How to Understand Politics – Episode 1 – Advanced English Lesson

To join any political conversation you
need to know what you’re talking about, it’s very very important, right? Of course! Of course! I don’t know if you’ve heard about Donald Trump at all, he’s our new president but you might want to talk to somebody about Donald Trump, you might want to have a conversation and here are a bunch of peculiar words we have to
talk about what’s going on Before we begin, I’m gonna make a deal with you I’m not gonna make any Trump jokes and I’m not gonna make any English food jokes Deal? Deal! I just have to… Perfect One little change One change So the first word is “Filibuster” Senator Rand Paul began a filibuster The filibuster Filibuster Oh the filibuster! We have to get rid of the filibuster rule! I never thought I’d see the day when the whole country was talking about the filibuster! What exactly is a filibuster? Turn to camera one! So what is a filibuster? Filibuster is a word that describes a process that happens during the debating
of legislation. In the United States Senate there are a hundred senators let’s say your side only has 48 votes, the other side has 52 votes theoretically you should lose right yeah because 52 is more than 48 however if
you were to filibuster it means you would debate the issue for so long that
you wouldn’t be able to get to any other legislation and theoretically if you’re
really good at filibustering you’d be able to filibuster it for so long
that the other side even though they have 52 will just throw their hands up
in the air and say “I quit I give up it’s done we have to get to all of our other
business” that being said, You can’t always filibuster If you have 60 votes,
you are able to override a filibuster It takes 50 votes to pass legislation,
but it takes 60 to end debate Okay so the general concept is “Okay you’ve got almost half, maybe I can convince you to vote the other way if I speak long
enough”? Yes, theoretically it is but it’s That’s not what it does, it’s a stall tactic So I think I get it, but I think we need to show people… an example Alright, so what is some legislation that you have 55 votes on, Aly? I want to introduce a new
rule that means bald men have “handsome-man status” ooh! that’s exciting, and there are a lot of bald men in fact 55 percent of men are
bald and everybody agrees they’re not handsome yet so seemingly I should win! Well yes, that being said As a man with luscious, luscious, luscious locks, I don’t want bald to be handsome! I think we can all agree it won’t be handsome So, we’re all ready to vote, right? It’s time to vote? Are you ready to vote I’m ready to vote Are you ready to vote? Wait… we have to have a little more debate Okay fine We are here today To debate senator Aly Williams’ “Bald is beautiful” bill “Bald is beautiful”? Is it? Is it not? Do we need to legislate this? Before we go any further I would like to bring to attention this, this piece is titled
“Green eggs and ham” by Dr. Seuss Let me read this to make sure we are all
aware of the issue at stake I am Sam Sam I am I do not like them, Sam I am, I do
not like green eggs and ham I will eat them in a box and I will eat them with a fox I will eat them in a house and I will eat them with a mouse I will eat them here or there I do so like green eggs and ham Thank you Thank You, Sam I am Well look at the time I guess there’s no more time for
debate today but maybe tomorrow we’ll get to vote on the “Bald is Beautiful” bill! Oh come on! Thank you and I rest my case Filibuster: Should or shouldn’t have? Ideal world? Filibuster yes! Personally I’m pro-filibuster I personally am a huge fan of these systems in the United States
Senate that cool democracy that can kind of slow things down I believe this was a
phrase than the English might enjoy When you drink tea, there’s a saucer
right? There’s a saucer thing? “The Senate is the saucer that cools the tea of democracy” The idea is for the entire American system American system the idea is that it runs
slowly that things can’t happen fast because when fast things happen bad
things can happen too The idea is if we are inherently slow, our slowness will
prevent any bad things from happening I feel smarter already I hear the terms
“partisan” and “bi-partisan” and your organisation is “non-partisan” precisely What’s the difference? What is “partisan”? So essentially in America, we have two
major parties The Democrats and the Republicans “Bi-partisan” means it’s
something that brings both parties together “Partisan” means benefiting one
of the parties So, I don’t know, a policy that says “Republicans get free pizza and
