Is Kanye West the Mythical Black Republican? – The Jim Jefferies Show – Exclusive – Uncensored

Here now with a very special Jim
Jefferies Show editorial, is one of our writers, Curtis
Cook. >>Thanks, Jim. Now, Curtis, just remind
me–which one of my black
writers are you?>>The other one. Carry on, then. >>I’d like to talk about a
serious issue that’s been
plaguing the black community for
years. >>I’m talking, of course, about
Kanye West. >>Everybody expects Kanye to
maintain a certain level of
crazy, but>>recently, he’s been taking it
a little too far. >>First, he started defending
Trump and taking selfies in his
MAGA hat. >>Then Trump thanked Kanye for
his endorsement, and man, >>when the alt-right saw that,
they hopped right on Kanye’s
dick. >>Probably because they were
excited to finally have a cool
black guy on their side and not>>just some punk ass Herman
Caine lookin’ motherfucker.>>Then, Kanye said some real
irresponsible shit on TMZ. “Kanye West, he’s in hot water
again. This time for comments he
made about slavery, listen” Kanye: When you hear about
slavery for 400 years, for 400
years? That sound like a choice. Kanye: Like…you was there for
400 years and it’s all of y’all? “Okie doke.”>>Okie doke is right, Jim. >>I had the same outraged
reaction. >>And as with most things Kanye,
it’s hard to tell if this is a
promotional stunt or an actual
psychotic breakdown. >>But one thing’s for sure…>>Kanye West is one step away
from going full on black
Republican. >>Until now, I thought black
Republicans were a myth. A made
up story parents used to scare
their children. >>You know, like the Bogeyman or
Kwanzaa. >>But they’re out there, and
just like White Rhinos and Jewish Holocaust deniers, they
are extremely rare and usually
estranged from their families. >>So far, Kanye West has 3 of
the 4 signs of being a black
Republican.>>He’s rich, he undermines the
struggle of the black community,>>and his kids are lighter
skinned than him. >>If he had a white wife, he’d
be 4 for 4. Well, he’s married to Kim
Kardashian. What’s she?>>She’s Armenian. And Armenians are… white? Okay, but so what if he’s
Republican? Is there a law that says that black people have to
be Democrats?>>Put it this way, Jim. At least
Democrats gave us Obama. A lot
of white people voted for him. >>I know that because they
always find a way to bring it up within 5 seconds of meeting me,
like, “Hi, I’m Harold. I voted for Obama twice and it’s
totally okay with me if you
wanna sex up my daughter.” It’s kinda like the dad in Get
Out. >>Oh, I’m gonna be honest with
you Jim. I still haven’t seen
Get Out. What!? You haven’t seen Get
Out?? It’s so good! You gotta see it! YOU would–anyone
one–but people love it. It’s the best movie of the year,
I say. It got robbed at the
Oscars. >>I know that, Jim. Because you
say that every damn time I see
you. >>And you always follow it up
with: >>Tell the other one I said that
too. I guess for voters of color,
Democrats are the lesser of two
evils. But sometimes, that’s the best
option there is. >>I don’t know, man. >>If I had my druthers, we’d
form our own party. >>Band together and create a
political organization that’s dedicated to the betterment of
black folk. Oh, kinda like a National
Association for the Advancement
of, uh, people with uh…>>Oh, of colored people. Yeah.
My bad, I forgot you’re not
allowed to say that. >>But, yeah. It’ll be just like
the NAACP but with fewer letters
and less Rachel Dolezal. >>We need a good name. >>I know. We’ll call it the
Black Panther party because
everyone loves that movie. >>And we’ll only wear black so
people know we’re really serious
about that color. >>And to make a good impression,
we’ll do stuff that usually only
white people do, like>>walk around with machine guns
and talk back to the police. Well, good luck with that. >>Thanks, Jim! I saw a white guy do this in The
Breakfast Club. Looked pretty
cool. >>Don’t you forget about me,
Jim! I won’t! Give it up for the
other one, Mr. Curtis Cook!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Awe he doesn't agree with you so it's time to bash him. Cause if you don't agree with a liberal, your a racist piece of shit or an uncle Tom. Lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like Jim so Much, but am i the only one who had sensed that eversince he got this Hollywood talkshow he has become alot more left leaning?

    I dont care Much about left Vs right, since i dont live in the US, IT just bothers me the jokes havr become onesided and often cheapshots. Am i the only one?

