How To Make Progressive House #6 - How To Make The BUILDUP

you already sup guys welcome to my video this is the video number six of my youtube series on how to make house and today we're gonna talk about the build up the build up for people I don't know what to build up is is the part where the truck starts going up so you know that the drop is coming before we go to a tutorial I know the most of the people that watch these videos are is not subscribed so right now scroll down click subscribe button and let the start okay so here have the truck I've made a lot of groups so everything is a lot glued and I think it's bad for me to explain everything and just start from the beginning okay as you may know as I told in a previous tutorial I have a kick on the on the breakdown so I keep this kick during the build up okay so I have that Llewyn but the thing is that I don't want that low-end during all the build up so what we do is with this filter with this EQ I start taking out all the low end of the kick and also what you do is with this volume with this free to balance okay is this automation clip I reduce the volume of the kick so here you mainly don't hear the key so after the key what we have is the percussion of the breakdown okay the claps and so on and really simple I just wanted to keep those claps and authorized going on the build up so what it is just release the volume after that we have this nurse for me the snares are the most important thing of a viola because is what keeps the rhythm the what tells you that the this is the build up and that the drop is coming as I said in the previous tutorial I had the snares with filter during the the breakdown the most common buildup of our track is this one just as an air in every beat okay then you need twice I'm making it sound faster but they wanted to have it with more rhythm and so on so for this reason I make this this rhythm so this way it sounds different sounds more interesting and what's in doing here is just taking out all the the filter I had on the on the snares and then here this peach stings so what they do is just the they pitch there's no rap so you have this feeling of something going up this uplifting feeling what they also did here it's just a simple filter and we thought what we do is I reduce the low end of the of the snares and then here I did with the same with the with the leads okay with this thing so I made them lose almost all its sound so they sound thinner but it gives a lot of energy to the track okay so and at the end of the build up I just have the the top end of the of the Smurfs what they also did is just a simple volume automation with the fruity balance where I increase the volume because as I said this nerds for me are the most important thing so I want them to be really present in the mix on on the build apart also in this build up I wanted to be a bit different okay so for this reason on the Smurfs I I made this rhythm but this was enough for me so I decided to put some orchestral hits okay so with the snares they work like this so it's something different okay it's not really useful to listen to these Heat's on on a price you have struck and what we also did is I cloned this orchestral hit and I may put it like this in this part so it gets more rhythm more like a natural sound natural drummer on the mixer is really simple they just have a reverb the same of in the percussions an EQ to reduce here for to leave a space for the snares also here because they were a bit muddy a limiter to control the peaks this filter because what it is the same as in the in the key canyons as in the snares I reduced the the low end and also for it to balance so I reduce the volume so they go out because this is not the main important thing the main important things are the leads and the understand the last thing is this volume shaper because as I already have the snares and as I already have the kick I have too much transients on every bit so I decided to reduce the transition of these orchestral hits so it leaves more space for the key composites Nair I've already talked about the lid to another tutorial very simple just a filter that goes in and mix with this EQ I made the lids really thin nothing on the core nothing on the baseline nothing on the sub I've already talked about the pad still it's really simple what I do is I'm a I open the carafe of the pads but what he also do is reduce the volume okay so I make them sound huge bigger with more height and so on but I don't want them to be really present because I'm not gonna use them on on the drop okay and if they have a really strong pads with a lot of volume at the end of the build up in this part the problem is that if the pads are really strong and really loud what's gonna happen is then that in the drop as I don't use them it's gonna be really weird it gets like I have something really strong really pressing the mix and then I don't have it so it's really weird so I prefer to reduce the volume with this volume automation I also did the same with the plugs as I already said in previous tutorials I generated the volume on the cutoff of the plugs so I'll leave a space for the least because the plugs had the melody but the thing is that now the most important thing that half the melody are the leads so I leave a space for the leads these are things that I already explained in the previous tutorial and now the effects they my opinion are another important thing if you have effects on the build up yeah it can sound nice but it's not gonna sound huge not gonna sound per foot it's not gonna give the same uplifting feeling okay so first of all what you want on