How to debate liberals ft. Liz Wheeler | #TruthStraightUp

♪ Wheeler: How do you debate liberals?
Do it! Go out there, and debate them. Whether you start on Twitter,
whether you start in your dorm room, whether you start with your family,
the best way to learn how to debate liberals is to do it. One of the
things that holds us back is fear. We’re fearful, we’re scared that we’re
not going to know what to say. We’re fearful, we’re scared that
they’re going to trip us up. Let them. Learn their talking points. Learn why
they believe what they believe. Learn what they say in every particular
situation. Learn why you believe what you believe. And then
you’ll be able to counter it. Do not drop to their standards.
Don’t be ruthless, don’t be mean, don’t be personal, don’t hurl ad
hominem attacks. Be professional. Be gentle, but be pointed. And do it.
Just debate. Once you do it, once you break through that wall,
that wall of fear, you will have the time of your life, and
liberals won’t stand a chance. ♪

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  1. Wrong, wrong and wrong. The ONLY way to at least COUNTER leftist liberals is to use their OWN weapons against them. They are not fools, they exploit the Reptilian part of the human brain of their opponents, and MESS with the sexual/emotional sides of the people. They ONLY focus on the wrongdoings/mistakes of the group they intend on EXTINCTING, and have razor-sharp focus on their NPC-like speech patterns/ideologies. The vast majority of other countries in the world could ONLY counter leftist radicalism with the help of RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY (like Dharmic Hinduism/Buddhism/Sikhism/etc). The West needs another methodology.

  2. All great points, problem is the leftist I run into are so literally stupid it does not matter what facts you use they still want to argue and ignore them. The best way to debate a liberal is not to waste your time!

  3. Told a liberal friend of mine about Christian genocide going on world wide. He didn't believe me. I showed him stats from the middle east, Nigeria and the persecution going on in China. He said it wasn't real…then I told him about the people in Make America Great Again hats being attacked. He didn't believe that so I showed him. He said it's okay to punch a Nazi…. we're both geeks and I love the guy dearly but my goodness they don't like facts.

  4. Not sure I agree with Liz on this one. I’d be in fear of losing my life because the left seem to use violence especially if and when they’re losing a debate

  5. This is what we Liberals like to call a "Swan Song". LOL… Nice try, Conservatards. History is against you – so is Nature.

  6. Okay, that explains how to debate 'liberals', but how do you debate the far left democrat/socialist who just wants to shout you down.

  7. Liberals don’t know how to debate though. Immediately spewing hatred and venom is not debate.

  8. You forgot to add the most important piece of advice: Don’t ever expect a liberal to concede defeat.
    1) Because they are literally too stupid to recognise when they have lost a debate. Literally! 🤦🏻‍♂️
    2) They have neither the grace, nor the maturity to admit defeat – even if they knew they’d lost. 🤷🏻‍♂️
    3) Liberals don’t have any arguments. They only have slurs & slogans… that are not supported by any rational arguments. Hence, when pressed hard, they just shout these even louder. 🗣🗣🗣🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. The difficulty about debating an American Hating Left-Wing Radical is there isn't much debate to it' They say they are always right,you know, their way or no way, and Lefty's are quick to tell you "you are an idiot," Their favorite phrase. The Left will tell you they know what's best for you because we are too ignorant of how the world works. A good example of that is our education system which they have bloated and corrupted. Schools, K through College, have become brainwashing institutions for the left now. Sadly, this country will suffer greatly for it one day.

  10. You can't have a civil debate with hardcore leftists. The "debate" turns into false accusations and you get accused of racism 10/10 times. They don't accept defeat, instead they double down on everything.

  11. Every time I debate these sheep and ask where they received their data, they pull out the Snopes Fact check or Politifact… They quote the same papers NYTs and WAPO and say I must be just a FOX tard. I have to break it to them that ALL these are bad INCLUDING FOX…When they are hit with only 6 companies own and CONTROL ALL you read, watch, hear, it STILL doesn't sink in they are being controlled. Its get tiring showing them the differences between OPINION writing and Journalistic Presentation of facts so you can make your OWN judgment.

  12. Seriously… your intro and outro sound levels are EXTREMELY high! You should bring them down by half.

  13. Call them out on their name calling. If that’s their tactic, it’s probably useless. Name calling isn’t evidence but I don’t think liberals have any interest in evidence. That’s my opinion on their motives. Motives are hard to judge.

