I’M THE JUDGE | Peace Death #3

Top O’ the Morning to you Laddies My Name is Back *Giggles* My name is Jack and welcome back together. My name is back on welcome to Jack you know what? Fuck it Let’s keep that intro – reuse that. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Peace Death I’ve came to the conclusion that it’s not like peace and death. It’s peace death. Like saying Peace Jack. It’s “Peace death” We’re making peace with death That’s probably what it is Anyway, after this uproarious start to the episode and after everything in my life was going right. And my crops are growing and my pores are clearing (what wut), let me get back into it. We haven’t done anything for Señor Mumbles-a-lot over here. The Fury we’ve done a lot for, 400 for this guy Still doing well our old reaper-reaper do.(again wut) Great forgiveness, if you make a mistake for the first time- yeah Because again it’s been a couple of days since I last played it so i might make a few mistakes here and there. Cause now I have fucking purgatory. That’s gonna mess me up!(NO SHIT) (Angry Jack) Utopia, no catastrophes on level. Sure why the fuck not? So now we can have BAAAAAA(Jack your a sheep Baa Baa Bitch) So we’re onto week two oh BAB! This one got fucked up because I’m stupid As most things happen. Things get fucked up when I’m stupid Great okay. Oh, I saw some oh, wait. I’m the equalizer now I thought it was button I could click I love how busy hell is back here It’s very nice Weapon isn’t always harmful reaper Sometimes its effect isn’t as clear as it might be at first sight, right. so I’m lookin’ for blood on somebody they go to hell horns on somebody they go to hell Demon they go to hell blood on somebody that I can click off they go to purgatory and just nothing they can go to heaven And if they have a weapon they can go to hell – I said that already. But now if they have a weapon And they can click it away they go to purgatory. Is that what you’re gonna say don’t tell me that they go to heaven Just let the things that can click off be the ones to go to purgatory so I can get that in my brain and keep that going please Now on anyone strong enough to release a weapon. Should be sent to purgatory. Yes So now if we can click the blood off, and if it can click the weapon off they go to purgatory (yes you smart ass) Okay, good. Go on Reaper. Ohhh shit. hey, Wally Purgatory it is do you have anything you have nothing go to heaven my friend. Hello (zirksies??) (wtf sean) I’m sick of keading clay. I’m sick of needing to work ahahaha GO TO HELL! OK uh no you go to hell. ‘cuase you had, uh, you had a blood where am I you’re here all the time like 400 times You can go into purgatory. There we go taking my time this time. I’m takin’ my time. I’m doing it well Uh-huh the blood on your feet it betrays you. What’s up J? That’s none of this is extra FUCK my ass. Oh I’m getting mad at myself! WHHHAAAATTT? Hello Reaper. What do you do with this claude? I got distracted and lost my chain of thought. Here’s a description pale. asked for a glass of water. hiccups strongly. should I send him to purgatory? no. No, why would you send him to purgatory he hiccuped BURN IN HELL actually purgatory is not hell you’re nice get out You have a weapon but your fucking demons. Why do I even care? Hey, it’s McCree? back in the saddle again Yes, yes, no. hell. Yes, yes, yes, no HELL all right get out of here get out of here Tupac you’re going to hell. Sorry, Tupac. I thought you were just in Cuba, uh, hiding as everyone seems to think you are Yes, yes There we go. Does that finger count as a weapon? no? get outta here ok, a lotta people are asking me why I haven’t seen any of the references as well. It’s hard to fucking read them when stuff is going *snaps repeatedly in front of the facecam* Hi, hey, you go to hell or heaven? Hello friend. New client. I haven’t seen many of those, i need your help Here’s the description asked for a cigarette. claps. requests resurrection. Send him to heaven? Ah, shit. No? Mistake.. fuck! clear conscience?? elevators slow. good day! an unusual visitor knocked me off my rhythm, I need help here’s description. Weeps. Looks at me. Wants a cup of coffee. I think he should be sent to hell, no. blablablablao Hell. Pal blah blah Blah Kevin [Brown] What? Good nothing, buddy. I’ve never seen a funnier client and just try to understand what I feel. Here’s the description showed. Id Showed hid idea what complains about the cold lost interest request resurrection? I think he should be sent to purgatory no Okay, I’m getting it(are you?) work done man(THANK FUCK-GaMiNgNiNjA3210 2017) Work today was hell (OMG Jack that was bad fucking pun) Hahaha, fuck I gotta B again(Well shit jack what are you going to do about that) She’ll be better than that. It currently mess up the dude I send them to heaven when I should have send into purgatory stupid fingers Why don’t you think they don’t cut it like a high five haha those rate my face. I can feel the air blowing it Right a B is not that bad B for bad but B for all so best and BOSS(like the what type of boss) Well you guys won. It was fucking money You have a cat(Kids lets have a rat Jack say its a cat), but isn’t doing anything you’re forever eaten that you still happen like made [me] anything with this hammer And you should really go out and chop down some fucking parity with that site. I’m sorry Fellas She’s how I feel lester forgiveness if you make a mistake during a catastrophe you’ll be forgiven why not an ancient curse breaks the usale course of events I Mean there’s no reason not to buy stuff because I’m constantly going up in school. So yay right [Abb] She’s not the same anymore. I miss[bah] Ah glowing eyes, stop adding shit oh man!!!!!!!! somone obviously watch too many substandard series reaper, ha are we talking about supernatural bah, bah Ha ha I laugh in your face. That was a reference They didn’t get last name it say something about the damn Winchesters, but when two people show up But I’m planning to figure out what the clothes mean I can’t read the description But I appreciate everyone stopping and actually reminded me of what they are in The in the comments because every time I miss