  3. How is Kanye crazy? He is a free thinker, not restricted to the DNC plantation mindsets. Black on black crime at the social level.

  4. Armenians are middle eastern Christians but remember Kris is a European mutt (White) so technically they're mixed girls, Kourt, Kim, Khloe.

  5. Man Jim Jeffries really did go downhill, all his old stuff is hilarious but this is just sell out crap

  6. Jim Jeffries is a great comedian. And I would just like one fucking episode that doesn’t force liberal ideas down your fucking throat.

  7. The shrug is just so perfect, and I don't think I know any other Armenians who would mind it either.

  8. All the shit hehas said and blacks rode his dick and he finally speaks truth and they want him locked up

  9. this is the most scripted bullshit ever… where is the comedy? the fake laughs are like what i imagine the itch of crabs are like.

  10. 1920's Republicans were the party of "the Black Man." Abraham Lincoln ran on abolition of slavery – put Republicans in power for first time. Former Republican president Theodore Roosevelt was first politician to propose "Universal Health Care for ALL Americans." in 1912. When Democrat President Johnson in '65 signed Civil Rights laws into effect, within 4 years the racists and bigots that made up the majority of Southern Democrats had moved into the Republican party. The South has been largely Republican for about 2 and a half generations. If any party has the best people running on liberal, social, democratic ideas – they drive out the bigots and the racists. Doesn't change human nature or corruption. Both parties suffer from that.

  11. Armenians are where the line blurs between the Indo-Europeans, the Turks, and the Caucasians, because Caucasians and the Indo-Europeans originate from that area and the Turks conquered and settled it in the early Medieval Era.

    Note: Turks meaning ethnic Turks, originating from Central Asia and the Mongolian Steppe, not citizens of the Ottoman Empire or the modern state of Turkey, because I know the Armenians are not and likely will never be comfortable with the Turkish, at least not until Turkey officially acknowledges the Armenian Genocide and apologizes for it.

  12. Just a few weeks ago it was common knowledge for everyone that Kanye is an idiot. But now the right loves him

  13. "I guess for voters of color, Democrats are the lesser of two evils, but sometimes that's the best option there is." "I don't know man; if I had my druthers we'd form our own party." It seems that both hosts recognize there are issues with both the Democratic and Republican parties ("two evils"). However, you're imposing a double standard when you don't also protest black Democrats as choosing the "lesser evil," but do protest their choice of the Republican party in that dilemma. Either apply the standard equally and say that black Americans shouldn't support either party, or preferably, allow all Americans their freedom of conscience to support whomever they choose. When you impose a choice onto a group of people, you become the oppressor you claim to be fighting, and that's precisely what Kanye West is illustrating when he says that people are suppressing his freedom of thought.

  14. Uh, statistically most blacks are Republican.

    Except for the Obama elections I mean. The exception that proves the rule and all that.

  15. Now THIS is what I call "getting ratio'd", lmao:

  16. anyone else think his delivery was clearly inspired by chris rock? not necessarily in word choice, but the pitch and tone of his voice

  17. To answer the question, yes the Kardashians are white. Because Amenians come from Armenia, which is located between Asia and Europe. And it has a Greeco Roman based history, and is centrally located in the Caucasus region, where Caucasians come from. So yes, #KanyeWest is a black republican fully including his white wife. Lol.

  18. Oh, come on guys. Armenia is in a region known as the Caucasus. Kardashians are literally Caucasian, by very recent ancestry. Since “Caucasian” is the word people toss around as a sort of euphemism for “white,” she is white.

  19. Michael Jordan may have it darker organ! But I would say he's right up there with Kanye, just not crazy! He's just self-absorbed and if you thought I made a mistake by putting Oregon in the comment I didn't! as I stated before and will continue to do so because in case you didn't your skin is the largest organ on the human body! so yes we've been slaughtering and murdering all over the color of a f**** organ

  20. they should of put him on a choke hold, then in ropes, and gagged him and paraded him around against his will………….let me know his choice, if you can ever hear his words…. that was slavery,, fucking imbecile

  21. Why are we speaking about a pop star when discussing racial issues ? Jeff you are not an American don't become one. Skip all that "starts" nonsense American like to endulge in.

