How the World’s Best Rose Water Is Made

(calming orchestral music)
– These days, rose water is something of a beauty trend, but it’s been in use for centuries. It’s thought to have
originated in what is now Iran, and it’s a cultural
staple there to this day. (calming orchestral music) This Great Big Story
is inspired by Genesis. (bright music) For the world’s best rose water, you have to go to the
Qamsar district in Iran. There, you will find Mohsen, who comes from a long
line of rosewater makers. (speaking in foreign language) – [Announcer] And there’s
a reason Mohsen’s family has been making rose
water here for centuries. (speaking in foreign language) – [Announcer] Those special
conditions, like the soil, temperature, sea level, and gentle winds, makes the Qamsar district
ideal for growing roses. A lot of roses. (speaking in foreign language) (calming orchestral music) (footsteps echoing) (petals ruffling) (quirky music)
(water rushing) – [Announcer] The flowers
are boiled with water in large copper pots, where
condensation is collected. (speaking in foreign language) (quirky music)
– Unfortunately, times are changing for
the rose water industry. There aren’t as many family
farms as there once was, but for some, like Mohsen and his family, making rose water is
more than a a business. (speaking in foreign language) (dramatic orchestral music) (bright music)

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  1. Who else grew up with rose water always on he dresser
    Also me and my cousins used to eat the roses straight up lmaooo

  2. Great, now the American government will bomb that place and tell people that the Iranians were threatening them first.

  3. And finally I saw a video about my country on youtube that show a real and normal picture from Iran,not some political shits that we saw every single day, some times I wonder with all these bad news that media show to the people of the world ,does any one think about us Iranians ,as normal human beings anymore?

  4. I dearly hope this man and his siblings keep the art of Rosewater making alive. Its just to nice a product to lose.

  5. Completely out of context, I gotta say I appreciate that your videos are loud enough to be heard above the noise of a hairdryer

  6. The time you realise USA just pumps more propaganda to legitimise bombing Iran which is but a very beautiful place with amazing people

  7. This cant be True, Iran is full of disgruntled pple, hell bend in destroying America..
    They only want to make nukes.. LoL…🤭

  8. The best dish you can make with them is Persian rice pudding called " shole zard ". It tastes absolutely amazing. It is a mixture of saffron, rice and rosewater.
    Thank you for making this story !
    Regards, an Iranian.

  9. Here is a list of things we do with rosewater in Iran:
    – using it in dishes such as shole zard ( Persian rice pudding )
    – using it in drinks and making sorbets, a mixture of rosewater, water and sugar called sharbat golab.
    – spraying it in holy places and using the perfume product when praying. That is why another name for pink roses in Iran is " gole Mohammadi " which means Muhammad's flower.

  10. The best pink rose🌷 water on earth is produced at the city of Al-Taif, Saudia Arabia, one of the oldest cities in the world.

  11. I just want to press my face into those roses and inhale. I can only imagine how heavenly the scent is.

  12. This is beautiful and moving. The only time I see and smell roses is when In funerals, because of this I dislike the smell of roses, it brings me sad memories. Still I wonder… I didn't know that rose water could be drank with tea…

  13. Living in a place that is hot and humid I appreciate rose water. I spray it on my face to cool down. Smells wonderful and is so refreshing. I would love to try his rose water but doubt I could buy a product from Iran. I'll have to look into it.

  14. I smelt white wild roses in Nainital just along the lake probably grown by local authorities. It was the best smell of roses I ever encountered. Sweet and so fragnant and so lingering. I will always remember that day all my life.

  15. I think he should make his rose farm into a tourist destination, by doing so it might help him ease the financial burden. I'd love to visit his rose garden.

  16. LOVE ROSES 😍. I got rose, lotion, and water. Roses has so much benefits for your skin. There are two kinds, one for external use and other kind for cooking. I like to pour rose water in my tea or coffee.

    I also had a little miniture rose tree for 7yrs in my garden, but I moved last year. I moved into an apartment. So I had to put it inside on my window sill in my bedroom. Every morning I woke up and I was happy to see it. I took really good care of it. IT died 5months ago 😪. My heart broke.

  17. my father and grandfather were from Qamsar, the same town in the video, and they owned a massive rose farm, passed on from inheritance by their grandparents etc. my family were of bahai faith, whereas the entire village was muslim. a village of 1000 or so back then with only one family that wasn't muslim. They were discriminated and extradited for their religious beliefs. Then came the Iranian revolution and the inherent racism was only fuelled. in the 80s my dad, his brother and sister left iran, walked over an entire desert (one night they were chased by police) and crossed the border to pakistan where they lived in for 2 years, then got accepted to live here in the lucky country of australia. my grandfather continued to live in Qamsar until he got old and sick with alzheimers. all other relatives moved out of the land over time and no one lives there to this day. but a small house still remains that still has some little relics of what was my grandfather's house. abandoned. i don't think the land is sold, but the house on the rose farm is uninhabited. in 2016 my grandfather died, not knowing who his own kids were, only remembering prayers. funny what strength religion can have… anyway enjoy your rose water 🙂

  18. In india city of kanuj makes all kinds of perfume and so is rose water made in the process of making rose itarr… it looks like their process are different but the product is same…

  19. While I love the smell of rose, I cannot bring myself to eat anything with even a hint of rose water without barfing.

  20. Another fun fact: unlike almost all its neighbours, Iran is very self sustained, they can make their own anything, they’ve suffered sanction from the west for 40 years and still stand strong. Persians are very smart people, even thought out their history till today.

  21. Millions of Afghans working hard in Iran and they’re being treated like second class citizens. Afghans aren’t even allowed at certain parks and cities they have signs saying no dogs and afghans allowed. I hope one day the evil Iranian government collapses

  22. Rose hydrosol water is my absolute eternal favorite. It is an excellent spiritual cleanser as well. It's super gentle but powerfully effective.

  23. I absolutely hate when companies do this. They feature a business and then dont tell us what the business is

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