  14. Don't make your mother & sister cry at thanksgiving 2016, it's just not worth it no matter how funny your dad thinks it is. Definitely don't chant lock her up.

    Nevermind, do all that stuff, it was funny.

  15. One more point:  If they resort to calling you a racist sexist bigoted homophobe, don't give them evidence that you're not.  It's up to them to prove it first, and even if it were true it's almost certainly irrelevant to the argument.  It's just a distraction that some people use when they don't have facts.

  16. You can not debate liberals/leftists. Their thought process is void of logic, reason, and truth. They literally bear false witness against the truth. If you think you can debate a liberal/leftist…….you are wrong. The fact that Liz thinks she or anyone can have a constructive debate or conversation with a liberal/leftist is telling. She's either lying, or ignorant. Both of which are liberal/leftist characteristics. The fact is that to engage in discourse with a liberal/leftist is dangerous as weve seen in countless videos. This video is divisive and dangerous and Liz you should take it down immediately. The Overton window has been shattered. The time for talk is OVER. And thats the straight up truth.

  17. What Liz Wheeler forgot to mention is that 90% of non MSM platformed "debates" with Liberals will degenerate into ad hominem very quickly if facts are presented.
    The Left's arsenal includes:
    Demonstrations of the Dunning–Kruger effect

    Parrotings of repackaged Marxism
    Parrotings of disproven conspiracy theories
    Revisionist History
    Professional Victim Swan Songs ad nauseam

    More advanced Tactics: (Yes, for pinko commies in training they are advanced)

    Strawman fallacies (As facts presented are irrefutable)
    Appeals to ignorance
    Circular Arguments
    Empirical Group Think fallacy (A Marxist indoctrinated favorite)

    Slippery Slope

    Red herrings

    And of course, ad hominem.

    Try and keep them as public/recorded as possible for all top enjoy.

  18. you do not debate them. they do not debate. they always evade by resorting to the ad hominem to avoid facing facts/truth.

  19. No. They see debate as weakness. Intolerance is power. The more intolerable they behave, the more intolerant we must be with them.

  20. But also learn how to defend yourself against physical attacks, or let it them happen, survive and sue.

  21. Just speak the truth as you see it, and be prepared to listen. Don’t feel you must win the argument or convince anyone. We want truth to win.

    And …. Liz Wheeler is hot.

  22. I am going to give it a go, Liz. Thank you. I'm generally caught up in fear of offending or making someone angry I refrain from debate. I am going to take your advice and just do it! Thank you for planting that seed.

  23. Liz Wheeler #TruthStraightUp TY for video to me this video is a challenge to those who aren’t Socialist left wing 🧟‍♀️ who don’t waste their time with the 🧟‍♂️ it is hard to have the patience to debate them bc all they do is attack & insult you.

    Their only argument is that the left is right & we are wrong. Then they attack if we do not agree so it takes a lot for us not to take part in the attacks and jab back. However if we are to help sway voters & reach out attempting to debate & question those who think the left is golden. There is a chance that we can change their opinion by standing strong & letting them know that we are not attacking what they believe but letting them know what we believe, how we feel, & our opinion. Letting them know there is 2 sides to every story.

    We won’t know unless we take this challenge where we speak the truth and back it with facts from our sources. Then challenge them to compare our sources with theirs, to examine what’s going on around them, investigate then maybe they can see the full picture of what’s really going on.

    Who knows maybe they’ll realize that by supporting Dems which is leaning more and more to Socialism everyday they are supportive due to being gullible, believing that when the left promises free this free that we will pay for this we will pay for that & help you. The problem is the left won’t stop & think well that’s all good and all sounds good but where is the money coming from to pay for all of this free stuff you are promising where’s the catch at?

    I think this challenge is great 👍🏻.

  24. How to debate conservatives: understand that they either consistently conflate belief and fact or don't understand that there is a difference in the first place; don't waste your time.

  25. seriously? this is your message on how to debate liberals? it's a bunch of vague general bs. i expect more from YAF

  26. I tried to have a conversation with my mom about whether or not most priests and preachers abuse children and whether religion is bad or not (I believe that the vast majority of them do not do that and that religions all have their flaws but their redeeming qualities far outweigh them) and within 2 minutes I was engulfed in emotional flames that were not my own.

