what's up guys and welcome back to the channel today we have an awesome awesome install from diode dynamics did you slip off my shifter there a lot in a lot and a lot of you for the longest time have complained about my normal halogen headlights on my truck the people over at Daioh dynamics noticed that too so today we're gonna be installing their sl1 bulbs in my headlights and that's why I asked you guys that question in yesterday's video because when I install these are obviously gonna be the like the five thousand six thousand K white bluish color what am I gonna do about my fogs cuz I always run my fogs should I run cubes should I run just the black housings and get the matching bulbs I don't know so let me know in the comments below but right now I'm actually getting a thumbnail for yesterday's video and we're gonna head back and bring it this install underway did see if you didn't see yesterday's video it was from Pro clip and yeah mounting solution for this Charger incredible because there's nowhere else to put the phone in this car so this which is absolutely incredible I cannot cannot cannot wait to get a cold air intake on this car so I I mean yes the people dyno and it adds 20 horsepower and it's like proven whatever ok 727 horsepower cool whatever I'm not really worried about the the horsepower more worried about that supercharger whine I want to hear that and when I do that obviously my fuel mileage will probably go down because I'm gonna want to hear it more often but talk about having fun right and in the meantime while I'm driving back how about that 20/20 wide-body charger now which is funny because nobody ever you know that's why I picked the charger not only because it's a fastest sedan but and it's got the four doors but the third reason why is because nobody runs a charger nobody picks the charger over the Challenger everyone wants that muscle but now with the wide-body option I feel like there's a lot more people gonna pick the charger but to me to be honest I love this car so much especially like the luck thing there's no blind spot like the the Challenger is you're gonna see a lot of people pick up that wide-body I can tell you that okay so like I said we have an instant from diode dynamics there sl1 balls as you can hear in my voice not any better than yesterday but we're still cooking guys but here's their sl1 LED bulbs guys and obviously because you has no chrysler products the canvas system yeah anti flicker modules to go with it if you don't know about the whole Chrysler thing electrical system in these trucks is that is a canvas system so as soon as some kind that's how you can you know tell that like oh a headlights out or like your tail lamps out or something you get the warning on the dash as soon as you put something with lower resistance in it like LEDs the computer thinks they're out so they'll either be out or they're flicker or stuff like that so this should cancel that out Oh fellow RAM owners will know that changing a simple headlight bulb could be a lot easier on these trucks but they're not for some reason we got to take this grill off but just for 10 mill bolts I believe or 11 one of the two across the top and then the grill will pop off and then in here there's this flap he'll take that down there's like you can't really see cuz it's too dark but in there there's a giant white sliding tab you're gonna slide it up and you'll unlock the headlight and then the headlight will pop out so once you get your beautiful custom grille off there's a 10 mil here and there's also a 10 mil here this is what's fun to adjust your headlight but what you're really gonna do is as you can see when you kind of do it these are your inch on the ground is that first step if you can kinda see don't kind of adjust it's hard to yeah regardless just take this thing all the way out and then when you put it back in just tighten up holy cow and then like I said in here there's a white tab push up on it to release okay so here is your RAM factory headlight yes you got a lot of people ask me these are just the factory OEM sport black headlights you can get a measure local dealership that's where I get them all the time from the parts department let me uh we had a towelettes doesn't scratch so as you can see your low beam is on top what that means is you're gonna twist this watertight seal will come off and there is your ball as you can see here's your new ball and this little small ballast will stay inside your headlight so I gotta do to get that off as that turn it to the right light bulb out turn it in this into there and this whole thing will go in the headlight then you take your cap back on okay so actually I learned really quick that this is not how it goes your anti flicker module will also go inside the headlight which is probably easier put in put the light bulb out so now that that's connected we're gonna stick the anti flicker module in and then we're also gonna stick this in module and we can lock it down I thought it would plug into here but it doesn't because this harness also sets off her high beam so just the way it's set up that's actually funny because when I was in Florida the biggest compliment I got was like I love your videos because you do your own work and I met a lot of people who aren't very interested in the clamorous like oh I'm gonna drop it off everything went well the truck's done but like people also like the mess ups like right there I could have just completely edited that out and this gonna be a video we're going to leave it in there where I found out on my own that the anti flicker module goes inside the headlight as well I was gonna put it back together just like that just like you'd be doing at home you learn as you go so then honesty means a lot so it's actually just funny that like a mess up like that just came up so yeah we're gonna uh no we're gonna be able to put the headlight back in so let's go do that okay so this one is back