1. How ironic…so many idiots are protesting in favor of socialist and communist ideals (free tuition; healthcare, etc.), claiming they wish they didn't live in America and whatnot. Go to ANY OTHER COUNTRY, democratic or otherwise, and just try, just TRY to publicly protest or use any kind of activism rejecting the current government. Automatic shutdown. Your voice won't get heard, and most likely you will get fined or jailed. Your ability to turn protest into change is an American privilege. That's why it was so pathetic when celebrities threatened to move to Canada as a response to his foreign policy and "the wall". Do your research. Canada's immigration system is WAY stricter and you can't just walk in. You really think they're just gonna let you MOVE there? hahaha… Maybe they should start wondering why so many people try to get here in the first place-guarantee it's not just because of any struggles they are facing, it's the opportunities we have here.

  2. Canada Goose! Animal Abuse! Who remembers this protest? Protecting the animals, screwing the fur industry. Best protest yet, until the Rattlesnake Roundup one RARR is organising

  3. It is possible. Do not lose hope people. We Koreans did it recently with our President, even though we thought it was impossible. Keep on fighting peacefully and one day it can happen! Do not give up!

  4. I need people to help me organize a protest for an education reform !! We are planning to march on Washington but i need to spread the word and let everyone know we will fight for them and that we them their help

  5. People getting upset that the video is leaning left are misguided. the issue is not leftism, but liberalism/neoliberalism; nearly every example indicating that protesting is a viable means of eradicating an issue is still in sme shape or form still greatly lingering in today's society. The civil rights movement, while making large strides, has not solved police misconduct, mass incarceration that disproportionately affects black and brown people, or the underfunding of minority-majority schools. India is still heavily characterized by Western Imperialism and global industrialism, and over 1 out of 5 Indians are living in poverty.

  6. You have to answer the "what's in it for me" question. Everyone is looking out for themselves not others.

  7. Yeah and then get shot or crush by tanks.Remember the Tianjing Protesting so don't fuck with the government.

  8. Apparently the recipe is based on a few success stories, which seems to be a sort of survivorship bias. But even if you try to summarize the world history of failed protests you can hardly find the key, because there are never two identical circumstances.

  9. Protests are very important in our society, because without people showing that they truly care, nothing will get done. People have to show their willingness to fight for what they want.

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