  27. She forgot the most important points – be prepared, do your research, look at the facts in a non-biased way, and be willing to change your beliefs if you find that they aren't logical. You don't have to agree with every conservative stance.

  28. How to debate conservatives?
    Just do it. Learn their talkingpoints. Learn why they believe what they believe. Learn what they say in a particulair situation. Learn why you believe what you believe and you'll be able to counter it.
    Do not drop to their standards. Don't be ruthless, mean, personal. Don't hurl at ad hominem attacks.
    Be professional. Be gentle, but be pointed. Go out there and have fun and conservatives won't stand a chance.

  29. The perfect analog for the modern liberal/leftist is the Nazi. The leftist sees himself as the master race of ideology and does not even recognize any other opinion. They consider it sub human and will send their black shirts to attack when threatened by an inferior idea. You can not debate a Nazi. Imagine debating a Nazi in Hitler's Germany with ideas contrary to the approved narrative. You would be censored, jailed, and set upon by thugs. History is repeating itself because those who fail to learn it are doomed to repeat it. Why else do you think generation stupid snowflake knows nothing about history. There is no debating people who consider you to be their inferior and that you lack the humanity to even have the right to an opinion, there is only mockery and ridicule. Knock them off their pedestals of unearned moral superiority.

  30. liberals brains are dribals and stains can't think for themselves they cant have educated fact based discussions because their not educated on anything their agenda is to cause chaos and disrupt the adults when their talking like little immature children they cry piss and moan and pull temper tantrums because they don't know what the hell is real their truth is what some moron told them they can't think for themselves their followers like rats to the drowning pool poor idiots don't even realize their idiots 😲😧😦😵😨😤😭😫😡😬😠

  31. Most liberals I have seen have a hidden agenda and will not admit their personal problem, because it is selfish, childish, and backwards. What they do is bait their enemies, that is mostly the world, in order to accuse something that has nothing to do with their hidden motives.

  32. Except, Conservatism has been a cancer in this country for the past 40 years. So what is there to be praised if we're being truthful?

  33. liberals like to oppose specifics with generalities and generalities with specifics
    …it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove the doubt

  34. Liz, there’s millions of conservatives here in California and many have been attacked verbally and/or physically by leftists. If I were younger, I’m 65, I’d fight back with my last breath if I could. When an older woman, my friend was 67 at the time and I was 63, is pulled backwards (at an open-air swap meet) by the hair hitting the ground, then kicked and spit on and called horrible names, and I was hit and spit on (she was wearing a Trump t-shirt), then they threatened us saying they’d follow us home, it solidified our determination to reach as many as we could to help them see the truth. But it scared us, and we all decided to keep a low profile. Those kids were the age of our grandkids (in their late teens or early twenties) and four were older adults (we realized they were probably their parents). Someone called the police, but by the time they got there, the attacker’s were gone and magically no one saw the assault, nor did anyone film it (although we witnessed a few were filming it with their cell phones and laughing). We have watched YT for someone to post the video, but nothing. My friend was taken to the hospital with injuries to her back and her head and scalp bleeding. They did testing on us for HIV, and was advised to test for HIV every six months for several years. My point is this…debating with most leftists is impossible. They believe the lies that the media and leftist Hollywood tells them because they want to. So many older conservatives (and many young ones) have been assaulted, their property destroyed, and some are even scared for their lives. We decided to have faith in the younger conservatives, handing them the mantle to do what’s right and to stand up to leftists here in SoCal. Remember, most leftists WANT to believe the lies. There’s no debating, there’s no truth-telling, there’s no presenting facts on the left. There’s mostly just high, angry emotions, entitlement, violence, and no impulse control. TDS is a true mental illness. It’s the most hideous level of evil I’ve ever witnessed. Thank you, Liz.

  35. I don't call myself a liberal, but I'm definitely a leftie. and I'm down to debate! Or even better, have a discussion. All those complaining in the comments, here's your chance. Not looking for a fight, so I will argue in good faith.

  36. … liberals aren't the problem, in fact when conservatives and liberals get together great things happen.

    The American left is not liberal. They are currently a bunch of zealous ideologues… feel free to pwn

  37. I am neither Liberal nor Conservative. There are things I agree with from the left, and there are things I agree with from right. However, there are issues that both sides are completely ignorant on as well.

