How to CLEAR Cellular MEMORIES That BLOCK MANIFESTATIONS! (Law of Attraction Exercise)

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Should we identify the feeling as we do the process? "I clear all the ways I feel this anger….yes." or 'this feeling''

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  3. I use this to heal for few months. Can I change my que word? Aftertmonths. To now from now on. Please do truly bless

  4. WOW! I’ve been a long time student of the anatomy & physiology of our bodies (an RN, later acquiring a degree in Biology- total science geek!), I then continued into the Age III Healing via the Quantum Field through works of Larry Dossey, Bruce Lipton, Greg Braedon, Joe Dispensa, Carolyn Myss, & those of several quantum energy healers/facilitators, & many others.

    What you’ve presented here is not only a great refresher course but adds the most important guidance of how to use all this new awareness through these specific practices of reprogramming. After easily 15yrs of seeking the understanding of what influenced my choices throughout the major part of my life & how to heal lots of PTSD, I’ve long known the key to retrieving my body-mind’s health & vitality & balancing them with my Soul’s vibration was the reprogramming of the subconscious… a Very tricky thing. Until now!

    I’m so excited to put your suggestions to practice & thank you again for this & all the work you do in support of humanity’s evolution.
    Blessings ~*~

  5. See Len Hew how to talk to subconscious, to gain it's trust as it is a 6 year old child; you have to get it trust and forgiveness and show your love. This way won't get through to this child.

  6. A thought: Are these cellular memories, and/or the cells themselves, damaged by the radiation from pads, cell phones, WIFI , TV and other sources of electromagnetic radiation? Is this why micro-wave ovens are banned in Russia?

    The power that we need is already here and available for us. I compare this potential power to an electrical circuit. Nothing happens until we “plug in” to this power. But then, we can’t use or manifest this power because of the resistance of our doubts, old habits, beliefs, prejudices, and illusions of failure. It’s the, “I will try this, but I doubt that it will work”. We acknowledge that there are blockages or resistances, but we may not be able to identify them so that we can eliminate them from our subconscious. Since they were implanted in our subconscious, and have been repetitively reinforced by our negative beliefs, they violently resist our efforts to remove them. Hence, we must also repetitively re-program our brains with positive affirmations.

    Don’t ask, but DEMAND your brain or your mind expose these blockages by repeating positive affirmations, like “I AM, I AM, I AM. I project an aura that others CANNOT resist. My desires are what the Universe desires for me”.
    Keep in mind that it is your obligation to serve the Universe by using the powers given to you by the Universe.

  7. I couldn’t find the author in the credits; stated only that it was produced/ copyrighted by Youniverse. A comment above says, “Thank you Jessica”. Can anyone provide the authors full name?
    Btw, this was so Awesome… very helpful & inspiring to one who’s been endeavoring to reprogram & reboot internally for years!
    Thanks ~*~

  8. My neurons are not firing properly and I struggle to remember steps through out the day. I use to have no issue manifesting my desires but sure having a hard time recently.

  9. I'm glad I watch this cuz I know now why so many things happened in my past and I'm only 19… Stay blessed

  10. This is very much like Letting Go…and Trusting the Devine within you…when u choose to let go, u are releasing it to the Devine and the Devine within will do all the clearing out of negativity…but must be done every day, just by simply saying, thank you, I love you- check out the Ho'oponopono technique

  11. Here`s a question. If cells in the body are dying off on a regular basis and the body/brain are generating new cells. Why is it we can remember thousands of things going back to our childhood. Surely if the memory cells die, the information dies with it?

  12. Light and sound….ah ha moment!
    This makes so much sense because the bible said God separated the light from the dark Then he sent his word (sound) to create plants animals and man!

  13. I speak to my cellular structure everyday and clear toxins with alkaline foods plants & herbs, I've changed my body in 11 weeks from meditating by talking to my cellular structure and lost 30lLbs of weight. I am that I am. Namaste <3

  14. Allow me to bring ing Ing INGing ma all to visibility to other people physical external from ING Ing ma zero to out side world and make it reality ma……naked eyes viewing….INGing naked truth maing thanking you..ok dear it's happening….INGing ma spanking….blueprint pin in innnnnnging ma ..