the build up is some crisis some impacts so you know that this is the build up alright it gives energy at the beginning and you keep the energy going up at the end alright so I just have these down lifters that they use and drop also this one okay it's a bit different because it is quieter and I took out the the sidechain okay I also have some crashes so the transition is smoother as I already said I have this two sounds this atmosphere one and this rise are all track of the breakdown and this transition impact and here I have also this impact I'm gonna put it up here use a new impact just a simple acuter is the the highest to leave a space here for the snares and so on and to cut the low one because I have the kick now we have this you know that the drop is the build-up is here okay but we need something to make the build up go up okay to rise the energy so let us start with the first effect this one is a really good effect because it has everything has impose have riser you have down lifters really symbolic you just leave space here a bit I have a supervisor I have a compressor to make it is mainly a limiter to make it sound really flat then they happen in queue and then what they have is a filter because I didn't want to have anything here at the beginning so what you do is as it goes up I bring in those hives that I lost these two effects were from from silent I think from a sound bank and I exported them and I use them in a lot of tracks this one too so it starts here and here you start having something going up so if we look on this for they work pretty well together and it gives the energy of going up but it needs something else and what I mean is that it needs to cover space so what I like to do is use some white noise uplifters like this one or this one okay they cover different areas and together it sounds super good and I also found this riser more distorted so all of these risers go to a bus because as you may know I like to do some buses where I have a river a really big one and they have a pretty balanced to control the volume because in this track what they want is to have really smooth things I wanted all the track to be going up during the break down under the build up and so on so I didn't one here in the build up to start with really loud risers so what you do is from here I started putting a riser and I control the volume so here there are not that loud and they keep going up in volume until the end of the develop so you have a bit more control on the riser and here I just decrease the volume to zero so I didn't have any reverb or so on and that's mainly the build up but you have to thing is that you need so much nerves okay to keep the rhythm and to make the listeners know that the drop is coming to start putting in the the sounds of the of the drop for example in this case the lead and sometimes I have the cords on the baseline what's also good is to use some effects on risers because it gives a lot of energy to the track to the develop and so on and you know that that the truck is going up but what you have to have in mind is that you need to reduce the low end of everything okay for example on the kick I reduce the low end of the kick on the snare I do the same on the caster heat so you do the same way I did that because if you reduce the volume on the blood lab then when the drop comes it comes with the kick on with the sub so you bring back that low end okay and that gives a lot of energy I also like to use some effects on the master to give more energy to the build up but the problem is that normally the project crashes because they have a lot of effects a lot of sounds going on so I normally use it on the mastering and it's really simple I have a tutorial about it a pretty old tutorial I will put a link up here but if you want me to do a newer version of that tutorial just leave it in the comments and the trick is just to put some River some delay to make it sound more in the center reduce the volume take out the low end and the top end of the so what you're doing is making some huge with the river and the delay but you're taking out things like the the lows and the highs so then what drop comes you bring bad those things and it makes the drop sound a lot bigger when it is not that big you know but the impact is so strong so this is the end of this video guys if you have any questions leave it in the comments as I said if you want me to make a newer version of the tutorial about how to make the build-up sound huge leave it also in the comments leave a like if this video helped adieu subscribe is not subscribe it and in the next video I will talk about the vocals I used on the on the breakdown okay how to get vocals if you didn't have a single okay there are some packs and what you can use amazing sound interesting and guys see you in the next video

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  1. Hi Eric, Thank you for all this!!!!!! Can you please tell me Where can I get the sound and noise samples(percussion/white noises/impact), especially your unique percussion between bars?

  2. Hi Eric, deep love to your serial of progressive house classes. Why have you deleted the 2/3/4 parts of the classes when I checked them today? Thank you again for all the videos.

  3. Hola! Soy un productor de Argentina, tengo 16 y produzco hace 5 años y medio. Me gustaría colaborar con vos en un track que estoy haciendo. Siento que tiene mucha fuerza, y quiero terminarlo de manera profesional. ¿Te gusta la idea? Si es así hablame al Instagram: itsfranciscomangini o por mi email: [email protected] Saludos! 🙌

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