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Impeaching Bad Presidents Should Be No Big Deal

Impeaching Bad Presidents Should Be No Big Deal

Impeachment we’re told is similar to a coup d’etat. It’s a dangerous distraction from the business of government, that it’s going to cause national trauma, a constitutional crisis, and even a second American Civil War. There’s no reason to believe any of this. Nobody likes to get fired right, but if there’s any country on earth that’s pretty comfortable with the idea that people can be fired it’s the United States of America. Not only are we basically okay with this, America actually pioneered the idea of firing people as entertainment. You’re fired. Now people often say that you know the presidency is such an important job, it’s such a powerful office that we depend on, it’s so much that the bar to removing a president should be very high. It seems to me you know the logic works in the opposite direction. Somehow we’ve decided that the one job in America that gets the most job protection is the one where you actually get nuclear weapons, which doesn’t seem at all sensible. It’s time for this madness to stop, to put this behind us, so the Congress can get on with the real issues. We should be tackling, real problems. We could have lower prescription drug prices today but Pelosi won’t bring those bills to the floor because she’s infatuated with impeachment. And we are voting today perhaps to paralyze our government. Yeah we always hear that impeachment might paralyze the federal government which, you know for some of us isn’t the most terrifying prospect. The fact is the business of government, for good and for ill, goes along more or less as it has been during an impeachment process. In fact just before Thanksgiving the Congress voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act and extend NSA surveillance and metadata collection. So for better or for worse impeachment does not paralyze the federal government. This is a modern-day coup d’etat, Mr. Speaker. It’s not easy to make a coup attempt boring, but the Democrats found a way. It’s a sham, a witch-hunt, and it’s tantamount to a coup. They have wanted to reverse the course of the 2016 election. The impeachment would only reverse an election if it installed Hillary Clinton, in this case, instead of Mike Pence. And what kind of coup is it that replaces an elected president with is also duly elected hand-picked running mate? I hope that we will finally move past this nightmare. It’s the political equivalent of capital punishment. I’m afraid it will cause a civil war-like fracture. These chambers will become the incinerator of the Constitution. Our long national nightmare. A lot of people really do think this is a national nightmare or some kind of regicide. Something, something that we should only do in fear and trembling. The framers weren’t nearly this emo about impeachment. Impeachment is a legitimate, peaceful, constitutional process by which the people’s representatives decide to give the president an early retirement before his term is up. Our limited experience with presidential impeachment shows that they tend to demystify the presidency. You are reminded that these are extremely flawed human beings and we’ve suffered no discernible harm from our three prior serious attempts at presidential impeachment. And at least one of them did quite a lot of good. I shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. Post-watergate Congress’s didn’t stop at driving Richard Nixon from office. They addressed a lot of the abuses that he and his predecessors had committed while he was in office. You had a strengthening the of the Freedom of Information Act. You had the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to restrict government spying. You had the War Powers Resolution, the National Emergencies Act, the Impoundment Control Act, all of these flawed but sincere efforts to put the presidency back in its box, and make impeachment serve as what it was supposed to be, as the Federalist Papers tell us, a bridle in the hands of the legislative body on the executive servants of the government. And the framers of the Constitution are rolling over in their graves crying out from heaven. Some of the same people who talk about, you know, the wisdom of the framers, talk about the impeachment power as if the framers just decided to hard wire in a doomsday device into the Constitution. The framers didn’t look at it that way, they saw impeachment is a necessary constitutional safety valve, or something like an emergency brake on a train. It’s not something you want to use on a weekly basis, but it’s nice to have it around when you need it. Ben Franklin at the Constitutional Convention thought that including an impeachment power was actually favorable to the president. It provided for regular punishment of the executive when his misconduct deserved it, and for his honorable acquittal when he was unjustly accused. I think that’s the way in which we should look at it today.

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  1. Trump recently signed a $1.4 TRILLION spending bill. The impeachment was simply a smokescreen to hide his Liberal policy being passed.

