How to make a PROFESSIONAL Progressive House Drop!! FREE FLP!

hello guys today I will show you how to make a good progressive house drop also I have opened a discord where you can hang out with other producers and ask questions I put the invite link in the description now let's get started with the video step 1 come up with a basic melody and chord progression step to make a bus line our bass line consists of four layers a mid bass a mid bass with high frequencies a plucky bass and a sub bass now we're gonna draw the notes the bass notes of our chords are B G D and a try to use slide notes to give your bass more energy we're also going to put an effector on the main base to make it more interesting at the bottom you want to select Vox also make sure it isn't on bypass you can change the sounds by moving around the cross in the middle also don't forget to add inside shame for sidechain I recommend to use a plugin like pitch-dark stack the layers now let's move on to step 3 the courts in progressive house the chords are really important they help capturing the emotion and add a lot of depth to your overall sound we will use to coordinate layers one that will play high notes and another one to play the low sounds for the high layer we can copy the chords we made at the beginning for the low layer we will make a bit more simple chords otherwise the low end will get too muddy we will use a lot of effects to get the sound we want at the high layer we will use an equaliser to cut out high frequencies to make room for the main leads a sausage fattener to get a fatter sound a stereo enhancer to put the chords more to the sides fruity reverb to add more depth and of course the side shame for the low layer I also did some mixing I used again an equalizer for cutting out some high frequencies a little bit of sound Goudas err if used right it can make your sound soo much better and of course the sidechain and together they sound like this now it's time for step four the main leads you want to use layers like a lot of layers to achieve the sound you want let's copy the main melody we made we will put all the sounds we have in one layer by using the layer plug-in you want to open the plug-in select all your main leads and then click on set children now we have all our sounds in one handy layer now paste the melody we just copied now I will show you all the layers I used this is kind of the main sound a super soft this sound covers the mid-range in the stereo image a high saw with delay a saw with stereo imaging I made it sound super wide I also used a fake guitar a 2007 dance a piano a plucky sound with a lot of compression now let's move on to step 5 the drums a basic progressive house drum loop consists of a few things a kick cymbal loops like rides a Down sweep with sidechain a second ride loop a cymbal crash I also used toms here to make it more interesting and of course I used a huge snare effect at the end of the first eight bars you should use something like a pill to transition into the second part of the drop in the second part of the drop I added some snare e I also added a third ride loop and I added some delay on the rides this means when the sample plays the sound comes four milliseconds later a world of difference now it's time to put all our elements together I also added a few extra things like a filter automation for the main lead and a zip effect and together they sound like this now it's time for the mastering for the mastery you must undergo a very simple process you want to stack five sound good eyes errs on your masters to make it sound just like the pros now this is the final result I hope you enjoyed the tutorial juts kidding haha haha for the mastering you should use a plugin like iZotope ozone 5 I added a mid inside equalizer in the mids I boosted the bass and in the sides I lowered it I also added a brick wall EQ at 16,000 Herz to get a cleaner sound I also did some dynamics compression I used a stereo imager i centered the low frequencies and made the high frequencies higher and of course a Maximizer now let's listen to the final result this was the tutorial for real this time if you enjoyed it leave a like and subscribe and be sure to ring the bell don't forget to join the discord good bye

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  1. I think the kick should be louder in your mix… the kick is very important to get through… good job

  2. You can use what ever notes you like!

    My favorite keys to revolve around are C# Minor, F# Minor, G# Minor, and F Minor.

  3. Hi, I'm a new French producer in progressive house music. For the moment in my channel, there are nine tracks. Be kind and let me some comments, see you 🙂

  4. Hey man, what about a collab? I've only trash on my Youtube but in the Soundcloud I've some interesting songs. What about it?

  5. finally someone who understands what songs in thier genre sound lile, unlike people who call this future bass like no… just no

  6. The green screen at the beginning and the end of ur intro is not here for nothing! 😂😂 nice video dude

  7. Are you kidding? This is lit! Just the melody could be a little more interesting in the second half but otherwise just awesome.

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