Democrats have to be their footstools” That would be a very partisan policy, and then “non-partisan” means you’re not working with either of the parties What is a partisan Democrat issue? In 2017, a partisan Democratic issue might be fighting global warming What would a partisan Republican issue be? Making sure that to vote you need to bring a state-issued ID and what would a bipartisan issue, which is something they both agree on A bipartisan issue might be the NSA or the National
Security Agency it seems like both parties are big fans of listening to our phones I want to know what you’re saying late at night “This new McCarthyism!” “This reminds me of the McCarthy hearings” “Reminiscent of Senator Joe McCarthy’s abusive tactics” “Have you no decency, sir?” “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” I’m assuming it’s something bad Yes McCarthyism refers to kind of an unwarranted witch-hunt so it’s named after former Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin and what he was known for was making these crazy allegations that communists had
infiltrated the entire United States government and this is him holding a
piece of paper that may or may not be evidence of 115 communists in the State Department as it turned out there were not
115 secret communists working in the State Department Shockingly Shockingly there were not. Communists didn’t infiltrate our government So he goes after somebody in the military The lawyer that was defending the person
accused of communism at one point got up and said very famously on nationally televised TV “Have you no decency, sir?” To McCarthy, and it turns out
he may or may not have had any decency Have you no sense of decency, sir? When people are saying that Trump
is colluding with Russia would that be “McCarthyism”? What would be more ‘McCarthyism’ is if a Democrat were to get up and say “There are 38 Russian agents
in the Trump administration we need to get every Russian agent out of the
Trump administration” “The Supreme Court announcing they will take up a major case on political gerrymandering” “Gerrymandering” “The public needs to know that they have been fooled!” What the hell is a
gerrymander? Why do we.. what? What? So essentially “Gerrymandering” refers to the process of dividing of the districts The people who are going to vote The idea is that we all want representation in Congress and our Congress people
represent small local areas So the state of Iowa has four different congressmen
that go to Washington DC in addition to two senators These numbers represent
individual congressional districts Every two years district one gets together and decides “Do we want to…” theoretically they could send whoever they want but it’s probably going to be between a Democrat and Republican This is how theoretically
it should be! as you can see this, this makes sense Iowa is a state where
computers drop the district’s literally Literally they have a software a quote-unquote “nonpartisan software” That decides, “Okay this is however many people fit here, this many people fit here” and as you see, They’re not perfect squares
they’re not perfect rectangles But it all kind of makes sense So this would not be quote-unquote “gerrymandered” are properly drawn districts it’s visually appealing I’m excited Do you want to see how a
gerrymandered state might look like? I would love to see it You would love. Alright So let’s move over to our friends in Maryland So obviously six over here
and one over here are gonna be weird shaped because the states weird shaped however if you look very very closely district 4 kind of is a hat on top of
district 5 and then 1 has this weird thing over here and 7 looks like
it’s eating 2 and 3 If Picaso were to district a state, create congressional districts, this might be what we end up with but why would you want to change the lines from a square so this squiggly mess? So in the state of Maryland, Democrats control the state house so when they draw up these
districts they’re gonna cut up the pie in a way to make sure that as many of
these districts are gonna lean to the Democrats as possible But then if your senator is Republican They could redraw these lines Exactly, so these lines are drawn every 10 years after the census we have a census we
count everybody and then we redraw all the lines every 10 years and it’s not like one party does gerrymandering, both parties do this and in fact actually
sometimes both parties partner together to gerrymander to kind of screw other
people over so they do this to stay in power you will cut these up and you will have these “perversions of democracy”, so to speak because look at these, these are
gross only a pervert could enjoy Okay but this is allowed, right? It’s not like a secret thingy? It’s an American tradition Theoretically our elected officials vote
on their conscience but in practice they do what we all do, and they just do whatever the fuck they can to not lose their job so really what would have to
happen is…

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