International Summer School on Conflict Transformation and Social Justice

this is an incredible opportunity for students to be able to come and learn about the conflict about the history but also about the present here in Northern Ireland I'm really interested in how people come out of conflict and so this was just an unprecedented opportunity to come and study that so she first something like this coming to Belfast and probably one of the best places to see that you really do learn about processes to resolve the conflict hearing from people who have actually experienced the troubles is truly once-in-a-lifetime experience I had quite as superficial understanding of the troubles before I came here that's way more depth and nuanced information in it that I had no idea about I wouldn't have known a lot of the things that I've learned here not being here because I got to see it with my eyes the walls just the physical border that this city still has it was just completely shocking to see I don't think I would ever be able to see so much of a country without the built-in field trips I thought visiting London area was very emotional there was this boy who was giving us a tour of one of the museums he had a picture and there was a dead man lying in that photo and it turn out to be his grandfather something like that cannot be taught in a class setting it you kind of have to be a location we're really trying to understand an issue or conflict like this going to storm on that field trip is probably my favorite one because we got to hear from political leaders in Northern Ireland and they were just some of the most fascinating people that I've heard ever speak before I enjoy the professors I enjoyed how much how informative everyone is I don't think I've ever met people who are so knowledgeable about a topic before and every single lecture comes in like a different accent in a different background and I just thought like what an incredible place it's one of the most interesting things that I thought was unique to this program was the fact that it's so diverse it's so nice to be with a German a person from Canada many people who are from the states but have had entirely different life experiences from me as well as people from Australia it's just a really unique opportunity to bring together all these different people from these different places for this kind of conversation Belfast is really unique place to learn concepts that can apply to the entire world you can't truly understand what other people are experiencing unless you travel I'm really excited to go back and share what I've learned here at Queen's it's been amazing for weeks about a lot of fun it really only started my hunger to want to know more about the subjects

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