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The situation had been tense for years, but
on June 5th, 2017, suddenly, the conflict reached another dimension: Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Bahrain and
Egypt announced the fulminating rupture of their relations with the emirate of Qatar,
including the closing of borders and the prohibition of the use of ports and airspace. Suddenly all communication was cut off, it
was practically a total blockade. The next night, planes and cargo ships bound
for Qatar were forced to change course. Not even the camels were spared: the Saudis
immediately expelled no less than 12,000 camels that were grazing in their country. You heard that right. So with their only land border closed up,
in practical terms, the emirate of Qatar went from being a peninsula to becoming an island
threatened by its neighbors by land, sea and air. At that time, these questions were asked:
How long can Qatar hold on for? Are we facing the prelude to a military intervention? Has
this emirate’s splendor reach its end? Well, my friends, in this video we’ll see
exactly what happened, how things are and what we can expect. (THE RESULTS) We are going to see the results, but first,
you may be wondering, how did they get to this situation? What the hell happened? As in almost all disputes, there are lots
of reasons on the table, but… the truth is that the Riyadh and Abu Dhabi governments
were tired of Qatar always being free and above all… they wanted to cut off their
growing relations with Iran and close down Al Jazeera once and for all. In fact, these were the basic conditions they
imposed on Qatar to start a dialogue after agreeing on the blockade. Conditions that
Doha rejected outright. But well, having said that, let’s get to
the point. At first everyone bet this whole mess would
be temporary, and that it would resolve relatively quickly one way or another. After all, who would think that such a small
country, a country that barely has more than 2 million inhabitants and that is practically
a desert, would be able to resist without giving up? Seems impossible, right? Well, my friends, that’s precisely what
is happening. ( “It has not resulted in the way they wanted
to. They wanted to take control of our decisions and get us to comply with their demands. That’s
failed. Qatar will never be for sale to the blockading countries or to anyone else. We
are a sovereign country, we will remain a sovereign country”. Saif al Thani, Director
of Qatar’s Government Communications Office.) As you can imagine, throughout the first few
hours, the emirate underwent a very, very tense situation: many supplies, including basic products such
as food, stopped arriving; the Doha stock market collapsed and… what the heck! Even
the option of a military intervention didn’t seem far-fetched. After all, the small Qatari army was no match
for the billion-dollar war machines of its neighboring countries. A successful intervention depended on the
approval of the United States… which has one of its most important military bases in
the world, in Qatar. And even though this approval was likely..
just in case, Doha decided to ask for Istanbul’s help. (“Turkish parliament approves bill to deploy
troops in Qatar”. Don’t tell me that the situation didn’t
look quite difficult… But… wait a moment, because Qatar had another
ace up its sleeve: as we told you in another video, in recent years the emirate has done
its homework. Thanks to its oil and especially natural gas
exploitation, the country has managed to accumulate a fortune of more than 300 billion dollars.
A fortune that, by the way, it has invested all over the planet. And not only that, it also managed to become
a country that is much more open to the world with a foreign policy independent of its neighbors. And that’s precisely what made this blockade
a complete failure… (“If the blockade strategy was to corner us
economically, that completely failed and it will not work.” Ali Shareef al-Emadi, Finance
Minister of Qatar) See, in recent months the stock market has
recovered, investors have stopped running away, and even though many prices rose due
to the blockade, even the International Monetary Fund, in a report it published recently on
March 5th, 2018, stated that the Qatari economy would grow by almost 3% this year. The fact is that the country hasn’t only
managed to open new commercial routes and achieve alternatives to transport its merchandise,
many multinationals located in Dubai, who can no longer send their people by plane to
Doha, have decided to open their own offices there. This means that, for example, the number of
companies in the Financial Center has grown by 70% in the last year. ( “For the past 15 years we were the fastest
growing economy on the planet. You are talking about a $6bn economy in 2000 turning into
a $200bn economy in 2015.. The blockading countries tried to make businesses decide
between them and Qatar, but they backed away.” Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, the head of the Qatar
Financial Authority.) My friends… this blockade may even end up
reinforcing Qatar. Wait a moment, this blockade could have positive
consequences for the country? Don’t believe me? Well, listen up. (CHANGES IN QATAR?) The blockade has clearly been a challenge
for the Qatari economy and society… My friends, having an isolated country is a terrible deal. Precisely due to that, during this time, one
of the emirate government’s biggest priorities has been to compensate for the blockade’s
negative consequences and convince investors that Qatar is still a good country to invest
in. That… and to try to gain a lot of influence
in the world. Something that’s indispensable to prevent
its neighbors, especially Saudi Arabia, from getting future expansionist temptations. But… How can they achieve all this? Well… one way to do it is by pushing reforms. And that’s been done. In recent months, the Qatari government has
