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okay what's good bro what was the QA unleased Q&A for the weekend and today we're gonna live or we're about to answer some ready questions and we got saying specialist yeah yeah I mean your dread man by username a ydw two three four rydw two three four okay so how do you approach an acquaintance and avoid the friend zone I'm gonna just help you out because I'll be honest like I read all these threads and and there's just they don't really get a lot of answers and before you know it the threads like bumped off the fucking page and it's sort of point where it's like I can't type in so I might as well just speak it so this is why we're doing this video so here we go bro so I'm out of read this bitch so I mean I'm a freshman in college and there's this girl in my class that I'm really into and I want to be more than just friends we first met each other about a month ago after my friend invited her group to play bar pool with us after that we went for dinner and just talked about stupid things but I didn't get to talk to her alone I said shame yuna gets isolated blood okay and that's the day I started to fall for her whoa whoa and that's the day I started to fell for her damn dude all right I gotta stop it right there just because come on dude you can't say you're fucking falling for a girl like you just you haven't even what do you guys play pool and a group of friends you weren't even alone how can you say you started falling for this kind of scares me because it's like I can't it's almost hard to give someone advice if they already have a mindset of all this Disney shit because that's just that's not our job as men you know where the left brain logical side I know we have our emotions too but that's for women of being typing like that I just I'm gonna give you I'm not a mom I'm give you a pass man we give you pass all right till now we only saw each other with our group of friends for like four times I never got to be alone with her and you never even got to be lower last time was yesterday when we went to a party where I got no chance to talk to her and just greeted each other because I didn't know what to say and also was very drunk can't be can't be relying on them drinking crutches man you gotta you gotta do the shit I learned how to do this shit but I am and went to a party I got no chance to talk to her he's as good each other cuz I don't know what to say and I was also very drunk if you don't know what to say we very drunk dude I'm scared of what you're saying when you're soulless now but anyway sorry I'm very inexperienced in this matter and I don't know what to say and how to flirt that's why I avoid and barely talk to her directly in class that's probably a good thing to be honest and teach you know punch your fucking foot in mouth and I don't want to end up in the friend zone by talking too much or being too friendly I don't even text her I actually used to do that should allow you still avoid talking to chicks at class and stuff like that because I didn't really want to put my foot in my mouth and because I don't really want to shit where I ate but I noticed that a lot of times it's better to just not say anything at all let's put your fucking foot in your mouth if a situation is just a little too uncomfortable but anyways that's that's it that's neither here nor there do I ask her for a date I have no problem asking a female friend to have a cup of coffee or a dinner or anything but I'm very shy and get pretty girls could get pretty nervous with girls that I like and even if she said yes I wouldn't even know what to talk about or how to talk to be clear with my intentions please give me some advice Thanks well first off the first piece of advice I'm gonna give you is to tell you to talk to girls outside of wherever the fuck because here's the thing if you're at work or you're at school and you're there idolizing or whatever you admire in one single chick how are you gonna not put your foot your mouth when you're not even going out to talk to other girls now if you're out and about you're meeting girls that may be a club or a party or on the street or just whatever the case is and you experience and shit outside of your schoolwork then at least you have the sense of abundance so you have an abundancy mind so so the next time you go into class you won't feel as fucking nervous because you're not there putting everything on this one girl I mean this is what I hate this not this is one of the worst questions you can get is when someone's like hey there's this girl in class because it's like men you can't put all your chips especially when you're gonna see the girl every day if something happens you get rejected now you gotta see her everyday or whatever the case is so a lot of times in those situations is good to play that slow-burn game where you just where if you do ask her for coffee it is on a friendly tip and then when you get her outside for coffee then you could try to escalate or whatever the case is because a lot of times when you're at work when you're at school you can't go zero from 100 you have to kind of play that middle ground slow-burn type of game so Mimi it's hard for me to give you advice on something like this because at the end of the day I don't really agree with this like si you want to make it your goal to get good with women not so much necessarily get this one girl in class because here's the thing let's say hypothetically I give you the perfect thing to say and you get this girl in class you're probably gonna fuck it up because you you don't have any experience with other women and on top of that you're over here talking about how you're starting to fall for her like what what that's the same dude you haven't even kissed the girl how can you fall for her when you haven't even seen her character you don't know how she is when things get really bad you don't know if she's really a stand-up girl you're just saying that because she's pretty she's a pretty girl and you can't control your fucking hormones but I'm telling you man you can't think like that because the moment you play if you think I'm in the mindset of I don't want to I'm starting to fall for her you're gonna start playing not to lose instead of playing to win and playing a win involves acknowledging the fact that you just might fucking lose that but if you're over here like this just one girl in class you're always gonna play safe and you're always gonna be playing not to lose and that's probably not gonna get it done man but you guys did for vice-mayor so I'm gonna give it to you so how to approach an acquaintance and avoid the friend zone okay you say you guys hang out sometimes next time it could be like hey let's go check some shit out over here for a second oh yo let me show you something real quick this is some crazy shit I gotta show you you take her in her hair and then just drag her away from her friends and then in that moment you try to talk to her and just let ask her don't go don't go doing that crazy just to say sup to say something long lines and maybe like to be honest like imma be honest you have like this really creative kind of vibe like do you do sound creative like outside of school outside of this like who is the real whatever her name is like you want to get into a deeper zone into deeper topics like her childhood her family passions interests hobbies future future ambitions that's a tool you have deeper topics than that when you isolate her of course and that will at least give you the opportunity if you haven't if you haven't completely already made yourself look like a complete fuckin weenie in her eyes if you can do something like this but at the same time you know showing your ability there's T's showing the ability to be laid-back having a good vocal school now the good eye contact good body language teasing her a little bit but at the same time being confident and not forgetting to go into those deeper topics I definitely think you could possibly pull this off man this is what you want to hear I'm letting you know man you can pull it off especially because you actually have hung out with her outside of school now if you were just like hey I want to fuck her in school that's pretty tough because that's the rigid environment but because you guys have gone on with friends and you know in a bar one of cases the opportunity is there so thank you just isolate her and see if you can start to get to know her a little more but just remember remember you were the prize have that shit is the mindset think of it like this you're not falling for her you're trying to see if she's a good quality chicken that will naturally lead you asking questions where it'll make her feel the need to prove herself you're not gonna be there thinking of oh my god what do I say because you're gonna naturally be interested in her and what unless she's a quality person which will lead so you naturally asking deeper questions and relating and reporting back and forth with each other to eventually hopefully you can lay that physical move down you get escalate physically and hopefully get what you miss seek it for man and uh yeah man so also yo uh if if at any point you know we also do private consulting so if you want you know you could PMS or whatever the cases we do like a three-way mass in my chat between me and my best friend so anytime you ever wanna hit us up they 24/7 during the month you can make that happen but um and it's all reasonable and ultimately man good luck bro hit me up let us know what happens and keep us lucky postive him it's not it I said bout it it's a lot of people I'm going people

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  1. falling for her and she hasn't even proved anything to you yet or being an alone with her. This is the truth if she is an acquaintance you might as well play the slow game.

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