on and reconnect this one and I'm honestly just gonna set this in here real quick before I actually tidy it all up I'm gonna turn the truck on make sure the headlight works just kiss there's any problems I don't have to take the whole thing apart I think I could just turn the accessory uh-huh and yeah just like that look at that something is not connected okay so on the thing here you can see there's a plus and a minus that I had the things reversed so we're gonna reverse them plug it in and then test it you know obviously red and black I just had them backwards oh yeah look at that oh that's a beautiful color oh that is just beautiful oh my goodness oh that's gonna look so good going down the road guys that's awesome okay so I wasn't gonna bore you with the side but I kind of realized that you don't even need to disconnect the headlight so we're just gonna do this real quick here yeah legitimately plug this in now plus and minus actually ran it the correct way this time done that took me like 30 seconds all right and both headlights are back and all we gonna do is slap the grille on real quick and I completely forgot to put this back on so okay so the install is done all buttoned up and yeah we're done nighttime now and then I could you know I'm gonna take you guys down the road and show you how well these actually work and how bright they are I turn them on during the day and I can see them off the the the brick over there so I can't tell these are bright already but I can't wait to see my night we're gonna wait till the Sun Goes Down and I'll show you how these actually work so all right you know what I didn't do last night I learned it was on the highway I'm like I'm gonna get some good shots the headlights running and I didn't even grab my camera by the time I got back it was too late to like leave again I don't wanna make too much noise with the truck kind of but um yeah so it's definitely next day and this video is gonna have to go up by like 8:00 so yeah I'll show you right now it's a little bit overcast kind of cloudy I'll share how bright the headlights aren't obviously obviously in future videos you guys will see how bright the headlights are at night nothing to be honest on the highway and stuff last night very bright and you know the white light is so much cleaner than like the halogen yellow also I hit one puddle today and I just washed the truck yesterday like us perfectly so it's gonna rain right now and I'll power wash the rest of this crap off later but let me see if this actually turns on so if you look they're bright it look awesome they look so so so so so so so so so much better I was a gonna get these fogs switched but you'd be surprised that how much the fog lights actually helped and now that the light bar kind of matches all it looks so good and you know what this means guys white white coming very soon definitely gonna swap those out for white lights up there hundred percent probably get these lightbulbs coming very soon and possible the fog light housings just get those all set up because I really don't I I need to run the fogs because this at night the beam that puts out is very direct and this truck is so big I also need to see like down here and see the curves so I really need the fog lights that I need to get them so I really want to get those super soon because yeah so guys that's probably gonna do it for today's video yes the just changing the headlights over like that changes the whole look of your truck and that was the first thing I did I'm one of my older trucks was too you know changed the headlights out it makes everything look current I still need a bulb if somebody could put if you made it this far in the video someone could put the bulb size for the rear light in this truck now went up there as f as you can see I put the the front ones or white I still need to change that one so if you can give me that bulb size just like the exact bulb size that would be awesome so yeah guys once again those are the diode dynamics SL run LEDs super easy install super clean and the lights are bright and just awesome awesome in general really gonna get those fog lights probably ordered tonight or whenever because I gotta get those installed as well that's for sure if not I will definitely do the cube lights so I'm gonna play around see what you see which way is cheaper and go with that cuz obviously you guys know I am switching out the bumper so those fog lights will be no more anyway think I'm gonna say thank you guys for watching if you haven't been here before please get on that click subscribe take care and I will see you guys in the next video

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  1. Hey I have been following for a awhile and watched the install of the 20” Rough Country light bar. I just put mine on my truck and used the DRL series. I think running the cool white DRL 20” light bar will help you get light right below your normal low beams. Check it out!

  2. I swear they try and make things complicated for no reasons. On my 03 ram you just pop the hood and you can access all three bolts holding the headlight in and that's pretty much it, simple

  3. Idk bout u but I hate when guys say they are either a Ford guy or Chevy guy or whatever . Just like growing up kids either licked Adidas or Nike lol. Trucks or cars. Personally I like it all just like blondes AND brunettes. There's more behind it when they pick just 1.

  4. Can you post a link for the Canbus Anti flicker modules? Also, I used a 36mm Festoon for my rear(back seat) light it was just a bit too small but still worked after a few adjustments. The 42mm would prob be the better size TBH.

  5. ever think about swappin to the better headlight housings that come on the higher end rams? they look less old school

  6. i can send you the bulb! do you have a P.O. Box? Got a guy who sells the whole set of the truck for like $5 lol

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