today jeffree star unveiled his lip gloss formula and showed all the shades he's launching with in his new YouTube video now on YouTube fans were loving it and honestly these colors looked really pretty when Jeffrey was watching them on his hand but we need to talk about the marketing photos for these glosses especially the one shade everyone on Twitter can't get over we're talking about the shade diet freeze this shade is called diet freeze and it may look intimidating but its sheer it's really pretty by itself and it actually can help give the appearance of more white teeth because it does have a little blue base to it let's swatch this yes I love this by itself it's definitely funky and weird if you want to get a little bit of attention I love this Jeffery has gone a lot of heat since the announcement just from the shade alone honestly the swatch looked pretty sheer and it would probably look good over a lipstick but what really threw everyone off was the promo photo that he showed wearing the gloss I think people are more concerned at the fact that it doesn't look very glossy at all judging by the other shades I think this was just a bad photo and also a bad attempt at trying to get some blue pigment to show on the models lips I don't know who thought this was the best way to show off this color trend mood posted the shades with their names and promo photo on Instagram and people were quick to notice that a few of the other colors weren't highlighted the best on the bottle either I guess we won't know until people start sharing their own personal photos with the glosses these glosses could have just been really unflattering on the model that they chose so stay tuned another thing I want to touch on that has some fans asking questions is what's up with the campaign photos for these glosses yeah I think this was certainly an interesting photo to choose but I'll let you guys tell me how you feel about it in the comments below one thing is for sure though there's still a lot of fans that can't wait to get their hands on these glosses and despite the diet freeze shade and the other questionable promo photos plus the campaign photo large majority of Jeffrey's fans seem to be pretty stoked about these glosses and are having trouble deciding which ones to get so what do you guys think are you gonna pick up one of these glosses you

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  1. Hi everyone I want to say it again here because I’m not sure if everyone will read the description but this isn’t to hate on Jeffree or the product itself. I said in the video that the swatches looked great on Jeffree’s hand. I’m just reporting some of the comments people have made about the photos he chose to show along with each lip gloss color as well as the campaign photo. Just wanted to get your opinion on it since twitter and Instagram had a harsh reaction compared to YouTube. Once again this isn’t a hate video. Trust me guys the colors wet peach and I’m the boss are literally on MY list.

  2. hell no jeffree star products are incredibly shitty but overpriced. i bought the highlighter palette and 2 liquid lips from his 2017 holiday collection and they’re not good i don’t wear them. his quality sucks. highlighters are chalky af.

  3. I felt like his glosses were very sheer and not colorful enough. When your own lip color bleeds through a blue like that or black it's a waste of money unless you use it as a topper. For 18 dollars you can go to the dollar tree and get 18 sheer glosses

  4. People forgetting that Jeffree’s makeup isn’t really for the average consumer. He doesn’t make his makeup thinking people who work a 9 to 5 in an office setting will wear them. They are made to be weird. But yeah the campaign is awful. The pictures are bad, the advertising looks awful. I feel like it was a bit rushed

  5. people defending jeffree and coming for spill sesh is ridiculous. she is allowed to have an opinion and those lip glosses and the campaign ARE a mess. he is not untouchable! i really liked the vid, you don't have to apologize, keep doing what you do!

  6. That pic of Jeffree Star looks like one of those bad photo editors that make your face look mangled. Absolutely shocking and scary.

  7. It's not just that shade, all the ones that had pigment (aka not clear + glitter) were streaky and settling into the fine lines. I think his gloss is a flop, I love his older stuff but everything he's released since Blood Sugar has been pretty bad. ETA: Nope, actually the glittery ones are streaky too on the model photos…and that's on someone WITH filler, just imagine without.

  8. It’s like no one has heard of avant garde makeup or editorial makeup. Sure it’s not an every color, but there are creative people out there who would wanna try it. Even if it’s a bad shade, there are a ton of good and better shades. Big deal.

  9. why is no one talking about the fact that crystal kiss was never swatched and doesn't appear in pr packages

  10. i feel like diet freeze might look good if it’s worn very sheer. i think something that made the photo so unappealing was that it looked layered up, but sheer or on top of another lipstick might look good. then again, it’s all a personal preference.

  11. Am I the only one that kinda likes it..? I think it would look really good far away.. keep in mind the pictures are super up closed.. no one is gonna be looking at your lips that close up 🤷‍♀️ it would be really cute at a festival

  12. Make up in and of itself is completely personal, if you don’t like that color don’t buy it Jeffree liked it and it’s Jeffree’s line so I feel like he can literally make whatever color he wants and it not matter… But you know whatever.

  13. why is this such a big deal? if you don't like the shade, you don't have to buy it. nobody is forcing you.

  14. I love how every video on YouTube that has a Jeffree Star name on it, most of its comment are Jeffree STAN AAAFFFFFF

  15. Yall when you see this gloss and dont understand they are made to be lip toppers: 🤡🤡🤡🤡

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