Iranians protest after gov’t admits it unintentially shot down Ukranian commercial jet

Protestors in Iran are demanding that the
country’s Supreme Leader resign. This is after the Iranian government admitted
to unintentionally shooting down a Ukranian commercial airliner,… killing everyone on
board. Park Hee-jun has the details.Thousands of
protestors took to the streets of Iranian cities on Saturday… after the government
admitted that the military did, in fact, accidentally shoot down the Ukranian passenger jet, killing
all 176 people on board. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said it accepted
full responsibility. The head of the aerospace division said the
plane was mistaken for a U.S. cruise missile at a time when the country’s air defenses
were on high alert. The Iranian foreign minister said it was “human
error” caused by what he called “U.S. adventurism.” Protestors were furious that the plane was
shot down, even unintentionally, and that the government had lied about the incident
for days. Videos online show crowds shouting for Supreme
Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down. Demonstrators also demanded that those who
caused the crash be prosecuted. The police at the protests fired tear gas. U.S. President Donald Trump expressed his
support for the demonstrations. In a tweet, he said his government will continue
to stand with those he called “brave and suffering” Iranians.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also tweeted support, saying that the people are fed up
with the regime’s lies and corruption. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has apologized
for the “disastrous mistake.” In a statement, he said further investigation
is needed to clarify what happened and that those responsible will be prosecuted.
He also stressed the need to address flaws in the country’s defense systems to prevent
such a disaster from happening again. The leaders of Ukraine and Canada spoke with
Rouhani on Saturday,… both calling for full clarity and justice. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

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