Inside Politics: President Uhuru keeps a low profile

Inside Politics: President Uhuru keeps a low profile

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  1. I fully agree with you.. thanks so much for saying it as it is…We must find the 1 million Chinese and deport them immediately
    this is a national issue. .If we had just 3 leaders like you this country would be very far. Full behind you..

  2. How do u feel mr and mrs analysis now the president is simply just busy doing his work…. bure empty brains being given air time….hate it… the worst of kenya

  3. People do reveal the whole years before the 1986, then the whole years of the 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 years by year revealed by people and the people in the above years and in the Administration of Kenya, Tanzania, UK, Europe Countries, Canada, America 100% universe, overseas, Worldwide 100% revealed by people as the journey goes home.

  4. The King of the Universe. Kenya Country, goals, aims, objectives, policys', alternatives, criterias, turns to the 100% multiculturism and 100% multinationalism and in Kenya Country. The Kenya law, the Kenya Costitution, the Kenya National Anthem Song, the Kenya National Flag. We are made to hearing that Kenya today 2019 we have the blessed one million children from China Country Living together with Kenya Children in Kenya Country, what a blessing we have.?

  5. Greatest jobs creators are when a country goes multinational and multiculturism and when politics and media are shared in the equality of Kenya. The Kenya Constitution.

  6. Create Kenya as the greatest multiculturism country, and multinational country. Kenya where every person will be free, joy, happiness and healing, the Kenya Anthem song. 50% black/50% Chinese people, white people and others to living, dwelling, and in the citizenship of Kenya in future. The dream is been understood.

  7. You people must mind that the presidents communication team cannot communicate without directions from the president. What should they communicate. His Deputy is busy campaigning for 2022 . I don't agree with the lady I saw the presidents wife in Pilot yesterday workings. Have patience and wait None of you knows what he is working on only guess work.

  8. Ms. Seii's brain works like clockwork! A woman with a sound head on her shoulders. A plethora of excuses for Mlev's insubordination. He is on tax-payer payroll, dammit. Where the heck is he, or is he waiting for Mwizi to prop his failed governance?

  9. Uhuru is fine.I think he just had a little too much to drink and fell down and he's recovering from his injuries . He'll be back soon. Unfortunately it won't make a difference.

  10. Kenyans must raise up and diffeat the enemy it is not good when you are in the corner nothing can go ahead until you have something that shows kenya will never go ahead if some leaders dont get what they want kenya is for everybody whether you have or you dont allow that because if al over use if bring problem because we are not listerned too. Kenya will be like hell .

  11. The only government that gave hope and joy to kenyans was that for HON Kibaki and coalition even upto now after their seven yrs in power they are still in finishing the super progect that were in blueprint of kibaki legacy .This Uhuruto sweeped minds of Kenyans like brokers they all promised all impossible ,ooo 9 stadiums yet non upto now.ooooo 50 dams nothing…….total nonsence ,importation have now become too hard in this government.

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