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Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

Do you think the European Union is worth it? Or, should we end it? Many people feel a strong disconnect with the EU, while others praise its achievements. Everything considered: Is its existence good or bad for Europeans? Since it looks like the UK is leaving the EU, we’ll mostly treat it as if it’s no longer part of the club. The European Union, combining its 27 member countries, has a population of about 450 million people, making it the third most populous sort-of country in the world. It’s the world’s second largest economy by GDP, and has the biggest single market in the world. But originally, the creation of the European Union was all about one thing: Peace. Europeans are really good at war, so they were involved in bloody conflicts for basically all their history. A century-long rivalry between Germany and France alone, cost millions of lives and ran so deeply that Germans invented their own word for it: Erbfeindschaft. After the second World War, Europeans decided they wanted lasting peace that was not based on a balance of military power. Instead, the economies, politics, and peoples of Europe, should become so closely interconnected, that war would become both impractical and unthinkable. The plan worked! Between EU members, we’ve had over 70 years of peace. Okay, peace is great and all, but what are the European Union’s achievements and problems? Today, EU citizens benefit from many individual freedoms. EU treaties and regulations ensure easy travel, cheap telecommunications, a great variety of goods and services, as well as very strong health and safety standards. European institutions are not afraid to pick a fight with companies such as Microsoft, Apple or Facebook about fair competition, tax evasion or data protection. Through the EU science programs, the European countries became a collaborative engine that serves as a hub of science in the wider world. Unrestricted travel and the right to work anywhere makes it easy to apply for funds, and set up international teams of experts with the best equipment. In turn, the EU became the world leader in terms of its global share of science researchers, and produces more than twenty-five percent of the world’s research output, with only five percent of its population. But many citizens feel distrust toward the EU. Brussels seems far away and untransparent, technocratic, and difficult to understand. It doesn’t help that the EU is terrible at outreach, and explaining what it actually does. This disconnect has also led to an ever-shrinking voter turnout over the decades. More transparency and accountability are desperately needed if the EU institutions want the trust of their citizens. Currently, the EU is still shaken by the refugee crisis of 2015. Some countries have accepted far greater numbers of asylum seekers than others, while the border countries are overwhelmed and feel left alone. Other countries are shocked by the initially unregulated mass immigration, and closed their borders, effectively shutting down the largest route into Europe. The EU’s wealth and freedom make it an attractive destination, and this is unlikely to change. The population is split on how to react to that. Some argue that Europe let in too many immigrants, with a different culture without strictly demanding integration, while others argue that immigration is not the problem, but that racism and discrimination of immigrants is preventing integration. To strike a balance between helping refugees, turning illegal immigrants away, and successfully integrating the ones that stay, remains one of the most difficult and controversial challenges of the Union. Immigration aside, many more challenges lie in the future, like defense. Traditionally, European countries have relied strongly on the protection of the US through NATO. But in the current political climate, Europe has to ask itself if it really wants to depend on the United States for its safety. If combined today, the militaries of EU members could form an effective defensive force and be the third largest military in the world. That could save a lot of money, safeguard European borders, and enhance cultural understanding with soldiers from 27 different countries serving one common purpose. What about money? Well, it’s complicated. The EU created the largest single market in the world. Inside it, you can trade border and customs free. Countries that entered it got a massive boost to their economies. Even between neighbors, trade increased by up to five hundred percent, and there was a steady creation of new jobs. Research has suggested that joining the EU has left Most new members with an average of a twelve percent higher GDP than if they had remained outside. And for those regions with weaker economies and poor infrastructure, EU institutions provide billions of euros every year helping economic investment, infrastructure, and social development. On the negative side, the EU tries to hold together countries with vastly different economies and laws regarding labor, taxes and social security. The cost of one hour of work in an EU country ranges from four euros an hour to forty euros an hour. Some countries have large industries and strong exports while others focus on services, tourism, or natural resources. On top of this, the euro is the common currency of some but not all of these countries. As the Greek crisis shows, this can be a recipe for disaster. You cannot unify a vastly different economies under one currency, but their economic policies separate. So, should all EU countries unite under the common currency, or not? Should the weakest links be thrown out of the Euro, or should countries be made to adopt common policies on taxes, health care, and social security? It’s a question that’s been brewing for years, and is nowhere near a solution. So, everything briefly considered: Is the European Union worth it? Here is our answer: The EU is very flawed, and still needs a lot of work. But it’s fair to say that the European Union makes Europeans powerful in the world. Put together, we lead in science, are one of the strongest economic powers, and could have one of the strongest militaries in the world. But more importantly, the EU gives us peace, security, and a sense of shared identity. And something we all crave in these turbulent times, stability. If we want to protect the values we’re so proud of, a strong European Union is the best way to make sure our voice is heard in the world. Alone as small states, we’ll hardly stand a chance in a world of shifting superpowers. What do you think about the EU in its future? In recent years, the discussion about political topics has become super toxic with sad real-world consequences. Let’s not do that. If you don’t agree with this video, you’re not our enemy, you just have a different opinion and that’s fine. We’re all in the same boat after all, so let’s have a fact-based discussion about our future.

