Impeachment hearings live: Public testimony from Marie Yovanovich – Day 2

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  1. Them Republican Congressman sure sound like they need some KY Jelly to help with their obstruction problems. Jordan talks so fast because he doesn't want people to understand that he says nothing.

  2. I hope the dem's keep this up…they're digging their own graves! I was a democrat back in JFK's time…when they were Americans…sad! They're on the side of those who murdered their best President!

  3. Strange how the Democrats continues to find fault in Our President Donald J. Trump for his interest in 2016 election. I’ll repeat the 2016 election. Looking into the corruption that has spilled over to our Country. With the assistance of Democrats and diplomats and their corruption in, the once again 2016 election. Now they the Democratic Party are trying to impeach our President Donald J. Trump for trying to reveal the truth about allegations accusing him of being a President. If dirt was reveal to an American Ambassador to Ukraine would she be responsible to expose this corruption. Once again in 2016

  4. Trump and the GOP are disgusting! They're not Patriots! Get them out! Ambassador Yovanovitch is clearly above reproach! She is the true PATRIOT!

  5. He Adam S. Marie Yovanovitch lost her job. Not an issue here. Why? Remember::”EMPLOYMENT at WILL”. That’s it. Just like James Mattis and Rex Tillerson. Besides that TRUMP has the Apprentice show you’re fired.

  6. ok….give her a medal and still fire her….this woman is mad cause she got fired….being on the books for more than 33 years and she is so comfortable she dont want to lose all that travelling….hahaha

  7. Maybe she wasn’t tough enough on corruption. Has she ever went to the frontline of battle in Ukraine like Ambassador Taylor

  8. We all know Putin controls Trump. Be it money or videos or both. The republicans have sold US out. Any one who does not have their head deep in the sand knows this !

  9. adam shift is a full blown bubble eyed mental case or part of a sick political grasp for power.. so sickening to realize how corrupt out leaders are. so weak and pathetic.i guess their masters are training them to keep power so that they can get paid like obomba with his ris from a million dollar house to a five million dollar and upcoming a 14 million mansion.. yeah organized crime.. the true crime is with the Clintons laundering money in Ukrainian banks.. this is just the media trying to obfuscate the clinton corruption

  10. the media no longer relies on real stories or sources.. just inflammatory catch phrase to lure viewers for ratings.. anonymous names .scripts written and prepared for them by sources that the reporters. who are now truly just talking heads.

  11. lets get back to the child sex and torture rings with the clintons being heavily involved wonder if this is all part of the distraction being orchestraded by the Clinton foundation what with the Jeffrey Epstein horror??

  12. This lady already serves for thirty years and she is suppose to retired. I don't understand why all those Democrats so sympathized about her removal. Although she is still working in the State Department

  13. What a complete waste of tax dollars this hearing was today. Another person who has no relevance to the call. Trump can fire her at will so what was the point of this witness at all?

  14. What does Obama not sending Javelins have to do with trump withholding a half a billion to Ukraine (for money that they need to remain 'free an in cases alive') in Exchange for an investigation into Biden (trumps major rival in the coming elections) Also – they can BUY Javelins Also – Obama's committee had interest in the negative perspective the public may have.

    The issue at hand: " is it an abuse of Presidental power to ask the Ukraine for information that he could levy to make his political gain. And the information could be levied. Even if Biden has connections.

    Second – Russian was proven to have meddled in trumps campaign to arguably assist in a win / Ukraine was not proven to NOT HELP a president win. . .But he won. And though Russia has been proven to have meddled to the benefit trump. We kept the vote.

    Is Biden the best candatite. Maybe not. . .is it an abuse of power to look for information that could be levied in the next election? Yes. It is a very convientently timed priority for the Trump administration to decide they should search into the meddling from a private company in Ukraine for the upcoming elections. Though…. This is the same person who openly asked for meddling from China, Russia, Ukraine, and all that's a fact.

    Not a never Trumper. But there are a lot of contradictions. It is an abuse of power, a danger to a Ukrainian stance in freedom negotiations, and a risk to their lives (families and children.) It is simpler to provide the aid…and address the possibility of Biden's connection through proper channels. Proven, because it's now an impeachment hearing….stop the show.

