Ike Barinholtz on How the 2016 Presidential Election Inspired The Oath

-Us talk-show hosts, we throw
around “good friend” a lot, but you and I, we’ve known each
other upwards of 20 years. We are real, actual
good friends. -We are, and I have to
come clean ’cause I messed up. -You messed up?
What’d you do, bud? -Well, I was on
“The Howard Stern Show.” -Uh-huh.
-And he asked me. He goes, “Who are your best
friends in show business?” And I said Seth Rogen. [ Laughter ] And, you know, like,
five seconds after, I said, “I meant Seth Meyers.” -It took you five seconds?
-[ Laughs ] Yeah. Well, I was — I was drinking. But I didn’t want to go back
and be like, “No, not Seth Rogen.
I meant Seth Meyers.” Because I’m also friends
with Seth Rogen. -Yeah.
-Much better friends with you. -Right.
-I was at your wedding. -Yeah.
-Wasn’t at Seth’s. -Mnh-mnh.
-Would have loved to been. I didn’t make the cut.
-Yeah. -But you, I did. So I want to say here and now that I’m closer friends with you
than I am Seth Rogen. Screw Seth Rogen. -I feel like you need
to correct the record on “Stern” next time you go on. That’s what I’m gonna be… -He’ll watch this, and that
will serve as the correction. -[ Laughs ] There you go. Hey,
man. Congrats on this movie. -Thanks, baby.
-We’ve talked about it already. It’s so wonderful. You wrote it, you directed it,
you star in it. And it is about — It was inspired by the result
of the 2016 election. -Yes, yes, this movie
would not have been possible if Hillary Clinton
was president. -Yeah.
-So thank you to Donald Trump. -Yup.
-I appreciate it. Thank you, sir.
-He created jobs. He gave you —
He created a job. -He gave me a job.
He gave me a job. [ Applause ] And, uh — He did. My imitation — I imitate Trump, but I realize my imitation
is just your imitation. -And it’s a real
C-minus impression. -Yours —
So, mine’s derivative of that. It’s like a D, but it’s j– [ As President Trump ]
Look, Seth, no, no, no. [ Normal voice ]
It’s that. You know? -It’s really — I actually
think it’s really good. -You really think it’s good? -You look like you’ve put
a lot of thought into it. -Should I take it on the road? But, yeah,
it was inspired by — After the 2016 election,
my mother, my brother, and I got into this huge fight
after dinner about the election, and we started
kind of pointing fingers, and we’re saying things like,
“It’s your fault,” which was crazy. But I woke up the next day.
I was like, “I have to write a movie about a family fighting
at Thanksgiving.” And here we are.
-And here we are. And you mentioned your brother. Your brother, John Barinholtz,
is in the movie playing your brother,
and he’s fantastic, as well. -Speaking of brothers,
Josh Meyers is in this movie. -My brother is also
in the movie, yeah. -That’s right. That’s right.
-There you go. Family affair. -There you go.
Keep it in the family, baby. -And you shot the film — You shot it all
in Chatsworth, California? -Chatsworth, California, is about, oh, 39 minutes
north of L.A. Fun fact — the first film
to be shot in Chatsworth that wasn’t pornography. -Oh, wow.
-I know. It’s nice. Right? Yeah, the mayor came.
-Oh, he must have been so happy. -He gave us a key to the city
and stuff, and it was crazy. I shot my movie where, you know, they shot, you know,
“MILF Hunter 6.” -Oh, wow!
-You know, uh… -What’s their
Planet Hollywood like? -[ Laughs ]
You don’t want to eat there. -Yeah, yeah. There’s so many MILF pornos.
There’s no DILFs. -No DILFs?
-There’s — You may see the MILF.
“Oh, the MILF, the housewife.” But no one’s like —
-That is how I talk about it. -[ Laughs ]
-“You see, the MILF is…” -I guess I’m Richard Lewis
from 1989. But there’s no DILFs. Like, I want to see,
like, a porno that starts off with a guy, like,
calling DirecTV. “Why can’t I get
the Cowboys game? Ahh! I’m so horny.” [ Laughter ] I think I got my next movie. -You certainly
have act one, yeah. -You just need one act.
-You do need one act. -No one makes it past
the second act of a porno. “I loved it.
It’s started off great. Then in the second act,
I got real tired.”

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  1. By the way Ike….don't get carried away with yourself…you're really not a Jew…you just eat a lox and bagel sandwich and think you are…still think Trump is responsible for Pittsburgh? You're an idiot and a SCHMUCK…know that word? How about "Pay Tzaddik"?

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