promoted several changes to improve the country’s image in the world and to be more competitive
for international investors. For example, visas have been removed for more
than 80 countries; the rights of foreign residents have increased;
more free zones are being established; and two very important changes have been announced. For one, they called for elections for the
first time, to elect members for the Consultative Assembly, something like a local parliament…
well, a somewhat limited parliament… but it’s a step… and not precisely a small
one if we take into account that we are talking about a place that still works with a political
system based on an absolute monarchy. And for another, the more than reprehensible
Kafala System will be coming to an end. This is a system that makes foreign workers, especially
the poorest, have to rely on their employers for their visa and legal status, and has very
few legal repercussions for exploitation… making working conditions very, very bad in
some cases. Have you heard of the allegations about slave
workers in the Persian Gulf? Well, that’s what you were hearing about. However, now, with the latest labor changes,
all these workers will have better protected rights, and will be able to change jobs or
leave the country whenever they want. ( “All of these reforms would have taken
a lot longer of it were not for the blockade. It’s been a blessing in disguise when it
comes to business.” Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, the head of the Qatar Financial Authority.) In other words, the blockade is achieving
things that the international community had been demanding for years. But having said that… we still have a very,
very important question to answer… Do you know what Qatar’s strategy has been
to gain influence in the world and strengthen its position? Listen up. (THE STRATEGY) I think we all know it: There are very influential economic sectors
in the world. Well, two industries in particular stand out. One, due to its ability to influence
politics and another to influence society. My friends, I’m talking about the military
industry and the entertainment industry. And, you know what? It’s precisely in these
industries that Qatar has concentrated its strategy. In recent months, the Qatar government has
announced military contracts for more than 25 billion dollars. And yes, one of their objectives is to equip
their army to, if necessary, make invasions more difficult… but the truth is that no
matter how much they invest in weapons, Qatar won’t be able to replicate Saudi Arabia’s
military power. But…. wait a moment… because there’s
another objective, what better way to influence Washington and get support than by making
an industry, that practically every government in the world considers strategic, happy? In this case most of the contracts went to
the United States and to European countries that didn’t support the blockade, the United
Kingdom, France and Germany. Planes, tanks, helicopters, missiles… Qatar is buying everything. Of course, it will never reach Saudi Arabia’s
level, but it has suddenly become a very prominent client. Yes, the truth is that the Qataris
are true experts in contracting security policies. And that’s not all. By the way, Doha has
also announced that it wants to invest more money in Al-Udeid, the base that the United
States has in the country. A base that, with more than 10,000 soldiers
and a hundred deployed aircrafts, including B-52 bombers, is one of the most important
US bases in the world. Yes, you heard that right. It’s from Qatar,
where the United States projects its strength in the area, for its incursions to Iraq, Afghanistan,
Syria, etc., etcetera. By the way, the base, cost 1 billion dollars
and was a “gift” from the Qatari government, who also contributes to their expenses every
year. Quite a bargain for Washington. And just in case… (“Qatar signs an agreement with Turkey to
establish a naval base in its territory”. Arabia Watch.) In the other industry, the entertainment industry…
Qatar has been moving like a fish in water for years, especially as far as sports are
concerned. In 2022 the country will host the World Cup,
in 2012 it bought PSG, France’s most important football team, and Doha, the country’s capital,
has been an Olympic contender several times. Always, of course, due to their checkbook. And not only that, they also created Bein
Sports, an Al Jazeera subsidiary that has become one of the largest sport competitions
broadcasting rights owners in the world. Well, after announcing the blockade, the Qatari
authorities decided to reinforce this strategy… which for example led the PSG to spend billions
and billions of dollars on signings. ( “Along with joining PSG on a five-year
contract and $354 million, Neymar also committed to act as spokesperson for the Qatar World
Cup. In this way, not only did PSG acquire the player who could elevate the team’s presence
on the European stage, but Qatar obtained a symbol of its defiance in the face of its
attempted isolation”. Abdullah Al-Arian is assistant professor of history at Georgetown
University, School of Foreign Service in Qatar.) Well… with the military industry, with football
and by pouring millions of dollars into Washington lobbies, the Qatari government hopes to reinforce
its position and improve its image. Of course, now their rivals are also moving…
so the battle isn’t over yet. But we’ll talk about that some other day. Now, it’s your turn. What country do you
think will be reinforced by this blockade? Leave us your answer in the comments and in
this survey. We really love knowing your opinion. I really hope you enjoyed this video, please
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thanks for watching!

