Iran not yet ready for war against US: Walid Phares

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  1. What a stupid question…"is that region on the brink of war?"…that region is ALWAYS ON THE BRINK OF WAR dumbass! Those people have been fighting amongst each other for thousands of years; what makes you think that will change. We just need to protect the good ol' US of A!!!

  2. Iran needs to close the eyes and act like nthg happened, US is way more powerful, think about your children's, Stay Safe We don't want ww3 billions of people will die, and monster CO2 will win the war.


  4. Trump said he will bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. He lied as usual. Keep killing and getting killed!

  5. War is America strong point, lets face it the corruption and the Islamic generals authority was to far reaching in the matters of Iraq and the lives of those under his citizenship

  6. Dumbass Millennials are on here pretended that the Ayatollah isn't conducting war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Gaza. Not to mention all of the IEDs planted by the Quds forces in Iraq that killed and wounded American troops.

  7. Democrats just sent a ilhan Omar to middle east to evaluate the next course of action againts American troops in middle east.

  8. 氣 Iran, 痰 Russia & 劾 China
    Held joint naval drills just days b4 the 綾 US strike that killed Soleimani
    For all of you laughing this off like " Whats Iran gonna do lmao"
    Just keep that in mind

    Who remembers when Trump read that poem about the ?
    Simply put Donald Trump is the snake in the poem & a puppet, just like all the rest
    Presidents are elected theyre selected
    The only difference between him & most of the POTUS puppets is he has a large chunk of the population fooled into believing he's not & that he's the one who will Drain the Swamp
    No, he just removed the gators and filled it w/ venomous snakes
    If you don't think so research for yourself his cabinet members & their backgrounds
    One example being Wilbur Ross, Trump's secretary of commerce.
    He spent 24 years working in the NYC office of Rothschild & Co
    Here's a small excerpt from his Wikipedia page

    In the 1980s,Donald Trump's three casinos inAtlantic Citywere under threat offoreclosurefrom lenders. Ross, who was then the senior managing director of Rothschild & Co, represented investors in the casino. Along withCarl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos.[13][15

  9. So America has just gained a bunch of Iraqi fans evidently!!
    We're doing what they can't!
    Once AGAIN, you're welcome!!

  10. What happen Trump lovers , Trump just started a war , he was blaming Hillary for wanting to start wars . Trump also was blaming Obama .

  11. Good. If Iraq wants to be an allie I'm all for that, that being said, fuk Iran. You are a terrorist state that kills Americans. Your top General was the first to go now out with the rest of the insolents of your country. As an American, we won't stand for the harm you pose to us and the free world. Anyone else wanna get it, you can. You all gotta go.

  12. Trump is ready to hit hard if Iran wants to play games. America and pull the trigger and launch a hammer, a big hammer. Does Iran want this. America can hit a massive number of military sites.

  13. Notice the precision of the drone strikes. That is a huge message to our enemies. It was surgical. He will just decapitate leadership with 0 US casualties

  14. Trump had our reasons to make that call. How many times was he going to be poking the bear before the bear wakes up? How many more people not only Americans must die by this man. Top of that he was over there plotting more mischief.

    Its crazy how the Democrats dont see this. Instead they use it for their political agenda disgusting!

  15. Americans need to know more history on solemani and Iran. for one, Iran sold the United States cone iuds for women of which six hundred American women died! not only that, soleimani is responsible for thousands army soldiers deaths. why don't we hear these details on any of the major news sources including Fox?

  16. Dec.the 20th has changed my life forever!I came to the aid of an awesome young soldier Sgt Donald Hendricks he was enroute to his family in Arkansas when his truck broke down. we all teamed up and Served him so he could make it home for Christmas! We love and respect you and the mighty military.praying for safe return in Marion NC.

  17. Dont waste our time. The US has 800 military bases in 70 countries. Iran could never defeat such a war machine. They got pimp slapped and must accept it. 仄潑儭

  18. Ay quit compensating for ur baby dicks tough guys , remember a little place called VIETNAM?!??
    Oh that's right , we only remember the wars we win 唐

  19. I only hope that any strikes on Iranian targets don't hurt the unarmed, they are captives in their own country, they would love to live in the US

  20. If you're reading this and reside in the US, I want you to remember this day, this one ordinary youtube comment that told you that a very dark day will fall on America, a very severe judgment, one that might be harsher than that of the rest of the world because America is the mother of all evil. Every bad you can think of in this modern age: from pornography, slavery, imperialism, greed, genocide, hatred and racism towards other human beings….the list goes on, all come from America and spread to the rest of the world. Instead of being humble in your "prosperity" you boast of how mighty and powerful you are! And that this GREAT American Ship can't be sunk! You're all delusional and don't see what's right ahead in front of you! Unfortunately, Americans, I hate to break it to you that you time is coming and oh you guys aren't going to be laughing then! History never fails to repeat itself! I don't care how "powerful" you claim to be.

