How Warren’s Rivals Attacked at The Debate | NYTimes

“How tired are you
at this moment?” “It was a long night. It was a long night.” “The CNN-New York Times
Democratic Presidential Debate will feature the
largest field of presidential candidates ever on one stage.” “So if you could describe
the debate in an emoji, what would the emoji be?” “It probably would be
Elizabeth Warren’s, like, eyes — an emoji that just has your
eyes getting wider and wider and wider as you realize,
oh, they’re coming after me.” “I want to give a reality
check here to Elizabeth.” “A yes-or-no
question that didn’t get a yes-or-no answer.” “I was surprised to hear that
you did not agree with me.” “Tonight’s debate showed
Elizabeth Warren is now clearly one of 2
front-runners.” “I have made clear what
my principles are here.” “And you saw that
with so many Democrats deciding to take her on.” “Can you walk us through this
very interesting exchange Biden and Warren had there?” “And I went on the
floor and got you votes. I got votes for that bill.” “When this exchange happened,
I wrote to a colleague and said, that’s the
moment of the night. When he said —” “I’m going to say something
that is probably going to offend some people here. But I’m the only one on
this stage that has gotten anything really big done.” “She went and went to one of
her signature achievements, which was helping create the
Consumer Financial Protection Board. And then Biden, sort
of strangely, I think, felt the need to
keep it going, like he really wanted to
get into this with Warren. Yeah, Joe Biden just
had a hard time being relevant in this debate. And so he got very hot,
as if either, you know, he had to help this lady out
or she owed him something.” “Senator Warren, do
you want to respond?” “You could sort of see she
took a little bit of time to decide how she
was just going to lower the boom on him.” “I am deeply grateful
to President Obama.” “And then she did it by
basically giving a shout out to President Obama and no
mention at all of Joe Biden. And then Joe Biden just
could not let it go. He felt the need
to make that line.” “But understand —” “You did a hell of
a job in your job.” “Thank you.” “Boy, like Twitter just went [gestures], you know, a lot of people just
found it a very patronizing, condescending remark
about a female leader.” “Look, this is why people
here in the Midwest are so frustrated with
Washington in general.” “Mayor Pete decided to come
and go against his biggest rival in the Iowa caucuses. He decided to come in and turn
to her in a way he’s never done before and take
her on directly, look at her in the
face, and really lay out a case for how she was
avoiding the question about whether she’d raise
middle-class taxes to pay for ‘Medicare for all.’ Interesting, Elizabeth
Warren did not look at him. She has a real habit,
when her opponents are going after her, of not
looking at them in the eye. She doesn’t turn
and address them when she’s giving
her pushback. She’s always trying to make
her case to the voters. Any kind of attack on a
rival is usually rehearsed. So I’m sure that Pete
Buttigieg figured out ahead of time what his
75-second hit was going to be on Elizabeth Warren.” “Your signature, Senator,
is to have a plan for everything, except this. No plan has been
laid out to explain how a multi-trillion dollar
hole in this ‘Medicare for all’ plan that Senator
Warren is putting forward is supposed to get filled in.” “And that was it. He delivered it. And you know, Warren,
she didn’t quite do this. But you know, she
sort of said, look —” “We can pay for this. I’ve laid out the
basic principles. Costs are going to go up
for the wealthy.” “And sometimes I think
that Senator Warren is more focused on being
punitive or pitting some part of the country
against the other.” “No question Beto O’Rourke had
one of most memorable lines of the night when he called
Elizabeth Warren ‘punitive.’ He was sort of going there
and applying an adjective to her persona
and her message. Remember, it’s four months
before the Iowa caucuses. And the candidates who
are going to fall, it’s not often going to
be from a knockout punch. It’s going to be
death by a thousand cuts. And if any of these
candidates are going to beat
Elizabeth Warren, it’s going to be by using
lines like ‘punitive’ that, you know, start
reinforcing some discomfort that you might have with her. So that’s just, like,
one cut of a line that Beto was really
trying to hammer home.” “Costs will go up
for the wealthy. They will go up for
big corporations. And for middle-class
families, they will go down —” “Elizabeth Warren wants to
use these debates basically to just keep hammering
home her message to voters. She doesn’t want to get into
fights with her rivals.” “But the way —” “Join me in saying that
his Twitter account should be shut down.” “No. Let’s figure out —” “No?” “… why it is that we have
had laws on the books —” “She can’t just be bringing
her case to voters because a lot of voters
are pretty suspicious of that case, suspicious
that she has left-wing ideas. And she needs to be engaging
directly with her rivals in order to show that
she can beat them.” “Is the field getting
whittled down at all?” “Not really.” “Do you wish it would?” “No. No, I love these debates. I think they’re
super interesting. I used to write about theater. I was, like, the
Broadway reporter at The Times for years. And I love this stuff. The stagecraft
is fascinating — the people who learn their
lines and can deliver them incredibly well. And then people
who learn their lines, and they look
like bad actors.”

