InternetAristocrat's guide to SJW's (Social Justice Warriors)

when is this sjw shit going to end oh well man you got a you have to understand what that is let's just you know sidetrack let's talk about what social justice warriors are because I've noticed there's a lot of fuckin confusion and people related to the gamergate thing don't seem to really understand what that is they think it's an attack on people that are I don't know activists or people that believe in shit well I'll tell you exactly what a social justice warrior is and why they exist so you've got this generation right Millennials and they grew up right as the PC era began and it's important to understand that because in the PC era education took a new track and when they looked at kids in school they said hey you know what instead of addressing behavioral problems we're just going to ignore them so from now on everybody's a winner everybody's gonna get a trophy everybody's kid is special they're they're beautiful they're elegant nothing they do is wrong they should never be held accountable for any of their actions okay and this is this thing that these kids grew up hearing day in and day out and a large majority of them once they became adults became extremely narcissistic because they've been raised on this idea that they are special look at all those trophies they've got that must mean something I mean sure they're all fucking participation trophies but they're fucking trophies nonetheless so they grew up hearing this and they they get this ego they get this narcissism that they're the center of the fucking universe now when you combine that with technology right with all these smartphones and tablets and laptops and then social media services like Twitter and Facebook it just adds fuel to the fire because now that person that thinks in their head that they're super special and that everything they do is really important can now tell everybody about how important and how special they are because absolutely everybody has to know that I just took a shit so I better tweet that out everybody absolutely has to know that you know my fucking favorite color is blue let me go on Facebook and tell them the world needs to hear this shit because I am the center of the fucking universe so that's what you've got you've got these group of people that are super narcissistic and they've got the technology that just adds fuel to the fire right and then here comes these really crazy social justice warriors and they tell these people the one thing they really want to hear and that one thing is nothing you do is wrong the reason your life is shit and the reason you feel unfulfilled and things aren't going your way is because somebody out there is oppressing you if you're gay it's the straight guy he's oppressing you if you're a woman it's a man man you know men are oppressing you if you're transsexual it's those it's as horrible sis people are you minority are you black guy while all those white people they're holding you down so now you have a narcissist who's essentially been told that oh my God all the things in my life that are wrong aren't a result of my shitty fucking personality instead I'm being oppressed by everybody and now it never ends because if they ever admit to themselves that the bullshit they've been sold is untrue it means they have to look at themselves and say holy shit I'm a dick and that is why it's grown fucking out of control and in these groups of people of these social justice warriors they're not activists you look at the group's they've infested and destroyed and there's a long history of it go look at the science wars go look at somebody like Sokol who was talking about all these you know post modernists coming into stem-related fields and wanting to write articles about how chemistry is racist and how gravity is sexist and all this crazy shit and here's this these people in science are like what the fuck are they talking about this is insane but it was another example kind of you know pre-internet of these people doing what they do best is they infiltrate a co-opted and they fucking destroy something you could see examples of that happening all over the place go look at Occupy Wall Street what is it it's a movement right and what was that what did it start off as real simple fucking message right we don't like corruption who the fuck is gonna disagree with that who's gonna say no no I want my politicians to be corrupt and I want to get bent over a table so I can get fucked by a bank that sounds super fun that's a platform I'm gonna run on like nobody would be against that message so you would think these people would have an opportunity to really connect to mainstream America but what you see happen is social justice warriors see this going on and they're like oh hey I can latch on to that and fuck it up because I'm a narcissist who doesn't think anything I do is wrong so they join this group and instead of being about you know getting corruption and out of politics and making bankers be fucking responsible they change it into shit like native American rain dance rights and no rape zones and really bizarre shit that really doesn't make any sense and then they introduced something called the