Is Rocky Balboa Liberal or Conservative?

is Rocky Balboa liberal or conservative?
He inspired millions of people to go the distance, so what is the ideology that
he’s conveying that caused all of this motivation? Back in 1976, a small,
independent film about a boxer was released and not only went on to win
best picture at the Academy Awards, it introduced us to what would become an
iconic cinematic hero: Rocky Balboa. Hi, my name is Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion.
They say I’m an American dream, but not because… can I do it over again?
Many beloved sequels to the film have been generated over the decades since
and are still being produced to this day, and with a statue in Philadelphia to
cement his legacy, Rocky Balboa is without a doubt one of the greatest
characters ever. Is this a common training method, I mean do other fighters
pound raw meat? No I think I invented it. Sylvester Stallone created a character
that would go on to inspire millions of people out there to work hard and to
not give up. We all know that film has the power to influence people to think
and behave in certain ways, and since Rocky Balboa’s influence can clearly be
seen, I think it’s important if we find out if he’s more ideologically liberal
or more conservative? You want to know? I want to know! Okay, I’m gonna tell you! To assess a character’s ideology we’re gonna need to
focus on three key elements which is personality, motive, and arc. Now to me,
politics is boring and lame, so I’m only gonna be focusing on the ideology of being
liberal or conservative but for anybody out there who wants to pick a fight with
me anyway, well go for it. Personality. Rocky Balboa is from the streets of
Philly and born with Italian descent hence the nickname the Italian Stallion.
Look it’s the name: The Italian Stallion. His most recognizable characteristic is
his slurred speech and how he likes to start every sentence with Yo. Yo. Yo. His
persona as an everyman is well known to those he comes into contact with on the
streets but he also seems to get a little respect even from his best friend
Paulie. And I don’t raise you to go with this scum bug! I love how the villain from the
first movie eventually becomes a better friend to Rocky than Paulie ever was. Maybe too friendly? Now aside from some
poor career choices in the first film, Rocky is a good-hearted man who
ironically actually likes to avoid conflict with others. Rocky got anything
derogatory to say about the champ? Yeah, he’s great. The first truly decent person
that comes in a Rocky’s life is his love interest in later wife Adrian. His
undying love for her is a focal point throughout the series as they support
each other through every obstacle. His polite and friendly attitude with even
some of the worst people makes him more of a reserved character and once you add
that with his unbreakable love for only one woman, I’m gonna say that his
personality is more conservative. Motive. Rocky is a fighter in more ways than one
as we watch him try to make something of himself in every film. His motivation to
succeed stems from a background of always being looked at as a bum and
wanting to prove that he is something more, and he usually does succeed thanks
to a lot of motivational one-liners that you could probably use for going to the
gym. Let’s do it tomorrow. There is not tomorrow! Don’t stop it now! You don’t stop! All your strength! All your power! All your love! Everything you got! Thanks to the support of his wife and
coaches, he is able to find the strength to push through those grueling workout
montages because he firmly believes there is no substitute for hard work and
getting the results you want. He even results to some old-school
training habits that we probably wouldn’t recommend. Cook them first.
Rocky’s motivation is to prove himself worthy and he believes in putting
himself through rigorous workouts to get the results while at the same time
promoting personal responsibility. Now if you know what you’re worth then go out and
get what you’re worth, but you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not
pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him or her or
anybody. To me, that’s an old-school conservative principle so I’m gonna say
the motive is a little more conservative. Arc. Over the course of soon-to-be eight
films, Rocky has gone from a small-time bum to a rich and famous heavyweight
boxing champion and then to a depressing has-been old guy, but don’t worry
Stallone looks like he’s in good enough shape to make another eight movies. In
every film Rocky’s sense of accomplishment is dependent on the plot
of whichever film you’re watching but it also kind of seems as though every film
is touching on the same themes of family, fear, working hard, and not giving up. We
watch Rocky overcome his opponents by taking the hits over, and over, and over again,
until we essentially realize that we learned the same thing here as we did in
the last film. But hey I’m not complaining when they’re this
entertaining… except for Rocky 5, that one stinks. That’s right, it stinks! Even some of the
later films give Rocky something to fight against even when he’s presumably
too old to get into the ring. I might be oversimplifying this a little
bit but the only thing that separates the conflicts between all the movies is
time. I mean it has been over 40 years since the original and Rocky has clearly
been through a lot of ups and downs in his life but in the end, he’s still
climbing those steps and fighting the good fight. So considering Rocky is the
same guy we meet in every film, I’m gonna say that his arc is conservative. And it
looks like it’s gonna be a knockout with a final score of 0 to 3, I’m pretty
confident that Rocky Balboa is more conservative. The man represents somebody
who fights to make something of himself and to me that’s a traditional American
ideology. But enough about all that let’s watch more of that training montage so
we can all get pumped! This is just my opinion so if you agree
or disagree let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching and subscribe for
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