    Let's talk about California power & fires, Australia's state of emergency due to climate change, Venice flooding, and a ruling legislation that does not support climate change prevention and advocates the continuation of fossil fuels – which have been know to induce the increase in climate change since the 1930s. Also. .if we are pro investigations into candadites.Taxes please 😲?

    What is really best for the American people, for us?…gettcher priorities straight. We have bigger threats to our nation and should to work together….look at the facts.

  15. The Dems sound stupid, the fake news sounds stupid, this entire impeachment is stupid. Guess what Trump is in a really good position to win 2020. Trump 2020 MAGA!

  16. Yonabitch wasn’t even the ambassador during the supposed phone call. She was fired about 2 months before. Why is she even here? She is just a disgruntled fired swamp creature.

  17. No doubt she has a long respectable history. Trump was hated by the left and she was just another hater that had 33 years behind her, and didn't think she could be touched. She should not have made her dislike of Trump known. She lost her job because of her own actions working against him.

  18. Republicans had closed doors to, and Democrat where not allowed in. Get over it. Democrats had closed doors. And Republicans barged in on a closed door Democrats hearing. And where not allowed in. And got mad about it. Look it up.

  19. Doesn't amount to anything, she wasn't even there, fired month or two before the call actually took place. Basically a character witness for the Dems.

  20. Once this is all over, can we still do the investigation on Burisma and Hunter? Or is all this just a means of diverting attention away from the actual corruption?

  21. Did Trump say this is the first time he’s seeing this are you kidding me He was tweeting Wednesday during that hearing meanwhile he was having a meeting with the Countries leader that attacked our Allies 🤦🏾‍♀️Everything that comes out his mouth is a lie Just shameful 😡

  22. Did you see the Republicans boble head. At the end left /right…ECT. that was funny talk about leaning status. Lol …..

  23. "The Schitt Schow" — Day 3 — or "How do you feel? — An Expose into the Behind-The-Scenes Feelings of a State Department Civil Servant" …. riveting stuff.

  24. A lot of comments here from ignorant Trump cultist who don't know a thing about politics and willfully ignore all the obvious facts. I'm going white river rafting on all their tears once he's impeached, I got my paddle right here!

  25. Republicans were majority in the house for the 1st two years of Trump’s presidency. They could have investigated Biden, his son, Burisma, etc. at anytime during those two years and the Democrats would have had no authority to stop it. Yet it was not until Biden was running for presidency and Trump sought dirt from Ukraine on his opponent for 2020, that Republicans have suddenly shown interest in this subject. Ridiculous.

  26. I'm 2 hours into this woman's testimony and I'm wondering if anything she has to say has anything at all to do with the inquiry.

  27. The Dems to be specific Adam Schiff and Nancy polesi should be ashamed of themselves for even bringing up this fake, deplorable and unprecedented gossip, jokes and stories called impeachment cos it is a "hoax:.

  28. Now she's testifying on what she thinks President Zelensky thought? Seriously? A man she never met! This can't really be the Dems strategy. This farce is the reason Trump will be President again in 2020.

    Edit: Now she's testifying about what Putin thought immediately after saying she didn't know anything about it.

  29. A bully is always a bully Adam has always got the top bunk an evil dude. I've watched this several times sorry folks this was staged and she was carefully prepared. The commentators were also given a narrative to follow. Pull your head out of the sand. I can't stand our President. However, as a man doing his job I'm forced to stand by him. Put yourself in his shoes honestly and the whole picture changes. Democrats are afraid of TTrump.

  30. Counsel, imagine your Boss talking to another boss (not of same company) that you are bad news, and you'll be going through "something".. How would you feel.. Duh..

  31. just a cheap stunt by the democrats to distract the public during the elections. Shame on you Biden! (she is bitter that Trump wants her out. Great her closing statement).

  32. God almighty stood beside our founding fathers as they wrote our constitution…no evil can overtake His will for this land of free !