  22. All fun and dandy, but you started pushing this anti trump agenda a bit too hard. And from the other shorts I watched, everything seems to be negative about his political side, and positive about yours. You even promoted other politicians on here, under the pretense that it's just a funny bit. No, it's not, it's just a bit. Funny has been lacking. (I'm not American and I don't really care who is the president, since he is a puppet anyways). I just annoyed at the blatant political agenda of going against this strawman that can do no good, ever, under any circumstances. -_-

  23. All the Libtards are mad because they see a successful black man supporting trump lmao and he’s not the only one 😂😂 bunch of pitiful crybabies

  24. Making "equal rights groups" that only fight for equality for a specific group is a horrible way to resolve inequality. It literally causes additional inequality and creates more hate. Look at feminism and what a joke that's became. Or the way the BLM movement went, where they were destroying local business's owned by black community members, threatening supporters from other races aand so on. It causes the "us vs them" mentality.

    If you are planning to do something, and would be offended if another group or 'race' did the equivalent for themselves, you most likely shouldn't do it. If I created a political party dedicated to white male rights, I would instantly be considered a nazi. It just isn't right…. for anyone. THATS equality. What is considered acceptable for one group/race/party it should be considered acceptable for all others.

    If straight people can kiss in public, gay people should be able to also. If there is a word that's unacceptable for white people to say, its unacceptable for everyone else as well. You can not use racism to stop racism. Its like raping people to stop rape, it does nothing.

  25. i saw title and i thought i have to see this cringe little competition with shitty comedy and bad propaganda and i was so wrong.
    This is cringe olympics without any comedy.

  26. Does Kanye West know that today… even in Japan, the US of A, most of Europe, the UK, China and many more countries people are bought and sold and live as slaves… about 25 million people… but I think that estimate is low… so all those people are making a choice, just choosing to be a slave.

  27. Seems the Liberal Left are not very Liberal after all, what happened to people that actually care for others?. Such hypocrisy; they promote anti-bullying at school whilst condoning victimisation on TV and social media by laughing at others; poor children must be so confused.
    In one breath saying don't bully people because they look different then spitting venom calling the President Orange.

  28. Today a neighbor was telling me how she was seeing a 'colored doctor'-I shook my head & repeated 'a COLORED doctor. What color was he?' She never did specify …

  29. Yes because all black people are sposed to think , vote and say all the same thing.
    So the democrats were the party of slavery buuuuut republicans are the racists??
    Fuck jim its amazing how establishment you have become

  30. The message they wanted to give might have made more effect if it was not worded or said like that. Jim is funny, this guy was not. And, also the written material was seriously lame

  31. Black people have got to golf, tennis, and NASCAR more. Take all of "their" sports away from "them." And once Tom Brady retires, "they" will have no choice but to cheer for a black guy.

  32. Yeah, slavery was a choice. And the Armenian Genocide was our fault, and Jews were responsible for their own Holocaust *sarcasm*. I mean, his wife has been advocating for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. And Turks basically blamed us, Armenians, in our genocide. Both you and her should know better that things like that are not a choice, you asshole.

  33. I do think that Black people should have like a specialized faction in the Democratic party that is especially concerned policies that benefit Black people (as well as other marginalized minorities).
    Like it would be similar to the Tea Party, only less batshit insane.
    As Jim said, the Democratic party is only the lesser of two evils right now, yet Black women have been the backbone of the party for years. We should be doing better for them than “We’re less shitty than the old grumpy racist people”.
    Just my thoughts…

    For context: I am a Mexican American Southerner. I think there are many plights in the Black community that are shared by the Hispanic community as well as other minority groups.

  34. Wow I always saw him going for people who were as outspoken as he is. Hating trump so hard is easy rn take the high road

  35. I don't understand why they always make this conversation like bits look so fake…I think it so much more enjoyable if they would be talking to each other rather than facing the camera…It's not just the JJ show, it's all of them

  36. Kanye's weird ass on top of tha comment had tha fuckin nerve to chuckle afterwards. He deserves trump cause both of them are upper echelon fuckboy assholes!!!

  37. Lots of “ black republicans” here in Oklahoma…. I’ve been trying to figure if it is by choice or not? Very confusing.

  38. yea cuz we all know black people are a political monolith, in lock stop agreement. Black people have been voting 90% democrat for how many years? And what have they (dems) done exactly? I mean fuck, you might as well just try the republicans lmao. Pretty much nothing to lose, since the dems have solved exactly 0 of your problems. Also, consider this, and I know its going to sound a little crazy but, have you considered that nobody from the outside is going to fix your own life? Have you considered that you yourself have a lot more influence over the outcome over your life as opposed to sitting around waiting for the perfect political system (that will never come)?

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