‘I’m back’: Sanders returns to the campaign trail with a boost from Ocasio-Cortez

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  1. Bernie. 80 years old. Just had a heart attack. Is a radical socialist who wants rapists and terrorists to be able to vote from prison. Preaches a 15/hr minimum wage, but doesn’t pay his staff that much money. Preaches Medicare for all, but used private health care after his heart attack. How can anyone support this hypocrite?

  2. Corruption corruption has to STOP. Sanders for Americans for Americans!! The dems are bigger corruption then Republicans….. Dems pretend to work for Americans. They like.

  3. Breaking news….Bernie Sanders exposes how Canada pays for M4all at rally…Canada knows real maple syrup is addictive and we ship that stuff all all over the world at a premium….Tell Trump to build a wall at the Canadian border to stop imports of Maple syrup for America's security…Love from Canada

  4. Open borders and free health care to all immigrants!!! Yay!!! Glad Bernie found some good endorsers. Via la freedom 👨🏾‍🌾

  5. Trump/America …. VS…… Fart pants Bernie and friends who are advocating class war leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. or any fascist variation they can call Democrat Socialism

  6. Lots of conservatives in this comments section masturbating over the thought of Bernie suffering from another heart attack. It tells you all you need to know about those sick f#!kers

  7. "Im not sure that we need people from the center" this kind of bold arrogance is exactly why the center elected Donald J Trump

  8. Politicians corrupted by money and by Power. Powerless 2016 Bernie – For People. 2020's Bernie, self more important than People. Die Hard killing Middle Class. Wake up, vote against this Bernie. He is not the 2016's bernie.

  9. They cheated us out of Bernie last time and now WE ARE BACK! This is the Washington Post channel so remember they will be posting videos like this and then smearing him in the same breath.

  10. Wapo predictably highlighting interviewees who advance the false narrative that Bernie and Warren are the same. One stands tall above the other, and that's the candidate who AOC just endorsed.

  11. If Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders win the nomation in 2020 Trump Will win the Election again. Why there proposing Nonsense and their taking the party far to the left extremely to the far left. Free college and universitys Medicare for all not telling fokes how there going to pay for it. There health care plan will cost 34 triilion dollars that alote of money

  12. His issues are obviously with the insurance part of paying for health care, what the great Obama made everybody buy….right ?

  13. Marvelous the Senator is recovered in such robust health. Now maybe he will stop bad- mouthing the American health system; in many ways the envy of the world.

  14. Go watch CNN's coverage of this rally. I think they say "heart-attack" like 14 times in three minutes lol. No corporate media bias in America! <snark>

  15. he will never be a president . instead of dreaming about Bill Gates money and when it hits your bank account go find a job you pathetic losers

  16. 2020 is the year of the Bern. Especially if you're a billionaire. your time is almost up greedy cuntz. Tik tik tik …

  17. What a joke! Old man who can't retire gracefully after having run a few times wants to show his permanent fixture in every race

  18. "I'm not sure we need people from the center" yeah, no center, and f*ck the right wing. Just silence them all, ban them every way you can. Anyone not woke or progressive is not allowed! Let's GO!!!

    That MAGA train is going to be brutal for some of y'all. Greetings from Texas.

  19. Dumb … TRUMP already make America STRONG ! .. Bernie gonna ruin our country if he ever become President (which he will NEVER will) ..He can't take care of his MESSY hair and yellowish teeth therefore he will NEVER able to take care our country ! TRUMP 2020

  20. They selected just confused people that think Warren and Sanders are the same. Desperate attempt to make Bernie's moment Warren's!

  21. Oh look what a collection of millennial failures illegals and gender confused lefties…. So why not show the whole crowd? oh yeah this is it

  22. These idiots have no imagination, no self-awareness, and they are so exhausted by their own bullshit, so demoralized by loss after loss after loss, they can’t even come up with some fresh ideas or a new way to scream THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN ON THE ORANGE BAD MAN!

  23. Heart attacks come and go, usually within a few years.
    He wouldn’t last 4 years.
    Heart attacks come back, too.
    Next one could be the last.

  24. I haven't smiled so hard since I had my first Candy bar all to myself! God bless you brother Bernie your inspiration will be reflected in the polls. This exactly the type of Old and Angry America Needs!

  25. Lol the democrat party is plummeting we lost over 65% of voters city clerk told me last week she's never seen so many voter party changes in her whole career. They are in big trouble come election time!

  26. Hello everyone, let’s be clear here, Trump got the diagnoses right, but prescribed the wrong medicine. The fact of the matter is many hardworking Americans have lost their jobs due to automation. There is no doubt about it, we are currently going through the fourth industrial revolution, and the government is not providing proper measures to safe guard the financial implications this will have on all of us. To anyone who voted for Donald Trump, is undecided, or who has already selected whom they wish to support. I implore you to listen to just one interview and or speech by Andrew Yang. His policy and agenda is a data based, cost effective, rational, and substantial one. The future of this country must be aligned with a policy that implements UBI. The U.S faces many problems, some of which, are very difficult to solve, but poverty is a simple calculus, healthcare is a simple calculus, human Centered economics is a simple calculus, and climate change is a simple calculus. It’s not left or right, but forward. We need trickle up economics. An economy that works for Americans. Yang2020#

  27. It’s insane to think that this once are the one to take a better care of national resources.. it’s insane the people you have on your plate to carry out socialism

  28. nice framing, picking statements like bernie and warren are basically equal, which they aren´t from and bernie is obviously the better choice if you want real change, to health scare and people who were actually worrying due to media bullshitting all about it. well done washington post

  29. I really dislike the way Bernie sanders supporters dress. They all look the same. Like they took an hour lunch break from a think tank or video game developing company. All so frail and limp

  30. Bernie has my vote 2020! AOC for president in 2022!! I hope and pray she runs for president in 2022 b’cus my vote is reserved for her until then

  31. More than 25,000 people joined Bernie for a rally in Queens on Saturday!!! Bernie’s the clear-choice candidate for POTUS!!! Bernie 2020!!! all the way to the WH!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  32. We need a president that will stand up to the greed and corruption of the corporate elite. That president is Bernie Sanders.

  33. Yaaaay communists who hate the population & want to subjugate everyone. Quick , vote for them so they shut your power off too.

  34. 2018 Amazon revenue = 232billion. Yang2020 VAT tax on Amazon sales =
    223.2 billion to be distributed in $1000 checks to the owners of the
    country. .. even homeless vets will get the $1000 – not a jobs program

  35. 2018 Amazon revenue = 232billion. Yang2020 VAT tax on Amazon sales =
    223.2 billion to be distributed in $1000 checks to the owners of the
    country. .. even homeless vets will get the $1000 – not a jobs program

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