  21. Iran has no chance what so ever to win. A small country with a big dream. Let the war begin if they win meaning Allah really on their side.

  22. Since when Iranian goes to open warfare ?? It's their asymetrical warfare capability that put everybody in pause mode .
    Heck , it won't be long before Iraqis parliement will be vote to oust your troops out of iraq . 'cause no body and i said nobody wishing their homes get in the crossfire …
    If the ousting troops voting was the measurement of succes for the US long term political and economic interest over the region's in your book . Then i have nothing to say anymore .

  23. But why would we wait for them to be ready .. It's not like we are about to play checkers with them.. And say ok we will wait for you to set up your side of the Board.

  24. This may cost Trump the election. Its in Irans interest to make trouble. A Democrat in office is their dream. And the media will not report how disliked the Iranian leadership is in Iran and in Iraq. What a mess.

  25. Trust me Iran is not crazy the will never start a war with america, America would do anything just to full fill the wishes of Israel, to start a war with Iran!

  26. Venezuela has been awfully quiet lately…the next oil frontier. The Soviets already hold interest there. WWIII, anyone? I WILL bring the marshmallows.

  27. I wonder if trump would try to pull some Hollywood ish and take out all the heads of government in one night hes definitely a fan of night hits

  28. We never should have interfered in Iranian and Iraqi politics as far back as seventy years ago. But thats history, and we simply cannot let that history cramp our efforts or erode our resolve to save our own civilization now.

    The Iranian and Iraqi regimes are absolutely threatening our economic status, and if we want to survive, that is to say, if we want the Dollar to survive as the worlds reserve currency, we will have to prevail in the Middle East against direct threats from those who want to trade oil in other currencies. That is the way they intend to defeat us.

    It doesnt have to happen, because unlike our situation in the past, we dont need their oil.

    We are facing the same threat in our own hemisphere: Russia and China are moving in on Venezuelan oil. They want oil traded in currencies other than the Dollar, because they know that will crash our economy.

    If self-preservation isnt enough for a reason to fight this trend, then consider a world where the only choices you have are Communism and Islam, and the two of them are tearing the world apart trying to win control of each other.

    All the political discussion is silly. We have got to pull this country together and dedicate our efforts to strengthen our economy, our defenses, and our resolve.

    We need more than that to stop killing babies and beg God not to abandon us.

  29. Those who don't know how powerful America is just wait because there is a new commander in chief. Iraq is happy about this why other are not just keep praising Iran about it's revenge wait and see if America will not retaliate against them.

  30. In case you thought our military leaders arent idiots … It is unclear who gave the order to impose the embargo on Qatar. Saudi Arabia would not have taken that decision without consulting Washington. Visibly, Washingtons intent was to create an Arab NATO Alliance (An Arab Block) directed against Iran to do the dirty work for us.

    The rest is history, the Pentagon decided to maintain US Central Commands forward headquarters in Qatar, which happens to be Irans closest ally and partner.

    A foreign policy blunder? Establishing your official headquarters in enemy territory, while unofficially redeploying part of the war planes, military personnel and command functions to other locations (e.g. in Saudi Arabia)?

    No press reports, no questions in the US Congress. Nobody seemed to have noticed that Trumps war on Iran, if it were to be carried out, would be conducted from the territory of Irans closest ally.

  31. Iran has been at war centuries with other countries in the Middle East. For us to think that they're not ready for war is dumb. Same ppl said Irak wasnt ready for a war against the US and 16 yrs later we're still there. Cuz we need another war now. We're fighting the Saudi's war. Why? Did we forger the 9/11 was perpetuated by Saudi nationals. Or is that okay cuz Pres Trump likes tge Saudi's?

  32. Neocons should all support Trump and Americans should praise Trump for creating more Military Jobs. Get ready to be drafted.

  33. People are making a lot of money off all these wars. War is worth trillions and trillions of dollars. No other sector of the economy moves more money.

  34. I suspect there are going to be some out of this world military hardware is going to be seen,lets hope this doesnt escalate…

  35. USA have to fight 171 million Jihadists. Ever read Sahih Muslim? According to Shria Law Pakistan have to declare war on USA. Pak have 150 nuclear weapons (IRBM…). Five minutes to target. What will Russia do as close friend with Iran?

  36. American people are very naive to think that Iran wont fight back. Dont forget Iran kept the Syrian regime in power while the west backed free Syrian army and try to over throw the government. Iran defeated isis and isil where the west failed. It says a lot about a country.

  37. The seven year war, according to bible prophecy, will be happening soon. According to a Chinese prophecy, the war between China and US should take place around 2023. With that war, the end time prophesied by Nostradamus, should be around 2030.

  38. Iran may not be ready, the Angels from heaven is definitely on the move to make things happen, and the messiah will be ever prepared for the end time to take place!

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