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  1. Je me méfie toujours de ceux qui parlent de l'Union européenne en anglais.

    I am always wary of those who talk about the European Union in English.

  2. when he said "we" i was like huh? i'm african. lol. you guys rob africa of its resources and kill african people to afford funding the european infrastructure so i know he isn't talking about me .

  3. am from denmark and i think EU is good, (sry for a lot of miss spelling) but ther's defenetly som problemes, like most of the ones that, idk how to say it, the leaders of the eu? (basicly the ones in charge in the in top, ill use the word leader) but most of them is around the 40-50 in age, so they don't understand all the tecnolegi, like the Articel 13 as an expampel, Artickel 13 is stupid and only half thod throu and that do us in the unger age suffer a bit, fx articel 13 made a lot of youtubers suffer A LOT and the part that the eu force things like that down on us is a brobleme, but else then that i rly think it's a good thing to be part of EU, make export for a company to other contries in eu a LOT easier

  4. Peace, defense pacts, trade – yes. Everything beyond that, like regulating national laws, national economies or making 1 European army and disbanding national armies is unacceptable and totalitarian.

  5. End it its just a tax collector and this ad is a load of crap only 2 countries germany and france gain by robbing the others

  6. Check out the Kalergi Plan. The EU is destroying us white Christians with mass importing brown men from third world countries on purpose.

  7. "The EU has problems, but many of those can be solved with an Army, the Euro driving economic policies and more transparency in their democratic process… You know, like becoming a country that overrides the current member countries"… Yeah… Not a good idea…

  8. As the idea of the EU sounds good… the centralization of power and control is not, lest there is a constitution in place that restricts the govt power over the citizenry.
    If you have no restrictions on its abilities and what it can and can not do, you then relinquish your personal sovereignty and are then a subject under the powers that be.
    Unrestricted freedom (not to be mistaken for ungoverned freedom) is the basic and fundamental right of all.
    Any govt establishment put into place by any nation (or group, thereof) should be held to account for protection of these freedoms and not allowed to restrict or restrain it.

  9. Speaking as an American, it seems like the EU is something of which to be proud, especially the Single Market. Although overall, it does clearly need reform.

  10. The EU is a dream come true. Much can be discussed and improved but all this cultures bring together by neoliberalism is a dream. No borders, freedom of speech, anti-nationalism. ♥️

  11. End the EU. It was literally only created to stand against The United States. However, since The United States is a country with a single type of government system and the EU is a combination of literally every type of government that has always failed at relating with each of its members, its actions has been contradictory to its creation even before Nazi Germany conceived of its creation.

  12. It would have been great if you quoted what pre-EU representation of scientific achievement in EU27. 5% population with 25% output sounds fantastic, but is it really due to EU or due to main EU countries being already scientifically advanced throughout 19th and early 20th century?

  13. Let's be honest Americans…we know there were two Chinese robots in that clip. How long have we been outsourcing our real real work to China…I mean at least 30 years now

  14. Also, when it comes to issues of civility, order, and culture Europe is always ahead of us;sadly, in issues of prejudice europe is right there with us. Like an extremely talented piano player with an out of tune piano…europe is doing great things with little but strikes a bad note from now and then.

  15. I'm glad we're leaving the EU. What the EU did to Greece was unforgivable, and even if the Greeks forgive and forget, we in the UK won't. We saw how you treat your friends; we're not interested to see how you'd treat us if given half the chance.

  16. The EU has not brought about Peace? NATO has along with France Russia and the UK having huge stockpiles of Nuclear Weaponry. The EU is a disgrace as it has amassed its powers without the consent of the citizens, this is why it will fail and fail soon. People want democracy and citizens want their NATIONS. A politburo of 12 Commissionaires that is proposed by 2026 is shocking as is the withdrawing of the unanimity rule. Europe is heavily in debt, all nations are in the most debt they have ever been in in their history so please do not say the EU is a success. The EU acts like the Communists do and Kim Jung Un does when they act as if any coincidental success is by their making, it is farcical to listen to the fools in Brussels. The EU is run by the International Bankers and this is why nations just keep gaining more and more debt, now they have to find 2 Trillion euros in the next 15 years to build a modern massive military machine, how does that work in a broke EU? mmmm well those Bankers actually just print money out of thin air, it is called fractional reserve banking, the biggest con ever as is the EU project. It is a filthy criminal Banker run den of iniquity and the sooner Europeans realise this then the sooner they can stop Europe becoming Islamic, do not think that is impossible? the science of Demographics already predicts an Islamic Europe within 90 years.