fucking progressive stack cool look up that video on YouTube if you really want your fucking mind blown the progressive stack introduced that Occupy Wall Street it essentially tells people we don't care what the merit of your idea is or what your argument is all we care about is where you rank on the oppression scale so white guy you're gonna speak last because you're white and you're man but the transsexual midget and wheelchair that's the person we want to hear from because they're the most oppressed here sure they may be completely fucking retarded and nothing they say is important or makes any sense but they're more you know they're more oppressed so we have to hear from them first and so it started to drive away people it drove away people that were passionate about it and drove away people that were moderates about it and it left all these fucking crazy people and it collapsed on itself look at a theism look what fucking happen to them you know all fedora jokes aside and all the you know bananas up the ass jokes aside you have this group of people that say hey we're logical and reasonable and we don't believe in God yada yada yada we have our own little conventions we go to and tip the doors at each other until the fucking you know Sun comes up whatever and they've got their speakers they have the prominent figures that they really love you got Dawkins and other people like that but what happens well somebody says hey atheism is not good enough you need to be atheist plus you need to be atheist plus a feminist plus a progressive plus a social justice warrior Plus this Plus that Plus that and if you're not that we're gonna tell you you're sexist and horrible so all these atheists are like what the fuck are you talking about this has nothing to do with any of that shit it's just about religion that's it that's all we're really here to talk about you know hmm so they come in and they fucking record and they shut up the community they attack people like Dawkins Dawkins who is a figurehead of this fuckin movement who they all respected you know whatever your personal opinions of them aside they liked him you know that was kind of one of their guys they liked him and so he asked the woman for a cup of coffee and a fuckin elevator now you know the Atheist Plus community is like what a rapist are you kidding me so it completely fractured the community and they had to fight against that to pull it back together that's what's happening in gaming now you're seeing a narrative being pushed by extremists and that's what your social justice warriors are they are not activists it's not the you know the LGBT it's not the transsexuals it's not the feminists social justice warriors will fuck you off no matter what you believe in they are narcissists they don't care they're liars and manipulators and they will use you to make a profit that is what they are out to do that is all they care about doing and it is a tactic a lot of people have seen look at this gamergate thing and not your shield look at the people who've jumped in and talked about this you've got the most hardcore of conservatives who've been watching this happen and have jumped in have made commentary saying this is kind of fucking retarded what the gaming press is doing you've got you know different minorities you've got gay people and transsexuals and you've got the straight white male dude bro kind of shit you've got people far left-leaning you've got anarchists and communists you know people that are in capitalism people that aren't it's all these different people and they're all saying the same thing we're fucking sick of you pushing this shit on us stop you know the people you're blaming for ruining everything are sick of hearing it we just want to play fucking video games and all those minorities and groups that you say you represent are sick of being used as a human shield to deflect away criticism like it it's social justice warriors use the very thing they're saying they're standing up for is nothing more than a token or a prop they're the most racist fucking people you'll ever meet the most sexist fucking people you'll ever meet they don't give a shit about any of that stuff they don't care what your cause is they just want to be able to hold up the black guy and say you can't say anything to me or I'm gonna call you racist you gotta grab the gay guy and say you you've got to say something about me you're a homophobe that's how they operate and that's exactly what you've seen this past two weeks it is exactly what you've seen this past two weeks that is their tactic that's how they shut people up anytime you criticize them they're the good guys they're there fighting for social justice that's why the moniker stuck and that's why it shouldn't fucking disappear they want to use it right when you say the phrase social justice who's gonna say that's bad that sounds like a good thing but it's a complete fucking con job these people are con artists they're using the newest buzzwords to make the most amount of money and then you've got the extremists and the narcissists that really buy into the bullshit and drink the kool-aid and they go and they fuck up anything they can touch and that's what a social justice work