  2. This seems to be off kilter. NO ONE would argue that impeaching the Executive is a bad idea…WHEN WARRANTED. This is the key issue, obv. The checks/balances are there to function a Constitutional govt…not used as political tools. Or political cudgels. It was a fucking joke when Clinton was impeached…only idiots gave a shit then as it was transparently a political move, fraught with bullshit. The current fiasco is no different. There is no there there, and the public knows it…despite the media onslaught and the political shitshow.
    "A Republic, ma'am….if you can keep it.. "

  3. Is very simple
    If he did nothing wrong

    Then he has nothing to fear.

    Let’s apply his own reasoning for spying on Americans.

  4. Imagine being such a Cuckbertarian that you can’t wrap your mind around the idea that a political party had (by design) imported and bought so many voters with free stuff (your money) for the sole purpose of circumventing the constitution itself.

  5. The true danger is not just about this impeachment, rather the process is yet another example of the our spoiled, rotten, "cancel" culture. We've lost the ability to have productive dialogue. We are so polarized that we cannot have a discussion without trying to absolutely destroy another person whom we may disagree with. Silence them. Get them fired. Make it so they cannot participate in the economy. Effectively banish them from society. Everything short of execution (and there are extreme pockets that are advocated even that). With the 2nd amendment confrontation developing in Virgina, we are getting perilously close to a very serious conflict and that would be very frightening.

    Our culture is sitting on a powder-keg and we are flinging matches everywhere. And there are extreme folks on both sides that want to see us destroy ourselves.

  6. The reason the founding fathers decided on an impeachment process was simply because they knew if they didn't they would have the presidents being assassinated! They figured impeachment was better than assassination. Personally I'm not sure if that's true.

  7. This video makes me sick, the people voted the man in, he’s done nothing illegal, if he’s doing a “bad job” then we have to deal with it! We can’t fire him just because some people don’t like what he does!

  8. Impeachment is a one way street.

    commies in power do not entertain impeachment for one second.
    If you think this process goes both ways you need to re analyze the political history of the left.

  9. Well it kind of is a constitutional crisis if a president is being impeached just because one side was unhappy with an election result.

  10. Impeachment without any evidence of a crime is simply wrong and horrible! President Trump has been impeached because the Democrats and leftists don’t like him. To hell with elections, right!!!??? I think not!!!

  11. Gosh, wait until Americans find out about parliamentary republics

    BTW: Parliamentary democracy basically just means that Congress is also the Electoral College, and that it can impeach the President with a simple majority, and immediately elect a new President also with a simple majority.

  12. Your opening statement that we shouldn't believe it will cause a civil war. Civil conflicts have been started by far less.

  13. I agree with the video that impeachnent is not the end of the world. However if impeachment is just going to become an often used political tactic of the party who is not sitting in the whitehouse, does it not undermine the power of election process? I am not suggesting we get rid of impeachment powers. I am suggesting for voters and their representatives to set their bar for impeachment appropriately high as history will repeat itself when it is their president in the Whitehouse. It sounds pretty miserable to have to go through impeachment proceedings everytime we have a majority party change in the House of Representatives. Its probably good for TV ratings though so be careful how much you buy into your favorite TV news channel whether that be MSNBC or FoxNews.

  14. Either this guy is so bias or not smart enough to think through this.. . .

    If an elected president is impeached for no real reason and we can't point to the specific act, and it's only 1 party wanting impeachment…..then it appears to be unethical.

    Also, Trump will face being fired every 4 years you dunce!

    Just wish Reason wasn't acting like a little kid that didn't get there way.

  15. if someone does something wrong and it's obvious that there is no mistaking it then they need to be punished, no matter what side of the aisle you're on you should be able to agree on that

  16. Hearing ignorant fanatics claiming that "Trump has done nothing wrong" after everything that has happened makes my blood boil. In what universe do you people even live in?

  17. Changing the balance of power of the branches of government aside, some pundits say we already are in a civil war. Think of your favorite liberal city/university and guess what will happen if you wear a trump hat?

    Also, doesn't this put yet another barrier between people and their elected officials? Let's have the guys who have no term limits have more power over the guy who has a term limit. Seems like it's moving away from libertarianism. And maybe the fact that it took almost 100 years after the creation of the Constitution for the first president to be impeached tells you how people closest to the framers really thought about impeachment.