  17. The eu is great . But thier refugees policy does not make any sense to me . If i want to move to europe it is almost impossible . I want to be Europen and respect there tradition . But if a Muslim refugee want to , it will be the easiest who probably has no respect to there tradition . I dont get it .

  18. So basically we need to be a superstar then go and try to control the far east yet we are against the USA hypocrisy if you ask me
    We did not sign to join a superstate

  19. Great Brittian leaves Eu: that is what Kurzgesagt said in 2017, now it's 2019 and almost 2020. The UK is stil not out the EU …ok

  20. The opposite of the EU would be thousands of tiny countries. In that scenario there would be enormous pressure on individual states to keep taxes and regulation low, so as to not lose their population and business (since it’s so easy to move to nearby countries). The EU exists to reduce competition between states and facilitate a general rise in taxation and anticompetitive legislation. It also seeks to avoid currency competition allowing for greater powers of inflation.

  21. Did you know you'll probably always have enemies, so murdering them all instead of cooperating is going to have a 99.9% chance of failure?

  22. Yes lets unite the most expansionist and aggressive nations into one big superstate, super charge their economies and prestige. What could possibly go wrong?

    But i do welcome your tolerance of dissenting opinion, not much of that these days.

  23. Mo' Muslims, Mo' Problems. Why else do you think they try to leave the kingdoms of dirt they built for themselves. A toxic scummy demon religion, and a hatred of western ideology while demanding to reap the benefits of those ideologies.

  24. 4:39 Sorry to say this, but I think you messed up the Irish flag. The green is meant to be beside the flagpole, not the orange

  25. Its all well and good talking about shared values and such but EU doesn't share at least one basic value that all its members share. Its not democratic.

  26. I probably wouldn't mind if I personally could vote vote Barnier, tusk or juncker and any of the other unelected twabs

  27. Lies. Most of researchers claims that EU slow growth. Shengen ZONE of free trade is not the same. EU = regulations/politics/socialism. Shengen ZONE = free market = GROWTH.

  28. I voted remain, but i recognise the EU has a huge amount wrong with it.

    The biggest mistake the remain campaign made was not admitting that. Most people treat a lie of omission as a lie.

  29. EU does spend a lot of money to help smaller of its countries develop, something that their common citizens long for, yet the politicians of each of those countries (who stand between the EU and their citizens) most of the times misuses that funding for personal gain. This corrupt "middle layer" must somehow be removed.

  30. I think you should leave politics alone, because you clearly don't understand what eu is today and which countries gain money from it and which countries lose money of it.

  31. I think the 5 freedoms that the EU offer is a good thing, and it should be based on that. Not being a globalist state that wants to control an entire continent. In my opinion, EU should be a trade and market union, not a government power.

  32. I think EU does have its benefits but sadly, as was proven by the new plastic rule to please southern parts of EU, it has its downfalls.

    Basically, each bottlecap will be attached permanently to bottles, instead of introducing the recycling programs that Scandinavian area tried to propose, because southern EU areas didn't feel like changing their recycling systems to be up to date. Changing the bottlecaps will introduce more plastic consumption and trash and will force the entire bottling and bottle recycling infrastructure to be overhauled, just to please the southern countries who suck at waste management. The cost for these replacements will be probably in billions per a country with the cost being higher the more advanced the recycling is, without gaining anything other than making more trash to please people who are too lazy/inept to recycle properly and didn't want to change their ways.

  33. 5:10 cries in Italian. However, I don't blame the EU for this, I blame my own country, because if the other EU countries are economically growing faster than us, than the problem is us.

  34. A common European military is a terrible idea for many reasons. What we need is something like NATO, but just for the EU. So each country can refuse to send their military into an unwanted conflict (unless the friendly country was attacked).

    Anyways, I'm a Brit and I guess we are leaving for realsies this time 🙁 so long friends, and thanks for all the fish. I guess I'm in the minority seeing that the only way we can change the EU is from the inside, and not from kind of staying in on the outside but with no say. Apparently somewhat economic ruin is preferable. Lets hope the Commonwealth stay happy with us.

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