How to Use the Ideal Gas Law in Two Easy Steps

ideal gas law The ideal gas law compares
pressure, volume, moles and temperature. and there’s a gas constant known as R. Now know this! All of your units should be atmospheres for pressure, liters for
volume, n is moles and our gas constant which is R is this value with liters
times atmospheres all divided by moles times Kelvin and our temperature is
always in Kelvin. Now that you know this, let’s move on to our example. What volume
does 0.556 moles of gas occupy at a pressure of 715 millimeters mercury and
a temperature of 58 degrees Celsius. Let’s identify our given and what we’re
finding. Our given is moles, pressure, and temperature. And we’re finding volume. Step 1, convert to your proper units. Using our temperature in Celsius we want
to convert this to Kelvin. We’ll add 273 to get 331 Kelvin. Now
let’s change our pressure into atmospheres Remember, one atmosphere
equals 760 millimeters mercury. This is our conversion factor that will allow us
to get from millimeters mercury to atmospheres. atmospheres we’ll align the millimeters
mercury so they can cancel and we’ll be left with just atmospheres. After we
divide these two values we get. Our new pressure in the proper units. Step 2, plug
it into your formula of PV=nRT. We’ll plug in our pressure in the proper
units of atmospheres. then we’ll multiply that pressure by our V or our volume, set
this equal to our n or our moles. Then multiply it by R which is our gas
constant which is this value and lastly we’ll plug in our temperature which is
in Kelvin. Next multiply each one of these values. Now that we’ve multiplied the
right hand side out. we want to divide this over to get V by itself after we
divide these two values together we get 16.05 but we want to
round to three sig figs since our original given values were exactly three
sig figs. Our final answer is 16.1 Liters. Ideal gas law, I think you guys got it. I have a bunch of resources linked up in
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