one people bring it up in the comments, and then I’m like alright cool I don’t know why this hellish features should be this catchy But if you see creatures with a red glow of the eyes do not hesitate to send them to hell okay, so Soon if they have red eyes I can just send them straight to hell There’s no clicking on them this time, so that’s the stuff. I need to remember I need to remember the sequencing like if I see red skin as in the demons they go straight to hell It doesn’t matter if I click on the stuff if we see red eyes to go straight to hell There’s no point clicking on anything on them it Stuff like that that I need to remember Go on and there’s a Tardis(Docter who anyone no just me ok) waiting for me. I mean deeds You said to shoehorn that reference in their didnt ya Okay, Harold What hello again just try to figure you fucking suck. Do your job yourself? Total joke ask for a glass of water hiccups strongly no Ohhhh didn’t check his best that could have been bad Hey, we’re doing well. We’re doing fucking like I hear what your gold smile haha , to purgatory go fucking hell get out off my face Get out off my face bro I almost said that go to heaven this is going to be a good one wait for it wait for it, Legen Dary Uh-huh, then fucking good at this getting fucking good at it alone. The same guy you just came in [motherfucker] dad leave and get out of here. No no no, haha the blood on your feet it betrays you Ok get out of here cleopatra Hey Doing all right here guys Ah hell you go there you [go]. Hello purgatory bitch the hell bitch purgatory bitch everyone’s a bitch Everyone gets called a bitch when Jacks around that’s what I say to be called a bitch your bitch i am a bitch Everyone’s bitches. Except you . You’re great . Don’t anyone tell you differently No, that was a mistake It was almost perfect. Oh I feel shame having open play me wait. You smell x That’s the smell of stenchy shame right there a [b+] might as well. Give me an f plus still fail It’s a boss over there. That’s me um race. Okay. We’re still doing okay? We’re still fine I’ve damn it great forgiveness if you make a mistake yes, attend school. His victory well, not a bird This isn’t even words anymore Week one was a good week My grades were rising it was perfect Then I slipped a little but that’s because I had a few drinks tonight before and I came into class and was able to concentrate on anything It’s a difficult time for me my cat died and then I in my grades went up again because I really tried hard Then I was like you know what playing that hard. It’s not that great all [the] time I’d rather just have a social life too. So then it had a few more drinks in my great stay the same Then this week I got addicted to heroin apparently and everything’s going terribly for me Why Brady ah The backlash from Heaven as ridiculous as may sound do you think the wings are now a sign of Heaven ? [no], certainly not white go of the eyes Carl, okay wings are angelic things, but why not a halo? What are you even saying even my guy his eyes are like what the fuck. What are you talking about? So, reaper from this day on all those creatures who have clear holy beautiful white light in their eyes go to heaven. That’s me I’m a creature who is clear, holy beautiful white light in my eyes hahaha Okay, that should be easy enough. Can you just send me reds and whites see this is the problem? Where we’re getting rid of people based on their color White I it go to heaven red. eyes go to hell. What kind of message you try to send game Relax go go go blow blow blow blow. That was Dexter But wait, what if they have a weapon or some shit? I don’t know man Go go go blah blah blah blah blah you sound like fucking lost or dead blah blah blah blah Don’t you flash me with that trench coat damon. Sorry? They’re white eyes, but they have liked a Shit-ton of weapons Walling you’re seriously packing heat Blood puddle on the floor panties on [the] head thin I think he should be sent to hell. Yes He’s a blood puddle on the floor terminator No, well, it’s John. Where is John Connor? Oh nice? Haha? Super cool reference I love that Look on you game here. We go. Hahaha Blah Blah Blah Hell, yes Einstein what are you doing down here buddy e equals Mc. Get the hell out of here? right Hiccup strongly once could lost interest complains about cole. I think if you said heaven yes ha blah blah purgatory blah blah blah blah Hell Yes captain eyebrows up to heaven you. Go don’t know if peters Gonna let you in but I runs like that But we can try our best. Get the fuck out of here ah No, hello. Away you to heaven you go? No purgatory for you, oh I feeling this one. Thats a perfect, baby And we called it the wave of victory wait. Thanks. I’m a light because of you What????? The judge and the Judge oh no semi-free I got a great A, yes, boy Reaper i know you that you know what compassion is! I decided om-nom-nom, to devote noe-day to starving children om-nom-nom, but tomorroe i will spend the whole day in the gym Would you like to work the next day for me? Remuneration and, om-nm-nom,honor are all yours Sure why the fuck not Pete I remember you can get to work right? Id like something sweer Reward after work Don’t know. What is trying to go on in this game? But sometimes the attendance is may not make the most amount since the costs instances The fuck was that joke I don’t know anyway. I’m gonna leave this episode here. The game is still super fun I really like it. I like you guys except you because If someone has kind eyes this person might be in a straitjacket Okay, whatever your dead fucking life and soul of the party people call me the reaper You’re the other one doesn’t have anything going on just in your life in general. Yeah, just stop that I Know a gesture to all of you yet stop all of you Anyway, Thank you guys so much watching For this video! If you LIKED IT, PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON!! IN THE FACE!!!!! LIKE A BOSS!!! And High-Five All- Round!!! (WHOOPSH!!! 2x) But Thank you Guys and I will See you Dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!!!(: (“Outros Video “I’m Everything By Teknoaxe”) (=People possible to understand a little insane of this