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  1. i don't care who the democrat is that wins–just make sure a DEMOCRAT is the next president!


  2. What happen to Yang telling her why the 2% wealth tax wont work using facts? She actually looked at him directly which is an usual action based on the commentor. Wasn't that worth mentioning?? It was probably her biggest hit all night.

  3. What, they didn't include a section for Tulsi's direct question to Liz?

    Oh, right she never answered because CNN cut to commercial as soon as Tulsi made it clear she was about to expose Warren the way she did Kamala.

  4. The two clear winners of this debate were Senator Sanders and Mr. Yang. It should also be mentioned that Sanders has more individual (small denominational) donors than anyone in the race, including Trump, and Andrew Yang single handedly brought UBI as well as the rise of automation vs bad trade deals to the forefront of American consciousness.

  5. I did not like Biden,Warren, Buttigieg, Castro, nor Harris. I’m so over these old school politicians.

    O’rourke put it right, Elizabeth is punitive af

    Yanggang all the way

  6. Both NYT and CNN did a shameful horrible job "moderating" this debate. I repeat… horrible. Zero discussion on Climate Change or Immigration???? Bernie Sanders getting less time than challengers polling under 5%? The bias is transparent.

  7. Costs are going to go up for the Rich and Large Corporations and for Middle class workers costs are going to go down… Not well phrased. This is a better way to say it – You know who costs will go up for? The Billionaire Class and Large Corporations that don't pay their fair share of taxes. Costs will go down for the hard working people of America… the middle class and the people like my mother – those with blue blood running through their viens the back bone of America the working class!

  8. The NYT and CNN both blatantly ignoring Andrew Yang, the 5th most popular candidate. And you wonder why we've lost faith in the media? He has by far the most comprehensive policies to lead the country in 2020.

  9. Biden! Retire! You are irrelevant. Lil ole Petey absolutely adding nothing, same old, same old, nothing new. There is only one candidate. Bernie!Bernie! Bernie! With AOC onside now as well.

  10. Warren is very narrow minded and short sighted to lead this country. This is on display in abundance during the financial crisis. The way she attacked Tim Geithner, Henry Paulson, and Ben Bernanke for political points was disgraceful. These public servants were trying their best to save the economy while Warren relentless attack them. Please don’t vote for Warren. She is as bad or worse than Trump; only in the opposite political extreme.

  11. Oh look everyone the Zionist times that writes hit pieces of Tulsi Gabbard and ignores the eventual nominee (Andrew Yang). I hope you Zionist realize that by pushing establishment candidates that will mean more Donald Trump (which you don't care as he's very pro Israel) but if I was a Zionist I would think through the strategy of courting White Nationalist as a buffer against immigration and Islam. Last time I checked the White Nationalist eventually turned on the Zionist.

  12. NYT perpetuating the Trump's presidency by ignoring one of the best candidates who will defeat Trump with pure facts. I don't need to name that candidate. How could any self respecting journalist work for NYT, what a joke.

  13. Biden did the classic "man" taking credit for a job he never involved himself in. It's observable and several key figures have already refuted Biden's misguided claims. Elizabeth Warren treated the situation with grace and humour #priceless .

