Is China Interfering in US Elections?

On this episode of China Uncensored, A foreign country has been interfering in
our elections. Guess which one! The CIA says China is undermining the US. And if anyone knows about undermining a country, it’s the CIA. And finally, fingers crossed for a trip to
Tibet! Sadly it probably won’t be free. This is China Uncensored. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. A foreign government is interfering in US
elections. And President Trump is tired of letting Russia get all the credit. This time, he’s talking about a different country in particular: China. Speaking to the UN Security Council, Trump said, “[China does] not want me or
us to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade. We are winning on trade. We are winning at every level. We don’t want them to meddle or interfere in our upcoming election.” And that had to be a bit awkward. I mean, the UN Security Council is only five
countries. And China is one of them. Well, Russia is also one of them, so I guess they were relieved. Is the Chinese Communist Party interfering
in US elections? Yes, but not like Russia. Internet bots are for amateurs. More on that in a future episode. According to the new director of the CIA, China is working to diminish US influence
around the world. She specifically talked about how the Chinese
regime promises loans to many developing countries, which they can’t repay. On paper, China is investing almost a trillion dollars as part of its Belt and Road Initiative— an infrastructure plan where China gives developing countries massive loans. So far, the actual amount spent has been less than the Chinese regime promised. Which is actually a good thing, because those loans have been trapping those countries in debt, while Chinese businesses extract resources and often do very little for the local economies. Yes, why would any country ever want to do business with anyone else? Now believe it or not, US-China relations
aren’t doing great. I know, shocking, but there are some warning
signs. Just two days before a planned meeting between a top Chinese naval officer and his US counterpart, the Chinese side called it off! At the same time, China denied a request from a US naval vessel to enter port in Hong Kong. This is not a first. In 2016, when everyone was freaking out about China building military facilities on artificial islands in the South China Sea, the ones they said they would never militarize… China also denied another US naval ship from entering port in Hong Kong. The ship denied entry this time, the USS Wasp,
responded, “Roger That. We’ll just buzzzz off.” But that doesn’t mean there can’t be friendly
military exchange between the US and another part of China. Namely, Taiwan. Which communist China believes is a province, but most sane people believe is a country. The US is selling 330 million dollars of weapons
to Taiwan. Obviously, the Chinese Communist Party is
unhappy. So they “urged” the US to cancel the deal, or risk doing damage to US-China relations. I believe that ship has already sailed. That ship is the USS Wasp and it’s somewhere off the coast of Hong
Kong by now. Some good news for a change. The Vatican and the Chinese Communist Party are close to finalizing an agreement that will change the lives of Catholics in
China. No, it won’t stop the Party from tearing
down churches. Or get the Party to stop forcing people to replace pictures of Jesus with Xi Jinping. Or stop Christians from being killed for their
organs. But, so far the Pope will agree to recognize 7 Catholic bishops appointed by the officially atheist Chinese Communist Party. I don’t think the Pope understands how to
negotiate a deal. Maybe he should get some advice. And finally, planning a trip to Tibet just
got a little easier… well, okay it’s not easy. US citizens are still banned from travelling
there. I think it’s because we just couldn’t
withstand the sheer joy Tibetans feel about being liberated by the
Chinese Communist Party. Yeah, that looks like joy… the same way this looks like being liberated. But the US House of Representatives has passed a new bill that will deny US entry to Chinese
officials who prohibit American citizens from traveling
to Tibet. Will this force a change in Tibet? Who knows? I mean, if the Chinese regime didn’t change
for the Beastie Boys, are they really going to change for a bunch
of congressmen? So what do you think? Leave your comments below. And before you go, now is the time when I answer questions from
you! The loyal members of the China Uncensored
50-cent army who support the show on the crowd funding
website Patreon. Charles Walter Brooke asks “Chris, which High Ranking Member of the
Chinese Communist Party would you most like to Interview, and Why? And, What kind of uncomfortable questions would you like to grill them with?” Well, besides obviously Xi Jinping— who has not yet responded to my repeated requests for an interview, by the way— I’d like to interview Wang Qishan. Wang is Vice President of the People’s Republic, and more importantly, he’s Xi Jinping’s
main guy in charge of the anti-corruption campaign being used to purge all the officials Xi Jinping
doesn’t like. I’d ask Wang Qishan to give me the dirt
on all the corrupt officials that are next on
the chopping block. And I’d bring a wheelbarrow, because there’s gonna be a lot of dirt. Thanks for your question, Charles. And if you have a burning question, first, you should probably have a doctor check
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  1. China is by far the greatest threat to America and the world. I'm an Asian-American legal immigrant and now naturalized citizen who voted for Trump. Trump is the greatest American President since at least JFK and probably since Lincoln. Stay the course. #MAGA

  2. "We urge the US side to immediately cancel this deal and cut off military ties with Taiwan to avoid doing serious damage to China-US relations." Pffft. ou have to be kidding. All you do is lie, posture and do things which cause damage to US-China relations. You take and you take and you take and you take.. Even when you give you take. Well screw that. You're trampling over people's sovereignty and you want us to cancel the military deal or what… you won't like us anymore? You'll like us less? All you do is undermine us and try to screw us over. Go to hell. I think Trump is a twat and in many regards is the worst president in US history, but his hard line against you is absolutely the right thing to do. Now if only he wouldn't constantly bend over and take it from Putin/Russia…

  3. "transform believers in religion into believers in the party."? Are you fucking serious? And I thought Trump was a narcissist. Chinese dictator-in-chief Xi Jinping can fuck off.

  4. The pope should get some advice from who.. the ghostwriter who wrote the art of the deal? Cause you know that Donald Trump had about as much to do with writing that book as I did.