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  1. Jack: Do u smell that?

    Me: It smells like Chocolate cookies

    Jack: Thats the smell of shame

    Me: Sooooo… Mom didnt cook cookies☹

  2. Game: you’re the judge
    Me: about to break into song SET-
    Me: shook at the reference

  3. When the game said “I’m alive because of you” it was referencing supernatural and when he came back from hell

  4. what mesees me up m,ost is the agent of chaoss or whatever its called the oposite thing in bottom right and that is before inevetable send x to hell (right now they all just go to haven for me)

  5. When the game said about red and white eyes I thought of Alice in wonderland because of the red queen and the white queen

  6. 5:58 jack just said something deep a teacher would say in school better to improve than to stay high and sink, also, jack if youre reading this, you can REPLAY levels by clicking on them and pressing play, you can replay every single one and switch week at the top of the screen

  7. You back get is few second hahahahahhhahahahahahahahhhahahhahahah sorry So hilarious ha 😆🙌 bye jack I Mike I 14 year old

  8. Glowing red eyes?


  9. A+=no problums A=acohall ok not really but ok B+/b=heroin what the fuck C=cristal meth D=blacktar heroin and F/F-=an O.Ding amount of every drug in the world not even pussy shit stuff (minamual anount) all the drugs in the world maximum amount

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