  14. "If you can describe the debate in a emoji, what would it be?" Seriously? What kind of a question is that? The New York Times and all of mainstream media are just trash and bias. Politics affects peoples lives.

  15. Healy comes to the point at the end–it's theatre, and they're actors. No substance here, no truth or honesty (unless by accident), just a televised sport, a play, a piece of fiction. When will Americans realize all this stuff is meaningless? These candidates and their Republican counterparts are millionaires who serve their donors and couldn't care less about you or me.

  16. New York Times has an interesting agenda. It’s almost like they want democrats to fail in this election. All that was confirmed during the last debate is none of them (maybe yang) have the tact to go against Trump and win.

  17. This is nauseating at best…..I got sick watching it…..Warren is the epitome of a perfect Demorat…..ignorant, a fruit cake, weird to almost toxic, bigot, racist and just a pure nut case like all the rest of these idiotic buffoons….what they are is dangerous and a terrorist group exactly like Antifa….radical and out of control….vote all of these misfits out of office and vote in Term Limits so these anarchists can not get a foot hold anymore….

  18. It's curious to see the recommended videos regarding the debate that they were mostly about Warren and how she held her own while other candidates ganged up on her. So, she's the one being pushed by the establishment? Hillary 2.0?

  19. I'm so confused. I don't know if I should vote for Biden or Warren. Somebody please help. Which one will help me keep money in my pocket to support my family?

  20. Ahh yes! Trump supporters and Russian troll bots do a great job disliking videos that do not fit their political narrative. Keep it up fellas!

  21. Pocahontas is a fake and a fraud. She fabricated her heritage and misrepresented loss of job as special needs teacher to gain sympathy. Warren is part of the SWAMP not a solution.

  22. so basically your telling the public that the new York times endorses her as a candidate….we see how TRUMP WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU NYT lol

  23. I am a Swiss citizen, and I wonder why Yang, Andrew is generally disrespected. It seems, Warren is already set, all turns around her, because she is a senator? That’s not democratic.

  24. The struggle for the nomination will only include one of these candidates on stage and that's Tulsi Gabbard….the other? Hillary Clinton. It will all come down at the Democratic convention.

  25. Im a warren supporter I think she's the perfect halfway point between biden and sanders. I also think that it would be great to see her debate trump, because he can't use the "woman card" argument twice

  26. So angry people are disrespectful of Warren, f’in bedlam with this debate and as usual, Biden was bumbling and slow. He’s had a great run, but is he too old… Jimmy Carter jokes so.

  27. The next President of the United States is going to be the only candidate who can be President and that is Donald Trump

  28. SIMPLE. Tax the war profit made from rewriting the oil contracts after a country is liberated from socialism/communism or Tyranny. Why should all the oil profit go to the oil Conglomerates? It is our Military might.

  29. Anyone who has Karl Marx's ideology close to his heart will vote for this woman! Stupid people who have forgotten history so quickly!

  30. This 90 pound granny thinks she could be commander and chief of the free world? Really? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No really? 😹

  31. "I love these debates" how? why? because nobody gets a chance to substantively talk about anything, so the general public can remain uniformed and you can get short sound-bite clips to make trendy youtube videos with? what a shame, the debates are a disgrace

  32. New York Times's Intelectuals, please tell me, as the major Source of information , why Black people or Just Citizens were índuced tô Call themselves African-Americans????
    I am a Latina who was a housecleaner in San Francisco and Blacks are Arabics? África is a country? Algeria, Líbia, Marrocos. Which one? Snoop Muhammad , Michael Muhammad Jordan, Michael Muhammad Jackson, Obama Muhammad Hussein, Ray Muhammad Charles, Martin Luther Muhammad King. Would you be kind tô educate me on África the country? Yes, I must be a troll. 😱😱😱😱 Omg! A housecleaner asking a pertinent question???

  33. Yang doesn’t matter, you guys are just too mad to realize it. He will never become president and frankly that’s a very good thing.

  34. Look, that zipperhead pipe dreamer Yang aint gonna win. Give it up already. Every person on that stage is pandering to idiots, minorities, and welfare recipients. Its all lies. It always has been.

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