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  1. These stupid Arabs fighting between them self n to just stay safe n on top of each other the give there hard earn cash and there land to uncle Sam as you put it Simon aka USA n EU. WTF is wrong with these basterds they lost there ways of there ancestors . They flight with each other and uncle Sam takes the benefits. Specially kingdom of Satan aka Saudi Arabia is the worse when it comes to been selfish and basterd . Look what they did to Afghanistan with help from there puppets in Pakistan. Saudi royal family are the people who supported n supporting whahabie terrorism all over the world from Afghanistan to Iraq . From Europe to the US.. from all of this only uncle Sam and his brother( state of Israel ) getting the benefits. I am not against Israel apart from there wrong doing against Palestinian . I think we all should learn from Israel. That country is not even that old but look how modern and well developed it is compare to my country Afghanistan while we been a country under the same people for over 500 years but still got no army no peace or stability no economy basically we got nothing.. this all because we been fighting and killing each other on the name of religion and by the orders of these stupid n selfish Arabs specially Saudi Arabia….

  2. Saudi Arabia is the worse country in all of Muslim world… love for Qatar and there king or ameer.. love from Afghanistan and the UK for Qatar . I hope people of Saudi realize and start a revolution and get rid of all the Saudi royal family at once. They are %100 the real enemy of Islam and Muslims all over the world … they never ever say or do anything about any sort of injustice what happens to Muslims anywhere in the world.. is anyone seen the welcome party they did when trump visited kingdom of Satan aka Saudi Arabia… if not watch it … we are talking about trump who openly said that muslims are the main reason behind all the problems in the world n he banned most Muslims from entering the US… but MBS gave him the best welcome party ever n gifted him a gold chain probably worth millions … this is what Saudi royal family is.. uncle Sam's puppets and the real enemy of Muslims n Islam…

  3. I really feel disappointed in the fact that you haven’t been bias at all, no country was ever presented as an angelic state on your show until you decided about a country that’s know for a having an extra generous media machine 💰💰 hope you enjoy the dollars I thought ur channel was really something else

  4. Qatar has been able to withstand the blockade by various other Arab states quite well. Qatar's average GDP per capita does after all remain among the highest in the world. I'd say that Qatar is defeating Saudi Arabia in being resilient, although sadly the same can't be said for Ukraine's ability to fight off the intervention of the Russian Army in Crimea or invasions by Russian-backed puppet armies in Donbass. Yet even before Euromaidan, Ukraine's economy had been in the toilet (and probably still is, given just how many people have left since the USSR's collapse).

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