In Search Of The Next “Trump’s African-American”

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  1. A black man will stay with trump as long as trump keep going to war with china men. so America a be able the take china yellow women an land know rules in war black man just want the booty America is over populated with mix kids from white vinalla women in America by black man now the flavor is gone out of America there's not Harley any white vinalla booty left white man got mad for a while but,Our black woman gave them some now black man want to take china cause china want let us in too plant our black seeds in there women's on there land

  2. There would be cook out, hang out, vote out, look out. Wait a minute. That was a question ok. Question. Full stop was wrong. Puruumpurumm.

  3. “What’s up with that hairstyle?!”

    It screamed Indian accountant for a second I thought this guys definitely is a Rajesh or Karan. He gives me Karan vibes you know, he definitely has some South Asia in him.

  4. Will then the ones was Democrats turned and voted for Trump.
    Those ones go after but was very funny.
    But at least it was good racist card.

  5. White trash Nazi deplorable those racist words .
    What have too do get Democrats too vote him out office.
    Focus we have lost one that would have gave good run towards Trump.
    Too me it dont matter 5 year's of the same old garbage the people are tired.

  6. 😹🙌🏾 I’ll be Agent Orange’s African American, for full health benefits, $50 an hour, and a guaranteed 40 hr work week! I’m gonna need the lawyer money for when I’m eventually indicted along with the rest of his administrations officials. lmfbao

  7. Oh come on….there are many thousands, even millions of "people of colour" and ethnic "minorities" who vote for Trump. Just ask yourself why!

  8. WOW the Dems are desperate. Trump got 8% black vote in 2016. Three independent PRO Dem polls all have the black vote at 33% WINNING WINNING WINNING

  9. If Q is a conspiracy then Stephen should should cover it with some jokes , if it's a conspiracy you have nothing to worry about , same goes for MSM , you need to ask yourself why will they not break the story down like they do every story " or did in those past days of journalism . That's one of the best past experiences I've liked about CNN , end it once and for all , talk about it , bring it to the door front of every news organization, and let's put it to rest . Sound like a good plan Stephen 👍 . There is a barge outside Gitmo that's come rest there , just maybe they have a room on it for you.

  10. that made a german heart jump around
    just get rid of trump and try to polish the republican comunity.

    83,632,394 people from my country send their regards

  11. "An African American" that says it all…and the fact Republicans and Trump supporters think saying that is ok says even more.

  12. black peoples always playing racism card against white peoples for fame and money . They don't care about America they only care about Racism topic again and again……………. In 22nd century they still talking about Racism again and again……… Infinity…..

  13. Colbert plz for god sake make jokes about other people and stuff then only Trump trump trump trump…

    Come on it is getting ridiculous and Pathetic

  14. The moment he referred to them as “black voters (or African Americans) would be the moment I also knew he won’t get my vote. Americans share a love for our American democratic system and don’t want a dictatorship. Period. What does skin hue have to do with it?

  15. This was refreshingly hilarious. First, we need to hear MORE from actual African Americans, and not the weird "balanced" conversation panels CNN hosts. "Can I look at Trump however I want?" and moonwalking away are comedy gold. Second: I just LOVE how SMART the Colbert Show is with this topic – free of any vulgarity and ALMOST no swear words (2 bleeped words). It can be shared quite freely. Certainly my child will see it!

  16. When Trump comes up with an initiative to reach out to African American voters, what he is actually doing is ignoring European American voters. Trumps interest lies in reaching out to European America so that’s what he should do. Then he won’t have to come out with lines like “My African American”.

  17. I grew up in a very racially and culturally diverse city in NJ, a city where every race, language, culture, religion and lifestyle was represented. I have never, nor have I ever heard anyone else, refer to someone different than them as “MY Mexican”, MY Puerto Rican, MY Greek Orthodox, MY gay, MY AA, MY Italian, MY White, MY Jew…. it sounds so disrespectful to hear him refer to someone that way.

  18. The guy at 4:02 really wanted to say the n word lol, the way he pauses before he says African-American is hilarious, you can tell he's biting his tongue

  19. I could not stop laughing! This was so funny. I don't ignore why I hope Trump saw this 😁😄😆😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  20. HAHAHAHA Stephan that was hilarious. I have strong felling not just our AFRO American, Hispanic American's, Asian American , and Anglo American bro's would take that job. Maybe if Jim Jordon did Blackface, and did a little soft shoe nobody would notice. THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing epic levity to such a serious issue. I don't have any remorse for enjoying watching his swamp people pulling their fingers out of the holes in the ship. Because spoiler alert: It's fyna sink!!! Melania is the closing pitcher to by the way. She obviously made more than Stormy dot dot dot I'm kinda anxious to when she hit's him with a brick…stay tuned this shits fixing to get super toxic. Thanks again Stephan you da man bro!!!!!

  21. I would LOVE to know how much Ivana and Marla Maples are being paid to keep their pie holes on lockdown!! I’d pay to read that book!!

  22. I hope you asked all the people interviewed if they're registered to vote! And helped/encouraged them to register if they weren't.

  23. I know it's more difficult than in other countries… but ALL people of (whatever) color should register to/ and VOTE, also all women… if any of these seriously support Trump, you have serious problems….

  24. More than 120 million black africans have been killed by islam.

    Tears of jihad.

  25. Haha are you kidding!!! I wouldn’t hold my breathe on this racist creep !!!! Trump is so fake and hypocritical every time he opens his mouth it’s in trash mode.

  26. 5:20 It looks like that they have selected either mostly uneducated and primitive blacks from Harlem, or blacks in Harlem are just uneducated and primitive as these in the interview. I certainly would never like to live together with them in the same city.

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