leave it at that. The message is far more conservative. I do grant that one could debate that religion is conservative. I would also argue that to point out religion or lack thereof is also making a highly biased argument and also addressing a very political issue. So for this point. Let's avoid religion or atheism. I can easily argue scientology as a religion of the political left. Keep it honest please.

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