  33. #YovanovichWasGrosslyIncomperent
    While the Deep State (Kent, Taylor, Yovanovich) slept, a REAL professional and defence lawyer was working in the Ukraine to acquire information and evidence ("Guiliani Claims He Has Ukranian Docs Showing 'Collusion' With Dems": ) The fascinating thing is that he passed them to the State Department who MUST have passed them to Yovanovich! Now Democrats are asking us to believe the fantastic proposition that the PRESIDENT CANNOT ASK FOR AN INVESTIGATION INTO A CRIME THAT WAS COMMITTED AGAINST HIM AND THE USA ("… Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire: Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton …"; By KENNETH P. VOGEL and DAVID STERN01/11/2017 05:05 AM EST ( )

  34. The British the BBC the British government the police and the British NHS.All involved in a world wide hidden human rights crime.For years giving a British man manufactured artificial schizophrenia against his will not the brain disease and then the authority figures the government the police Using corrupt psychologists psychiatrists who sign up to this torture technique decide to add medication.
    Remember the British man doesn't have schizophrenia the disease,people in government in science and psychiatrists decided to use torture with frequencies to create manufactured artificial schizophrenia in a British man.Added to this puppets of the government the BBC to think they can con like a fraudulent criminal and tell people it's a joke.
    You think impeachment solves anything the British government give a British man manufactured artificial schizophrenia " do you understand?"not a disease but manufactured schizophrenia with antipsychotic drugs to add to the psychiatrists harm to deliberately torture a ordinary man.If you think this disgusting human rights crime is fake news or made up a psychological ill person taking,Think again.This is real a secret and always remember,the authority figures gave a man manufactured artificial schizophrenia which is torture but chose from 2007 Dec to increase the torture and prescribed antipsychotic medication.If you think your free in the US were not in the UK.
    If you trust politicians on Human rights in the US,you can't in the UK.To steal a human life is a heinous human rights but that's what they are doing every day.

  35. Republicans in both the House and the Senate should file a joint resolution to censure shifty Adam Schiff for lying about “more than circumstantial evidence in plain sight" about Pres. Trump’s collusion with Russian agents in the 2016 elections (which has since been debunked by the Mueller Report), and Schiff’s reading before the House Intelligence Committee hearing his manufactured and obnoxious “transcript” of Trump-Zelensky phone call on July 25, 2019 that presented Pres. Trump in a bad light that started this farce impeachment inquiry against Pres. Trump

  36. #FuckNunes. This is a house intelligence committee hearing. You know what he did before he was in Congressman? He was a farmer. No diss to farmers, but I want to throw coffee in the face of this particular one. Vote Him Out! Vote Him Out!

  37. All those talking heads of CNN MSM MSNBC ABC CBS PBS NYT WaPo and Mockingbird Press Celebrities and Social Media Affiliates have auditioned for their parts to deliver Fake News and Public Disinformation Globalist Propaganda are without a patriotic conscience. They appear as they are because these psycho-pathologically seditious personalities fit their [DS] scripted role models and characterizations. There is no sense trying to reason with them as they're all actors on the Corporate Mass Media Stage well rewarded for being Press and Social Media Prostitutes for the Globalist Agenda and they know very well what they are being paid to do. The only solution is to deconstruct this insidious pseudo-reality MSM social matrix.

  38. hey buddy, get rid of your blatant bias. She works at pleasure of President and you are obviously biased and your wrong headed
    position about Ambassador. Wake up plant.

  39. ambassador is irrelevant and not entitled to that position. she is day to day employee who is not entitled because of her years on the job. 33 years is way too long in such a job. She still works for USA AT FULL BENEFITS. CALL HER FORTUNATE.
    Career diplomat
    doesn't exist. Misnomer, just like a ask her.

  40. What a bunch of obstructing stooges and clowns! And they have the nerve to want the average, clear thinking person to associate their party as being the ultimate example of 'family values', 'rule of law', and 'patriotism', when, in fact, they're anything BUT! ( let's not even get into their brand of 'Christianity…) I was surprised finding myself more annoyed with Elise Stefanik (R-NY), than I was with those two azzholes, Nunez and Jordan. Geesh! What a snarky little __ she is!

  41. I am here to try and make you think innocent people are guilty and guilty people are innocent. If I make the post long enough, you will be more inclined to believe it.




  45. The Democrats speak as if what they are saying are facts, but however it's all hearsay. They are vile and disgusting bureaucrats!!!!

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