‘I Hope There are Young Politicians Out There’

(What´s the most important issue to you this election season?) Obviously, student loans, and how much money they’re giving to students, the national government. Umm, I’m also interested in the debt, and how they’re gonna have to deal with that. And in general, war. How much money we’re allotting to war. (Are you hopeful about the future?) The whole purpose of our government is so that the citizens can improve it if it’s not good enough so I really do hope that there are young politicians out there who want to just make it better. (Do you think the political system is broken? If so, how would you fix it?) I do, I think the bipartisan is a main issue. It should be more in the middle. Umm, you know, there should be another political party, really.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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