Is The Dark Knight Liberal Or Conservative?

is the film The Dark Knight liberal or
conservative? Why does that matter? Well what would it say about you if we found out
you and the Joker had the same exact ideology? The Dark Knight is widely
considered the best superhero film of all time. Now ten years old, the film also
joins the ranks as one of the best sequels of all time. Now I love Batman
Begins, but come on, this one’s got the Joker in it. It single-handedly changed
the Academy Awards, it was the first superhero film to make over a billion
dollars at the box office, and is ranked number four on IMDb’s list of top rated
movies. Really? Number four? I mean I like it but geez, number four? Clearly this film was
a massive hit with audiences when a movie makes this much of an impact on
our culture, it’s got to be said there’s something more to the film than just
another Batman adventure of him running around trying to get rid of a bomb.
Instead you save that bomb plot for the next film in the trilogy. Somedays you
just can’t get rid of a bomb! There was an idea that resonated with audiences. In
an ideological sense people tend to think and behave liberally or
conservatively, so I want to know how a film like this actually conveys its
ideology. To be clear this is not a political discussion, this is strictly
one about ideas and having some fun so if you want to talk politics, why so
serious? To assess the film’s ideology we’re gonna need to focus on three key
elements which is content, characters, and message. Oh and I’m given a spoiler
warning to those who haven’t seen The Dark Knight yet but if you came this far
in the video and are surprised by this, you should probably just get off the
internet. Content. The Dark Knight is an epic crime saga about Batman’s ethical
struggle to stop the Joker from destroying Gotham City. The film was
rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence and some menace. People
have argued that this phone should have been rated R because, let’s be honest, it
does get pretty intense at some points. But I personally think a 13 year old
could handle this. Man up! Director Christopher Nolan uses classic
filmmaking techniques to tell the story with the one exception be that he used
IMAX cameras for some of the action sequences. Although that is indeed a more
liberal idea, this is still old-school filmmaking at its best. If I’m judging it
as a standalone movie and not as a sequel or a Batman film which indeed
would probably put in the category of being more liberal, I’m gonna say the
content is more conservative. Characters. Picking three central characters to
analyze: Bruce Wayne, the Joker, and Harvey Dent are the most prominent figures in
the film. Bruce Wayne leads the film as he struggles with his limits as a crime
fighter and with the idea that the mere
existence of his Batman has led criminals to adapt more extremes, ie the
Joker. He’s the traditional hero who’s willing to sacrifice it all in the name
of justice, but seriously, what’s with that voice? This city, just showed you, that it’s full of people, ready to believe in good. The Joker steals the entire movie by
being a full-blown anarchist who’s so crazy, he doesn’t even think he’s crazy. His
radical philosophy outsmarts Batman at every turn and he believes that anybody
can be as evil as him and he proves it in Harvey Dent, Gotham’s District
Attorney who’s so desperate to take down criminals but finds himself being pushed
to his limits when the Joker kills the love of his life.
Harvey ultimately becomes the second villain of the movie two-face, and is the
focus of the story’s climax. I just want to know where he found his original suit
after the burn accident? I mean look at that he’s got the suit and tie
everything. Where in the world did he find that? Although the Joker is pretty
consistent in his philosophy throughout the whole movie,
Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne definitely go through some major changes including
straying from hardened principles. It’s not about what, I want it’s about what’s
fair! So I’m gonna say with the character arcs that are seen in the film, it’s
definitely a little more liberal on this side. Message. The Dark Knight is a
classic story of good versus evil but it’s also about what makes us good and
what makes us evil? Needless to say, Batman films have come a long way since
the ethical use of a credit card. Seven million.
Never leave the cave without it. When all is said and done, good triumphs over evil,
and Gotham is safe, but not without some personal sacrifice from our heroes. All
of these ideas seem to be more traditional themes so I’m gonna say the
film’s message is more conservative. So with a final score of 1 to 2, I have to
say that Dark Knight is actually a more conservative film. This is not to
undermine the liberal qualities that definitely propelled this movie to be
the mega blockbuster that it is, but come on the main hero’s a rich billionaire. This is just my opinion so if you
disagree let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching and subscribe for
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