  15. This is one of the very best instructional talks I've ever found. It's clear, packed with concise information, all in a human voice, not a robot, and not carrying the speaker's ego. You have a new subscriber. Thank you. I suffer from deep, painful cognitive patterns from being adopted into a family where I felt like an outsider. These patterns have sabotaged so many important things in my life. I'm so grateful for this instruction on how to change my neural programming.

  16. where can i get more of this? I really love this simple concept and it sounds practical too!

  17. Thank you for another extremely helpful and informative video! I feel like my entire life just took off like a rocket. I will be viewing this many times and applying the teaching.

  18. YES,YES.YES, to a hugely wonderful gift !!! very liberating and freeing !! LOVE IT!! Thank you with all my heart , S.H.

  19. This information makes perfect sense. We are made up of energy frequency and light, basic building blocks of our universe and reality. Now I can look at one of the first paragraphs of genesis in a new light and understanding…And GOD said or "SPOKE" Let there be light.. mind blowing for sure

  20. Wow, the timing of this video! Plus, the comments are at 211 while I type this, which is today's date & my birthday 😊💖

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  22. Beautiful! This is genius, life changing advice, extremely helpful, explained & visualized so well it tapped directly into my subconcious, perfect!

  23. Wow actually I've been doing this for a long while without knowing, I'm Christian so whenever a negative emotion appears I would say to myself of say a prayer repeatedly saying I've been made in God's image and God's creation is only perfect or I now live my life in spirit and not in the flesh, Only goodness and mercy follow me daily. Then i begin to feel better

  24. From what i m hearing with all these videos about subconscious so powerful that we live 95 percent of our live thru the subconscious mind, why in heaven aren t we dedicating a whole education system around it????

  25. Thank you so much. This is life changing. Something clicked inside for true healing and change for the best outcomes in my life. I am forever greatful. I wish you Wellbeing and success. From deep down. 🙏✨💛✨🙏

  26. Thank you so much. I have been trying for years to clear away the scars left by my childhood trauma and abuse. But your technique of clearing from a cellular level is exactly what I have needed. Bless you for sharing this valuable information.

  27. Why God let this happen? What kind of God let this fail happen over and over? We have problems enough why we can't just be happy

  28. Your questions and answers are in the blood , the future , the past, and what is missing ! To get back,
    And where it's going ! 😞😉

  29. I choose the word Dracarys! It cleanses really well. No bad memory survives this… 🙂 just kidding! Excellent video, BTW.

  30. The most powerful mostly unspoken aspect of manifestation is the Law of least expectancy. You must put out your desire then forget about it as if it's going to eventually happen. You must distract yourself, and completely let go of the the thought so the energy can complete a circuit of sorts. If you don't let go it won't manifest.

  31. Healing from the cellular level – from the inside out!

    Thanks for sharing this much needed information on Clearing subconscious thoughts that conflict with and block manifestation of our conscious intentions. My friend Mike Edwards has been driving this concept of cellular healing for years.

  32. But if you are saying this with your conscious mind then it is no better than a positive affirmation because your subconscious mind isnt listening unless you're in theta as soon as you stop focusing on what you said you will do in your mantra it will dissipate

  33. This is worth several listens to grasp the functions of or SCM as it relates to our energy and cellular activity. Fascinating contemplation..

  34. Amazing! I've read of organ transplant patients who actually acquired memories from the organ donors..via the transplanted organ. Incredible. Cellular memory..this must be a similar part of what you present in this amazing video.

  35. I am so grateful to this channel for gifting us such a life changing video into our list of life experiences

  36. Many are saying I wish I would of learned this years ago but when we figure time & age is unlimited we finally understand we live even more

  37. Wow…now…., I get the scripture that says my people perish for lack of knowledge..!! Unless we are willing to put down our pride and fearlessly begin a deep search within . Hopefully we'll realize enough that' # 1 there's even a prob–or something there out of whack in the first place.

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