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  1. As a millennial with shitty boomer parents, I can confirm that this generation got this from their even worse parents…Fuck the Baby Boomers.

  2. They are more like terrorists rather than activists. Disabled people, coloured people and women are the only people who matter to them. Especially disabled people!

  3. Good points you have made Crazy social movements don't last. Most of the hippies in the 60,s eventually got their hair cut ,put some clothes on and rejoined the real world. I hope these snowflake kids eventually put their dummies away and rejoin the real too.

  4. Chemistry is racist? That would explain why the chemistry club I joined when I was an undergraduate is called The Chemistry Klan 🙂 CHEM POWER!!!! 🙂

  5. I'm a professional video editor who is compiling a video featuring all the best anti-SJW clips I've been able to find on the net thus far. I'd love to use excerpts from this video, but I'd need the voice track (minus the background music). Is there anyway you could send that to me? Obviously I'd credit you and your channel in the end credits…

  6. Millennials make me sick , the entire lot of them are raised on Google & think their ideology is fantastic & important , when the reality is they are lame morons .

  7. as a millennial I grew up with people who have became like this thank fuck I avoided becoming like this it actually worries me more for my son then anything

  8. Watch this documentary on the cruel world Social Justice Warriors live in…err create…

    Warning Adults Only

  9. This is not a bad analysis and one that I might use, but the vulgarity is totally unnecessary and immature that make your video less useful.

  10. Always saw the argument against "sjws" as a thinly veiled anger at millenials. You even threw in a bit of anti-social media technology stuff even. Good job, one of the poorest arguments for a sociological matter.

  11. The dirty secret about modern ultra-progressivism, SJWism, oppression politics, or whatever you wanna call it, is that is is absolutely infested with cluster-b personality disordered people.

  12. Currently school is controlled by the sjw s no free speech over anything you look at some one wrong your ass gets kicked XD

  13. SJW's and white guilt liberals are one in the same and this is how they think.

    WHITES are oppressors
    NON-WHITES are victims
    But race DOESN'T EXIST
    Yet i love racial DIVERSITY
    And i celebrate our DIFFERENCES
    Because we're all the SAME
    So let's destroy DIVERSITY
    But only in WHITE COUNTRIES

  14. Getting trophies and ribbons for everything I did had the exact opposite effect on me. It made me believe (justifiably) that nobody is special, and even if you get an award it doesn't mean shit because a lot of others probably got it too. Shame a lot of my peers turned into stuck up. conceited cunts.

  15. This is the Chant of the SJW.
    1. Nothing is my fault
    2. Someone else or society is to blame
    3. If I don't like certain social perspective, these perspectives are racist/misogynistic/ableist/bigoted
    4. The world should accommodate my own personal and arbitrary perspectives of right and wrong
    5. I am not responsible for my own decisions and their consequences
    6. Other people are not allowed to criticise me for my decisions or the consequences of my decisions
    7. My decisions and perspectives should only deserve praise and approval from everyone (censorship can be a tool)
    8. I should have no agency in solving any problem, the world should mold to suit me.

  16. I had to give up nearly half of my friends because they started getting infected with SJW syndrome. It starts by "liking" posts on facebook that speak out against bullying, or sexism, or homophobia and then progresses from there.
    They got so full of themselves that you just couldn't be near them anymore. Glance at a woman twice on the street, you're eye raping her. Get caught singing a rap song while white, you're appropriating their culture, ask why certain minority groups have higher statistical problems with violence and crime and you're a racist. Question immigration laws, racist…
    Nope, I'm a social worker by trade. I focus on helping people in direct need… I'm not out to save the world and I'm not out to jump on trends that are out there simply to make oneself feel smug or self righteous.
    I really hope this SJW trend fades out sooner rather than later.

  17. PLEASE! At some point could you post a segment form a stream he did with Sargon of Akkad as guest when Movieblob Chipman decides to react to what they were saying about him trying to get some kid in UK arrested via Twitter and they pretty much put him in his place after he declared, "Feminist are better then men" by asking him "when has being a white knight ever gotten you laid Bob?" LMAO 
     Anyway thanks for sharing this monologue, he was SO on the nose with SJW douchebags!

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