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PIERRE D’ARGENT: International
law is all around us. We travel across territories
and over the oceans. We buy goods from faraway places. Trade expands. People migrate. Human rights violations are
increasingly complained about. Endangered species are protected. Diplomats meet, negotiate,
and contract treaties. International crimes are prosecuted,
states settle their disputes in courts and through arbitration, and
the United Nations Security Council takes binding measures on member
states, authorizes them to use force, or creates peacekeeping
operations, and so on. Hello. My name is Pierre d’Argent. I’m professor of international law
at Universite of Louvain in Belgium. I’m also practicing international
law as a member of the Brussels Bar and I’m here to teach you
an introductory course to public international law. Public international
law can be considered as the law of the international
community, the law that governance relations between states. But it also relates to what
international organizations do, and increasingly, it concerns also
individuals, corporations, NGOs, and other non-state actors. As the world becomes more
interdependent and more complex and as new institutions are put in
place to make international law more effective, international law is
an exciting, expanding field. Never before has it been so much
relied upon, used, and developed. In this course, we’re going to
try to understand how and by whom international law is made,
by whom it must be respected, and how it is applied. And also we’re going
to try to understand what happens when binding
rules are breached and how it is possible to
seek justice in this world. So if you are a law
student or if you are studying political sciences,
international relations, or journalism, or more generally, if
you want to understand what is international law, what
role it plays in the world of today, how it can be used, or if you
want to be able to discern legal arguments within the flow
of international news and reports, you’re most welcome to
join and take this course.

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