  18. I'm not from America nor do I live anywhere even close to it, but you guys are making your country look like such a clown fiesta with this bullshit. Your President is doing a decent job because your country is doing well in all aspects, and you want to smear him and remove him from office on the false pretenses. Your democratic party is acting like the President has done some horrible crime, but there's no proof and honestly even if your President demanded that Ukraine investigate if his opponents did something illegal is that even that bad? I'm pretty sure last few presidents your country had did way worse shit while they were in office.

  19. Yeah because if you can undo Presidential elections on account of partisan bullshit it just protects the established political class who can place their own cronies in that position. The members of Congress and the Senate have no term limits, but the President does. We don't want our president to be a puppet. Fuck trivial impeachment.

  20. I agree with reason on many things and there is some merit to the concept that impeachment does not have a huge impact on our daily lives. After all, impeachment didn't hurt Mr. Clinton much even with an actual crime committed. But how can you ignore the blatent hypocrisy of recent events? Stand for the constitution (except for amendments 1 and 2). Don't abuse power (except having secret hearings, ignoring general house rules of order, and demanding new senatorial procedures). Pray for the president (except for children in school). No one is above the law (except to spy on the other guys). Its a sad day (but there is a "spring to my step" the day after). Don't hate (are you kidding?).

  21. It is not, and never was about, Trump.
    It is about the will of the people being disregarded.
    The people pushing for impeaching this president are actively trying to abolish US sovereignty, they are trying to alter our Constitution to the point where it will collapse.
    Not to mention that Trump has committed no crime.
    It's not illegal to be disliked by morons.

  22. This argument centers mainly around what the framers intended for impeachment when they wrote the constitution, but it fails to take into account how much the presidency has changed since the beginning. The president is far more powerful than he used to be, and it is because of this consolidation of power that we believe it could cause a large problen

  23. I completely agree with the principle of impeachment, the issue is that if Trump has to get it, then everybody in the congress should also get impeached because they are all power abusing constitutional denying scumbags.

  24. Impeachment shouldn't be allowed to be boiled down to "we just don't like the person who won a legal election." Congress and the Senate should be required to SPECIFICALLY bring and address charges, not broad "abuse of power" charges just to waste taxpayer money just because "Vagina" lost. THEY are the ones abusing power, here.

    Needless, I voted Johnson in 2016 (although Trump was the best choice of the two most possible outcomes), and I was already going to vote for Trump in 2020, but I can guarantee that my parents & I have solidified our support for him in 2020 and against ANY Democrat that supported this farce.

  25. Congress didn't hire him. Congress shouldn't be able to simply fire him. The people hired him. The people will get a chance to fire him in 2020.

  26. How to stop impeachment trials from being used as a weapon? The Accusers must spend a decent amount of time in jail no matter the outcome. This would cause hearings that are truly worth sacrificing for. No more petty bickering since a lot would be one the line.

  27. Reason are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. It's very obvious. Listen the guy isn't perfect but the impeachment is one of the biggest charades ever.

  28. We need to impeach Obama he was beyond terrible a treasonous traitor.Actually there should be a speedy trial and hanging.But the two tiered corrupt injustice system is paid off and in cahoots.Media is alphabet boy criminal trash prooaganda as well as the public education.What a joke.So many dumb sheeple…

  29. there's a lot of hyperbole from both sides, but this is an attempt to change the 2016 election. The elites just cannot stand that their designated representative wasn't installed into office as they mandated. They've been trying to undermine his presidency since before he even took office. If they somehow manage to get rid of Trump, they'd start with impeachment on Pense. They'd keep going till they could get somebody in office they would keep the gravy train rolling the way they wanted.

  30. You forgot to mention how the framers did not want impeachment to be used as a tool when you were unhappy with election results.

  31. You impeached a president presiding the longest economic winning streak of all time, after the best jobs report numbers of our lives, and on the day of an all-time market high. Fight me.

  32. Trump is no worse than Obama. Actually from an abuse of power standpoint Obama was an order of magnitude worse. Removing presidents should be hard. Installing them should be more difficult and not just a matter of indoctrination by our media and education institutions. Perhaps limit vi to big to over 49 and able to pass a civics and current events exam.

  33. Why do we seem to think that impeachment only applies to the Executive Branch? If we were really serious, we could theoretically "impeach" 1/2 of Congress.