  5. United States Uncensored, Debt Trap Latino America,
    Extracting Natural Resources and Coup d Etat to legitimal democracies installing Regimes all the region :- O Script written by CheLis ;D and me the Original 🙂

  6. It's Chinese colonialism. The Brits have been doing this for centuries.
    China was created in the image of the predatory marxist globalist central banker criminal tyrants. They use their playbook of corporate fascism and cultural marxism.
    Prison factories, debt slavery and depopulation for everybody. Africa will become the breadbasket of China, as the globalists plan to destroy tge US and it's environment.

  7. More American 🇺🇸 🐔 🇺🇸 bullshit !

    The American's 🇺🇸 🐔 🇺🇸 🐔 🇺🇸 are such poor losers 😆

  8. Yes, China is ready to do every thing to gain its selfish benefits , despite means and dirty , cunning tricks as China used to disunite Asian, as well as finding a way to buy and influence local Australia politicians that Australia had to reform its constitution right away to deter Chinese influence. Nothing is the limit or red line with China unless The US and its allies have to stand up bravely tough against China's every move.
    It will be an extremely scary, gloomy world if China becomes the SOLE POWER in the future.
    China mercilessly kill its own people savagely, China will repeat that killing much more savagely terrible to other races , especially to Japanese and American who are real opponents of China , and used to humiliate, deter China greedily aggressive ambitions…

  9. First election was Russia … Second election is now China … Wondering whose interference shall be future election(s); IF any @ all …

  10. Yes, i was at panda express and they asked if i wanted soy sauce. I was like hold on there. You want me to vote for some soy sauce yo. I called my local leaders and said hey pandas lit my dude. But that soy sauce is up to something😂

  11. China Uncensored Chris whose know by 30 to 50 years from now the Chinese might be standing for election as President of USA…maybe it might get the name change to United States of China instead ..hahahah

  12. read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", the west has done this in the past, China is copying the soft power tactics. It's all wrong

  13. China always lies about their economic statistics and they don't respect copyright or patent laws so how can we trust or believe them when they deny such allegations?

  14. Hmmm, China interfering in the mid-terms in the USA…not surprising. Hey if China can stack America’s congress with anti Trump people (Democrats) personally I really hope that this actually happens. Trump IS a con artist who lies and IS a dumb fuck.

  15. Dear. Americans, the latest report shows that the railway connecting Xinjiang will be indefinitely off-stream to be used for the underhand transfer of Uighurs to China’s many other provinces for imprisonment after Oct 20. The CCP tries to destroy the evidence of anti human rights. Our Chinese people expect the USA can impose more serious sanctions on China’s officials and their relatives who help transferring and imprisoning the Uighurs, and destroying the evidence. Their property in the USA should be frozen, due to their anti human rights. God bless the Americans and all the people who support freedom democracy fairness and justice.

  16. china has siced fienstien on kaunanvaugh,to fight trump agenda her husband china conduit to china and from working closely to shut out conservatives china wants trump out and christian organs of chinese to highest bidder.

  17. considering how much help US companies are in helping to suppress the free and happy people of China. smile' stay happy' or you'll regret it.

  18. Watch out big bald head all ur shit are lie ik u hate china but keep this personal to urself jerk u just doing lie by anti chinese propaganda

  19. This seems like one of your best episodes. There’s jokes and there’s facts. Just afraid if you use too much of the jokes, it’ll get lame fast.

  20. This Channel is FULL of Bullshit Fake News! Do your own research about China! Please don’t just write bad comments about China because of the influence from This channel. I AM NOT PAID BY THE GOVERNMENT, I JUST LIKED TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAND UP FOR MY COUNTRY!

  21. So stupid of trump to name china…if china were to interfer with US elections…they would like trump to win…look what a "great" job he doing…

  22. Now we know more about China and we are more aware of China. It's time to boycott made in China before its too late.

  23. Let's say China is meddling in our political affairs. It's still better than the American way of toppling a legitimate government and installing a crazy dictator that kills millions of his own people.0 I mean where do you draw the line when it comes to criticizing another country when our own country has been involved in real heinous crimes against humanity. Listen we get it….America number 1! But take a good hard look at your own country before you play the hero of the world. BTW get some rogain with your patrion money bro, your looking like a cancer patient.

  24. Great video China Uncensored!!
    This accusation is actually true, China is targeting certain States, in particular ones that are dependent on exports to….. China!! They've put trade tariffs on certain produce that will hit US farmers really hard and will probably tell the World that it's Trump's fault, this could influence American voters next time around. If they believe that Trump is responsible for a financial collapse in their industry, they won't vote for him again. Very clever….

  25. Replace Jesus with President Xi ?? Sounds like the Brave New World to me. Remember how they replace God with Ford ?? 😂

  26. The CCP won't respond to anything but real US actions; & when they pull silly shenanigans
    like refusing to meet with Mattis or cancelling reciprocal ship visits, ships like the Wasp should simply re-direct their regional visit from HK, to Taiwan. Seriously.

  27. Like the casual use of the word 'regime' to describe the government of China. I remember they complained about it to news agencies a while ago, to which any logical person's response would be….well…start treating your people better and stop being such bastards…and then yeah, sure we'll change that. You've earned the title, so we'll keep saying it.

  28. I not a China writer on youtube comments, and your wrong is clear for all too see! The brave lucky strong of number one leader CCP has no effecting. This humor is not strong like writing in red books which show strength of character. I no this and I am born USA to be no connection with China!

  29. I am not surprised this is intended to divert the fact that the AIPAC and Israel has rigged the election. But better yet, such elephants in the room are deliberately ignored . Nice diversion Chris.


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