    Now, I tend to learn more left these days, because folks on the right either don’t want make an argument or they lack the ability to. What I see coming from the right most of the time is a Troll mentality. You don’t say anything of actual substance. You just say things for the mere shock value. If you disagree with someone; explain why. Don’t just say stupid shit like: “well, you’re just a bunch of lying libtards.” That’s not an argument.

    Another thing that you (which the left also needs to do) is stop falling for Baited Issue BS. What are Bait Issues? Baited Issues are issues that you may feel very strongly, but actually have nothing to do with your life whatsoever, and no matter what a politician tells you; it’s an issue that they can do nothing about. Prime example: abortion…yes, I know strongly you feel about abortion, and I know that state legislatures are working on that very issue right now, but I promise you that you’re not going to like the outcome of this one. Of course, I’m willing to elaborate if you really need me to. Other examples: gay marriage; transgenders; someone saying “Happy Holidays.” Tell me, do you lose more sleep at night worrying about what gay people are doing, or whether or not you’re going to be able to afford to pay bills?

    I promise you; If you drop the Baited Issues; you’re going to find that you have a lot more in common with Liberals than you think. No. You’re not going to agree on everything, but you could actually implement good policies that help everyone; instead of trying to tear each other’s throats out, and getting absolutely nothing done.

  38. Yow, you are anorexicly thin.

    That's not meant as an insult. You need to eat more so you don't friggen' die.

  39. All political idols of the Republicans are: mean, ruthless, & personal!
    …except Reagan.
    It is easy to debate Liberals. Just start talking.

  40. FACT : Wouldn't waste my time , Effort & Energy Debating with a Degenerate Scumbag pile of SHIT Liberal, easier to just Shut them Up,,,,, permanently , Quick and Fast, since they cater & pander to Radical Communists !!!!!!!

  41. To debate leftist/liberals, first you need to choose your battleground. FInd a round room and tell them to go sit in the corner and you will join them shortly…then sit back and watch the show.

  42. Do not use profanity and no name calling. That is what liberals do.
    Call them out whenever they attempt to shut down the debate with buzzwords such as Racist, Bigot. homophobe or misogynist.
    And one other thing if any liberal calls you closed minded again call them out by letting them know that because you don't agree with them does not make you closed minded. It only means you think for yourself. That is one a liberal family member used to like to say.

  43. Liberals won't debate. They will tell you when you show them the facts that your soars is wrong. They don't comeback with facts they say things like I don't have time to debate you. Liberals would rather be uninformed than look at the truth. Liberals would rather be stupid and stand in the dark than face they have been fed lies.

  44. Best thing you can do to debate liberals is accept that they don't use facts. They don't live in reality, they live in a revisionist reality.

  45. So true – I kinda like it when SJWs – liberals start yelling , calling me names – they do this out of frustration when they don’t have proof of what they say or an answer – they call me a racist ( when what I said it asked had nothing to do with race – they walk away or most times RUN ) I always stay calm and don’t get “ triggered “ and that REALLY upsets them – they only know violence , yelling , name calling – they have melt down when I let them know I’m gay – conservative- and it’s 2 yrs later and remind them I have not lost my rights – not locked up in a Concentration camp -and love our President lol

  46. Sorry, but you are all arrogant fools. Neither side has the answer, neither is superior. Truth lies not only in reason and rationality, but using the heart when necessary. Not to mention facts don't mean shit if you just have the brains to memorize them, but not piece together the bigger picture. Everyone has obviously forgotten their Socrates. "True wisdom is in knowing you know nothing".

  47. The biggest lie the left tells is when they call themselves liberal. They are in fact the most intolerant people you can ever meet. History has shown that over and over and over again. Don’t call them liberals, for they are not. Don’t enable the hijacking of words and terms that leftists always engage in.

    Another example of that is when they started using the term native American to describe only American Indians a few decades ago, when in fact around 90% of ALL Americans are native Americans, since to be a native of some place simply means to be born in that place.

    Please don’t enable their lies by using their appropriated terms and words the way they do. Don’t let them hijack the English language too. Leftists are inherently dishonest, which is why they created the madness and lie of political correctness, which is all about avoiding the truth.

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