Ireland’s Matchmaker Has Made Love Connections for 50 Years

(light melodic music) – [Narrator] In beautiful County Clare in the verdant southwest of Ireland, there is a man, a farmer, a local legend, a man who provides a very special service. – That woman wants someone
that looks like Donald Trump. (laughing) – [Narrator] Like I said, it’s special. – [Announcer] This “Great Big
Story” is inspired by Genesis. (cheerful melodic music) – [Narrator] Matchmakers
have been helping couples in Ireland since ancient times and this guy is one of the last. ♪ I went into an ale
house I used to frequent ♪ – [Narrator] Today the
matchmaking tradition has evolved, many matches are made at a
festival in nearby Lisdoonvarna; every year the festival
attracts thousands of people and lasts 24 days; Willie is
at the heart of the event, and to him, human contact is everything. – Oh!
– Let’s do it! – Let’s do it. – [Narrator] This is
Willie’s daughter, Elisha; she’s a matchmaker as well. ♪ No never no more ♪ – That’s the “Wild Rover” now. (cheerful melodic music)

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  1. I love how it says Hobbies: Sex Fishing Golf and Riding (Horse) at 1:36 The Irish are straight forward I guess

  2. Ireland only had a population of 85 until Willie came along, thanks Willie, I'm alive because of you or at the very least because of another Willie

  3. Matchmaking means wishing love and happiness for others.
    It is the proof of a very kind and good heart ❤
    It is a goldhearted family 👍❤

  4. ireland is a beautifull country with beautifull people with it's history nature etc but, this man gave me another reason to love it.i hope someday i'll gonna travel there.

  5. Thank you Great Big Stories. There is nothing but depressing stuff on the media. Really happy you guys make these vids!

  6. Can you guys please help me share this video to save water?
    Thank you
    Great big story keep up the good work

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