  34. All the hate that has been spewed by the left and they are the ones who do not understand shootings, violence and claim to be Constitutional "scholars" as well, clueless. They actually make me want vomit when I see them on video or even hear their names. The only thing they have is gall.

  35. Ever hear a democrat after a win in an election? Not a word about the Electoral College but when they lose…different tune. This is not The United States anymore and Pelosi can go shovel a different kind of shit. None of them deserve any respect for their mental midget behaviors.

  36. I feel and I believe if the president is impeached so is the vice president I don't like either one of them too I don't hate them but I don't like I don't hate anyone!!! If you don't like what I said well guess what u can build a bridge and get over it!!!

  37. So if the founders meant impeachment to be more common, then why place limits on it by stating that it's for quote, "Treason, Bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors?"

  38. But this one is different. Johnson there was no real mass media, but Nixon & Clinton there was a clear criminal act. Here is not. Now I believe the President did attempt a quid pro quo, and stopped when he was caught. However, the Democrats have failed to prove anything. And to remove a President with no PROVEN crime. This is destructive to the nation.

  39. 1/10 reason videos are pure garbage and this is one of them.

    Let the dems play their final card and give the next election away. And may they never open their mouths again.

  40. Impeachment is a big deal for any politician. They were voted for to pass or enforce laws. They weren't voted for to be nice father figures, pastors, or anything like it. So yeah, subverting the will of the people over a trivial matter is a big deal.

  41. Junk. Impeachment should be reserved for substantial wrongdoing. This deal with Trump will lead to any president someone doesn’t like being impeached, and doing so based on someone with a different opinion who “thinks” or who “heard” someone saying something they don’t like. Heck, Clinton committed perjury under oath and he wasn’t removed.

  42. How do you define "bad" presidents though? Bad jerk of a guy? Or bad at his job? This impeachment isn't about the job he's doing, but about a single act.

  43. The funny thing about Trump's impeachment is he can go for re-election again even if he does get impeached. And we all know how well he did in 2016, he can get the same results in 2020.

  44. Simple question: what has Trump done to deserve impeachment? I've not heard any reasonable cases for it, and that's why it's wrong. This is political farce, based on emotion and character assassination. They don't like that he is an asshole, nothing more.

    Edit to add: the premise of the video is correct, however the implication that Trump is a bad president, and that impeaching him should be no big deal is ridiculous.

  45. So far every President that has been impeached or were facing impeachment have not been 'bad'. Johnson was impeached for not being strict enough with the former confederate states. Probably the most appropriate position considering we have to become one country again. Nixon had displayed a level of foreign policy unparalleled from the US executive branch. Clinton reduced the scale of the federal government and oversaw the internet boom. The FCC hands off policy at the time prevented the censoring issues other countries now face. Trump has reduced the scope of the federal government, created a boom, and has been pulling us out of other countries' politics.

  46. As best as I can figure, most of our current federal officers merit impeachment. I'd be happy to impeach the worst offenders regularly until they all learn to behave.

  47. I thought this was called 'reason' tv?
    There's nothing reasonable about the impeachment of President Trump.
    Yes people are fired. By the same person or people who hired them!
    In this case the American people at the ballot box.

  48. Yes, impeachment is a valuable and necessary tool to deal with the problem of bad presidents. But there should be something of a consensus that the president is a bad one that needs to be removed from office. In the current situation a compelling case has not been made by the Democrats that Trump's actions constitute him being a "bad President" and so it has been conducted and perceives as being entirely a partisan political process, not supported by any Republican in Congress, nor half the people of the country.

    This video commentary is next to worthless in terms of addressing Trump's impeachment.

  49. Admit it, you guys hate the government so much you would support impeachment of every politician if just to slow down anything any one of them would ever do.

  50. The most job protection? Like cops planting evidence, or killing multiple people in more than one instance, or not interfering with the school shooting, like unionized teachers, like… give me a break!

  51. This is a national nightmare. The founders realized this so they made it take 2/3rds of the senate to convict. And by the way research all those good things that were passed after Nixon and you would realize they did the opposite and have caused more problems.

  52. Let’s also remember as of right now, the impeachment has not been transferred the to the Senate. Also, this guy is no Stossel.

  53. The only US President who did not deserve to be impeached was William Henry Harrison, and only because he did not live long enough to do much.

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